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🍽 | Koh Kentetsu [Osaka Cafe Napolitan], rich juicy sauce is delicious!People from Osaka growl ...


Mr. Koh Kentetsu [Osaka Cafe Napolitan], the rich juicy sauce is delicious!People from Osaka growl ...

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It was the first type of rich Neapolitan to eat, canned tomatoes, butter, and mayonnaise!

I'm a housewife who can't cook at all. My husband is in charge of cooking, but as my child grows older, I also... → Continue reading

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Tomato cans

Tomato cansWhat is (canned tomato)?Tomato OfBoiledThecanningIt is the one.

Generally, the tomato cans on the market are made in Japan.ItalyProduction,TurkeyThere are births and so on.When used for Western food, imported products such as those from Italy are suitable for varieties.pastaからcurryIt is a widely used ingredient.

There are several types, such as those that are simply boiled in water and those that are finely cut, and are selected according to the dish.Especially the whole boiled onewhole tomatoCalled.

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