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☕ | "Cafe 410" opens at Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra!Enjoy the a la carte breakfast menu ...


"Cafe 410" opens at Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra!Enjoy the a la carte breakfast menu ...

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From popular Hawaiian dishes such as loco moco and acai bowls to classic American dishes such as bacon egg cheddar sandwiches, smoked ham and tomato egg benedict, and 410 breakfast plates (eggs, sausages, roasted vegetables, rice or hashed potatoes). We have a wide variety of breakfast menus to satisfy you.

At the newly renovated Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra, "Café 410 ... → Continue reading


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Breakfast menu

eggs Benedict

eggs Benedict(English: Eggs Benedict) IsEnglish MuffinIn half ofHam,baconorSalmonEtc.Poached egg,Hollandaise sauceIt is a dish that is made with


There are various theories about the origin of Eggs Benedict.

"The New YorkerColumn "Talk of the Town(Topics of the city) ”Wall streetStockbrokerThe year before his death to Remuel Benedict1942 OfInterviewaccording to[1],1894ToWaldorf HotelVisithangoverTo fix "バ タ ーPaintedToast, Poached egg, crispy bacon and a bite of Hollandaise. Oscar Tschirky, the manager known as "Waldorf's Oscar" (Oscar TschirkyImpressed with this dish, replacing bacon and toast with ham and English muffins,breakfastLunchAdopted for the menu of[2].

Craig Clayborn (Craig ClaiborneIt is,19679of"New York Times MagazineIn the columnFranceI introduced a letter from Edward P. Montgomery, an American who emigrated to.Montgomery, this dish is1920At the banker who died at the age of 86ヨ ッ トHe said it was made by the rider Elias Cornelius Benedict.Montgomery also sent along with Eggs Benedict's recipe that his mother allegedly received from Elias' friend uncle.[3].

196711ToMassachusettsVeneeryard Haven (en) Mabel C. Butler, in response to Montgomery's claim, stated in The New York Times Magazine that she was the inventor of "a well-known truth about Mrs. Le Grand Benedict."

Mr. and Mrs. Benedict1900Aroundニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEvery week when I lived inSaturdayToDelmonico'sMealWas.One day Mrs. Benedict asked the manager, "Are there any new and unusual dishes?"The manager responded by asking her tastes, placing the poached egg on top of the baked English muffins and ham, and with Hollandaise sauce.TruffleProposed to add[4].


There are many types of Eggs Benedict, depending on the restaurant and region.

  • Seafood Benedict
Instead of hamcrab,Shrimp,lobster, ま た はScallopuse.
  • Egg plaque stone
Replace the ham with fat-filled bacon,TomatoAdd slices of[5][6][7].
  • Egg Florentine (Florence style)
Instead of hamSpinachuse[8][9][10]..Old-fashioned egg Florentine is a poached egg,Beaten eggAdd spinach toMornay sauceServe with.[11]
  • Egg Yusaldo
Instead of an English muffin Netherlands OfRuskAnd add Marchan de Vin[12][13][14].
  • Salmon Benedict (Egg Pacifica, Egg Montreal, Eggs Benedict)
Instead of baconsmoked salmonuse.
  • Pacific Northwest Eggs Benedict
For baked English muffinsAlaskaPut poached egg on natural smoked salmon and add hollandaise sauce.Muffins Dungeness Crab (Dungeness crab) May be replaced with crab cake.
  • Eggsardu
Instead of English muffins and hamア ー テ ィ チ ョ ー クUsing anchovy fillets as a base, add hollandaise sauce to chopped ham and truffle slices.This dish was prepared by Antoine Restaurant in New Orleans in honor of playwright Victorien Sardou.[15][16][17]..The world-famous version of this dish is based on spinach with cream, uses artichokes instead of English muffins, and does not use ham.[12][18][19]
  • Artichoke Benedict
Use indented artichokes instead of English muffins.[20][21][22]
  • Country Benedict
Also known as Eggball Girl, English muffins, ham, and hollandaise sauce,Biscuit,sausagePutty, country gravy (white gravy), poached eggFried eggTo replace[23][24][25]
  • Eggs Benedict Arnold
Replace English muffins with biscuits, Hollandaise with country gravy, and use hard-baked yolks instead of poached eggs.
  • Irish Benedict
HamCorned beef(With corned beefcabbageBoiled foodアイルランドRarely, but known as American Irish cuisine[26], Half of £ 4700m of corned beef consumed annually in the United StatesSt Patrick's HolidayConsumed in the previous 2 weeks[27]) Or replace with Irish bacon (back bacon).[28][29][30]
  • Egg Chesa Peak
Use crab cake instead of bacon.
  • Dutch Benedict
Replace ham or bacon with scrapple.PennsylvaniaIt can be eaten in the eastern district.
  • Veggie Benedict
Instead of baconAvocadoAnd use tomatoes.
  • Egg Carlsbad
Replace the ham with avocado.Made at Don's Country Kitchen in Carlsbad, California.
  • Waffle Benedict
Use waffles instead of English muffins.Usually in addition to HollandaiseMaple syrupServe with.
  • Round egg ham sandwich
Japanese Kentucky Fried ChickenAs a morning menu2009It is sold at some stores.Half-boiled egg and ham covered with Hollandaise sauce and cheddar cheese and sandwiched between two muffinssandwichThe format.
  • Eggs Benedict (Royal Host)
Royal hostAs a morning menu2012For sale. As a "Royal Host style", one plate with regular egg Benedict and English muffinVegetablesAnd the one with sauerkraut on it.

References (time series)

The date is the publication date and time.

  • 1898 -"Eggs, and how to use them 』, Eggs Benedict recipe. "Cut a small muffin in half and toast it. Bake a slice of round ham on each and put a poached egg on top of the ham.[31]..Serve with an appropriate amount of Hollandaise sauce. "[32]
  • 1900 -"The Connecticut Magazine: an Illustrated Monthly, Volume VI Eggs Benedict's recipe says, "The third type is called Eggs Benedict. Bake slices of boiled ham in small bread sizes. Toast slices of bread, butter and add water. Ham And put the pouched eggs on them. Distribute them one by one. "[33]
  • 1907 -"Many Ways for Cooking Eggs 』Has a recipe for Eggs Benedict from making muffins.Unlike English muffins, which use yeast, this recipe uses baking powder and meringue to ferment.However, it is still baked on the muffin stove.In the recipe that follows, "Bake a slice of ham. Make hollandaise sauce. Cut the truffle. Make the required amount of poached egg. Place the muffin on a plate and put the poached egg on it. Sprinkle the egg with hollandaise sauce. Truffle. Sprinkle a little and serve immediately. "[34]
  • 1914 -"The Neighborhood Cook Book Eggs Benedict's recipe is "Put lightly baked ham on toast. Put poached egg on ham and sprinkle plenty of Hollandaise sauce."[35]
  • 1918 -"Boston Cooking-School Cook Book Eggs a la Benedict's recipe is "cut English muffins in half and toast. Saute round slices of boiled ham. Put ham on half of the muffins, arrange with dropped eggs, and orange sauce. Add cream to make the sauce easier to sprinkle. "[36]
  • 1919 -"he Hotel St. Francis Cook Book Eggs Benedict's recipe is, "Cut English muffins in two and serve on a plate. Put poached eggs on top of each ham and sprinkle with hollandaise sauce. Add slices of truffle to the sauce. . "[37]
  • 1938 - Haill Hayden's Hollandaise (6 ounces and 50 cents bottled Hollandaise) adNew York TimesIt was published in. "A previously unknown sauce has emerged. When I tasted it, the famous chef broke the egg and bowl and wept with jealousy! TimothyAlfalfaSmellバ タ ー, The egg that the parent bird is still crying,LemonMade with stimulating spices! No drops of oil or substitutes included.cauliflower,ア ー テ ィ チ ョ ー ク,lettuce, Eggs Benedict, over fish, "broccoliLet's sing and eat "broccoli". "[38]
  • 1942 --In an interview with The New York Times, Remuel Benedict claimed to have ordered and devised a hangover at the Waldorf Hotel.[2]
  • 1960 --Elizabeth David said, "French Provincial Cooking 』Published, almost the same traditional dish U Benedictine (œufs bénédictine ) Was mentioned.
  • 1967 --Craig Claiborne introduced a letter from Edward P. Montgomery in The New York Times Magazine stating that the Eggs Benedict was invented by Commodore E.C. Benedict.[3]
  • 1967 --In The New York Times Magazine, Mabel C. Butler said in response to Montgomery's claim that Mrs. Le Grand Benedict devised this dish on an order at Delmonico's.[4]..Charles Ranhofer's cookbook "The Epicurean The latest version has a recipe for "Egg a la Benedic"[39]However, this recipe is not included in the 1894 first edition[40].. From 1876 to 1879 Charles Ranhofer was a Delmonico's chef until his retirement from 1862 to 1896.


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