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🍺 | Nanto craft beer, canned and switched from Johana Beer bottle

Photo: Mayor Tanaka (right) promotes canned beer Yamamoto Factory Manager (center) = Nanto City Hall

Nanto craft beer, canned and switched from Johana Beer bottle to refreshing taste and refreshing design

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Johana Beer ships craft beer inside and outside Toyama Prefecture.

Johana Beer (Nanto City) is an aluminum can that makes it easy to buy craft beer that was manufactured in-house and shipped in bottles. → Continue reading

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Johana Beer

Johana Beer(Johanabiru) isToyamaNanto City OfLocal beerBrewer (Limited company), And beer brewed and sold (as described below, Japanese lawLow-malt beer) Brand name.

Town revitalizationAs part of2001In 5 monthBrewing licenseHas been acquired and has been on sale since July of the same year.[1][2]..Features colorful products for each season[1].

Although Japanese law was relaxed in 1994, it takes 60,000 a year to obtain a beer brewing license.liter(15,850gallon) More production is required.In addition, the number of happoshu brewing licenses required to obtain a license is reduced to 6,000 liters or more per year.Johana Beer does not have a beer brewing license, only a low-malt beer brewing license.[3].

Production started in 2001, but the rise of Johana Beer was not smooth.Even if it was exhibited at a local festival, only 3 cups were sold, and even if it was sold, it was unpopular as "unpleasant".Katsu Yamamoto, the head brewer, took the frank words of the few purchasers seriously and continued to improve the beer. In 2001 and 2002, the annual production of 6,000 liters could not be cleared, and the tax office notified that the happoshu brewing license would not be renewed as it is.Yamamoto says "Beer for the time beingDeveloped "Sakura" using peach and "Kaede" using cassis with the goal of making a second beer that is not.Thanks to their popularity, this year's production reached 2 liters.[4].

In 2005, following the recommendations of our business partners and fansInternational Beer CupWhen exhibited at the (International Beer Award), he won three awards.This has increased awareness and since 2008Oya Brasserie(Toyama)WhenTanaba Tabia Festa ToyamaIt came to host.In addition, Johana Beer has developed "Blue Beer" to make it the first product of Tanabata Beer Festa Toyama.This blue beerNorthern Japan NewspaperThe number of inquiries about advance tickets for Tanaba Tabia Festa Toyama increased sharply, and the number of customers was much higher than expected.This blue beer will be sold exclusively in the summer as "Great Blue"[4].


International Beer Cup
  • Freestyle Gold Award-Wheat and Ale[5]
  • Freestyle Category Silver Award-Shirobata Hakama Ale[6]
  • Fruit Beer Category Bronze Award-Kaede Kaede


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