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🍴 | A blissful time to spend in the cozy and exotic space "Kushiro Club"!


A blissful time to spend in the cozy and exotic space "Kushiro Club"!

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However, for those who visit for the first time, I would like to recommend a seat overlooking the Kushiro River from a large window.

The time you spend relaxing in a comfortable cafe is important, whether you are in your daily life or in the middle of a trip. → Continue reading


This is a community-based reading content surveyed and interviewed by the editorial department of the local media "Domingo" that delivers the "now" of Hokkaido.

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Kushiro River

Kushiro River(Kushirogawa) isHokkaidoFlowing in the eastThe Pacific OceanPour intoFirst-class river..Kushiro RiverWater systemIt is the mainstream of.Japan's largest on both banks in the downstreamMarshlandIsKushiro shitsugenIs formed.


HokkaidoKawakami DistrictTeshikaga Town OfLake KussharoSource toTeshikaga Town,Shibecha TownFlowing south through the city of Japan, Japan's largestMarshlandIsKushiro shitsugenGo inside.KushiroKushiro TownFrom the Iwahogi point of No., it becomes an artificial river "New Kushiro River".KushiroKushiro PortIt pours into the Pacific Ocean from between Donggang District and Xigang District.

It is rare for first-class rivers because the height difference is small, and it is rare for the main stream of the Kushiro River.damIs not installed.

From all over the country in summerCanoeLovers come to go down the river.There are several canoe points, but there are wetlands near Hosooka, near Toro, and the headwaters on the Lake Kussharo side.

2010, The Kushiro River in the Kayanuma area, which had been straight as part of the Kushiro Marsh Nature Restoration Project, was restored to meandering for the first time in about 30 years.[1].

Timber from Kushiro Port Central Pier at the mouth of the Kushiro River to the water surface storage yard in Kiba, Kushiro TownraftThe scene carried by the company was a tradition, but it was abolished in 2014 due to the deterioration of the water surface storage yard.[2].

Derived from the place name

AinuIt is derived from "medicine" (medicine / hot spring).Of the water sourceLake KussharoIs called "medicine to" (medicine / hot spring lake) in the Ainu language, so the theory is that it means a river that flows out of it, and upstream.SpaThere is a theory that it is a river that puts the runoff water from many places.Also on the Kushiro RiverNishibetsu-Nemuro-Shari-Koshimizu-BihoroThere is another theory that "Kushi Pep" (a river that can pass from river to river) from the place where there was a main passage to go to etc.[3].

Basin municipality

Kawakami DistrictTeshikaga Town,Shibecha Town,KushiroKushiro Town,Kushiro


In the 1970s fish survey,Asiatic Brook Lamprey,salmon,Great White Trout,Cherry salmon,Yamame trout,Chinook salmon,Ito,Amemas,Ezoiwana,Shishamo,Smelt,Chika,Cucumber fish,Japanese dace,Ezogui,Koi,Crucian carp,Stone loach,Itoyo,Exciting,,,flounderIs in the mainstream, and in the tributariesRainbow troutとEzo PungitiusWas also seen[4].

Water control

The Kushiro River brought a large amount of earth and sand to Kushiro Port, causing frequent floods.1931A diversion channel was excavated from the Iwahogi Water Gate, and this was designated as the "New Kushiro River".1967Because the diversion channel was certified as a trunk river when it was designated as a first-class riverHokkaido Development BureauThe diversion channel that will be managed by the company will be called "Kushiro River (new channel section)" and will continue to be managed.HokkaidoThe former downstream part under the control ofFormer Kushiro RiverThe name was changed to.However, Kushiro citizens were dissatisfied with being branded as "old" by the familiar Kushiro River, and appealed for a name return for many years, resulting in2001May 4ToMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportThe names were changed back to "New Kushiro River" and "Kushiro River", respectively.The trunk river continues to be the "New Kushiro River".

Water usage

At the mouth of the New Kushiro RiverJapan Paper Kushiro FactoryでPapermakingIt is used as industrial water for plants.

River facility

  • Iwahogi Water Gate(Iwaboki Suimon) --A floodgate that separates the lower part of the Kushiro River (former Kushiro River).


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