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🧁 | Enjoy sweets with plenty of eggs !! Morning picked egg over rice shop This or egg

Photo Source: Living Ehime Web

Enjoy sweets with plenty of eggs !! Morning-picked egg over rice shop This or egg

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According to the story I heard from the president, the highest record for omelet rice is 14 cups.

Hello (^^) I'm Satomi, a correspondent for the Living Ehime Web area.The other day, I went to Uchiko with my family ... → Continue reading

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Tamago kake gohan

Tamago kake gohan(Tamago kake gohan, egg kake gohan)Cooked riceToRaw eggEntangledCuisineOr how to eat it[1][2].seasoningAsSoy sauce[3][4][5][6]AndNoodle soup[7]Is used.CommonlyTKGIs also abbreviated[8][9][10][11].

From using eggs as raw, eating over staple food, etc.,JapancharacteristicFood culture:It is assumed[12].. In recent years, foreigners have had the opportunity to visit Japan and exported chicken eggs (based on Japanese hygiene standards)Hot spring eggYou can also see an example of purchasing[13].


Animal foods that the Japanese have eaten since ancient times haveseafoodWas the center.Buddhism OfNon-killingThe effect of (but there is also a misunderstanding),RiceThe sacred vision ofFilthDue to the consequences of being considered, meat and poultry intake was rare.家畜Was transformedChicken TheYayoi PeriodTopigと と も にJapanese archipelagoWill be introduced toEmperor Tenmu-Emperor ShomuIn the generation ofdecreeAnd chicken eggs should be avoided[14].

Sengoku periodからEdo PeriodWesterners came to JapanWest JapanThen, the culture of eating eggs with meat was introduced,Castella,BoloUsing chicken eggsNanban confectioneryWas also introduced[15].

Late Edo periodTempo9 years(1838 )Nabeshima ClanIn "The Next Diary"menuInside you can see the "rice bowl raw egg"[16].

Entered the modern age1877 Around that time, he was active as the first military correspondent in Japan, and after that he made numerous pioneering achievements.Ginka Kishida(1833 - 1905 ) Is said to be the first person in Japan to have a clear record of eating omelet rice[17].. , It is said that he recommended omelet rice to the surroundings[18][19]..According to the 1927 magazine "Comet Edo Seikatsu Kenkyu", which describes the state of Ginka, the seasonings are grilled salt and soy sauce (Red pepper)Met[17]. After thatSecond World WarDuring the later food shortage period, chicken eggs became a rare item,ShowaAfter 30 years, since eggs became the taste of the common people, attention has been paid to taste and nutrition, and it has become a popular table.[19].

Raw egg

In modern Japan, eggs are recognized as foods that can be eaten raw. In countries other than Japan South Korea OfYukkeandEurope OfTartar steakStir raw egg with raw meat or other ingredients inFrance OfMilk shakeEtc.) is being eaten raw. Besides, eggs are eaten raw for medicinal purposes.[20]Sometimes.

Distribution of eggs in Japan

Japanese domestic eggs are usuallyMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareFor food disinfection based on the "hygiene management guidelines"Hypochlorous acidMeasures for safety such as washing with a bactericidal agent such as an aqueous solution are taken to prevent the attachment of pathogens, and the eggs are packed in an egg sorting and packaging facility.[21].. According to the Japan Egg Industry Association, about 2 weeks (14 days) after packing throughout the yearExpiration SoonThere are many places[22].


Originally, raw eggsSalmonellaFood poisoningIt is easy to cause such a problem, and the area where it can be eaten safely is limited to a part such as Japan. Outside of Japan, every year Japanese people eat raw eggs, but in Japan, which is premised on raw food, general hygiene management such as complete washing of eggs by egg farmers etc. is well done, and Salmonella food poisoning is2000 eraSince then, it has shown a decreasing trend.

Salmonella are often present in the intestinal tract of chickens, and attach to the eggshell from the feces after spawning. In Japan, at the time of sorting at the GP Center (Grading <sorting>/Packing <packing> factory)Sodium hypochloriteSometimes sterilized by[23].. When eating raw eggs, cracked eggs[24]It is dangerous to use cracked eggs or eggs that have been broken for a long time. However, in addition to contamination after spawning, there is also an infection route in which the fungus enters the egg from the parent chicken holding the fungus via the ovary or oviduct.

US Food and Drug Administration(FDA)[25]Proposes to avoid food poisoning by making sure that the shell is not cracked when obtaining raw eggs, and by heating it sufficiently when cooking.

Protein absorbency

proteinHas a bioavailability of 51% in raw eggs and 91% in heated eggs.[26].

Effects of egg white intake

Egg whiteToegg yolkIncluded in manycholesterolThere is a research announcement that it has an action to suppress[27].

On the other hand, contained in raw egg whiteAvidinToBiotinThere is also a research presentation pointing out that there is a risk of developing biotin deficiency by continuously ingesting a large amount of raw egg white for a long time[28].

Position within Japanese food culture

As a modern dish

In March 2006,HyogoToyookaThe egg-shaped rice shop opened in[29][30].

In 2008,OkayamaKume-gunMisaki TownIn addition, a set meal shop with a menu centered on egg over rice opened[18][31].. Misaki town is said to have eaten rice with eggs for the first time in JapanGinka KishidaIs also the birthplace of[18][31].

September 2009, 10Tokyo OfHibiya(As an administrative place nameYurakuchoA restaurant specializing in eggs opened at XNUMX-chome)[32][33][34].

2000 eraIn the latter half, there is no raw eating habit of eggsHong KongFor the purpose of developing a market for Japanese food culture "egg-kake-gohan"[35].

Since raw eggs cannot be stored frozen, it is difficult to store them for a long time.Antarctic research teamThen, there are also members who make eggs over rice with raw eggs that have been acted as supplies for the first time in half a year.[36].

Cooking and seasoning

For rice with egg,food(mainlyRiceOther than rice and eggs, they are often seasoned with something. Soy saucePonzu sauceThere are various soy sauce seasonings, ingredients added in addition to eggs, etc.[37].

There are variations in what kind of state the egg should be in. Break the egg,whipMachines that do[38].

Egg-only rice soy sauce

A special soy sauce for egg over rice has been developed as a seasoning to match the egg over rice. Based on soy sauce,Kelp,Bonito OfUmami(soup stock) Is added, and sweetness is added to improve harmony with the egg.2000 eraSince then, it has been commercialized and marketed by dozens of companies, and it has been subdivided by manufacturers such as "Kanto-fu" and "Kansai-fu".[39].

Are sold.

Seasoning material for rice with egg

There are also seasonings that have been mixed to match the egg-cooked rice or have a unique flavor.

Related event

  • Japan Egg Over Rice Symposium
    • Shimane YunnanAt the symposium, we talked about the charm of rice over eggs. First time2005 May 10・It was held on 29th and 30th. This is soy sauce for eggs onlyOtamahanIt was caused by the development of the third sector “Yoshida Hometown Village” in the city.
    • The content of the symposium was to talk about history and charm, and the memory and cooking method related to egg over rice was recruited.
    • "Egg over rice day"May 10Was established inJapan Anniversary AssociationAlso certified.
    • It has been held every year since then,2018 On October 10th, the "29th Japan Tamagokake Rice Symposium" was held.
  • Aspam egg over rice fair (2009 April 4-May 25, September 5-6)

Related materials/works

  • Ryotaro ShibaThe novel "Like flyingInSaigo TakamoriLikes omelet rice,Meiji RestorationAfter that, there is a description that he often ate at dinner, but it is presumed that it was a creation of Sima, not a historical fact.
  • "Book of 365-day egg over rice" (Author/Editor: TKG Project, Yomiuri Union Advertising Company,2007 ) Introduces 365 kinds of rice with eggs. Among them, "TKG" is used as the name for egg over rice (such as "soy sauce TKG" and "cheese sunshine TKG"). TKG is a word originally created by one of the authors, Akio Morita, for the purpose of simplifying editing work. "TKG" refers to the original egg rice cooked according to "Okite".[48].
  • It has also appeared in mobile phone games.Mobage"Bistroworld", which was offered at, cooks and serves world cuisinesocial gameIn Although,2011 In December, "TKG" was introduced as an event dish.
  • Idol group "Raw ham and udon noodlesHas a song called "Egg over rice"[49].. "TKG" also appears in the lyrics.
  • January 2017Takara Tomy ArtsMore called "Ultimate TKG"Cooking toysHas been released.When you break the egg in the toy, the yolk and white are separated, and the white is separated.meringueIt has a function to stir like a shape[50].


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