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🍜 | Ramen House ~ 4 kinds of unique ramen are popular!A long-established ramen shop that has been loved locally for many years


Ramen House ~ 4 kinds of unique ramen are popular!A long-established ramen shop that has been loved locally for many years

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There is little competition for curry ramen, so I think it's a good idea to put up a sign with a photo.

What kind of ramen do you think of when you think about eating ramen?In Fukuyama, soy sauce ramen and pork bones ... → Continue reading

 Bingo and Kotoko

Bingo Tokotoko is a web media that Fukuyama, Onomichi, and Kasaoka send out "the charm of becoming more fond of".

As more and more people turn their eyes to the "local" from refraining from moving to distant places, Web writers and bloggers living in Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures will work together to take pride in the city they live in and to like it. raised.

We also send information unique to the Bingo area, centering on gourmet event information in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Fukuyama City, and Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture!

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Curry ramen

Curry ramenIt is,RamenThecurryTailoredSoupCooking cooked in.

About the origin

It is believed to have been born spontaneously throughout Japan[1].. In addition, there are some areas that claim "origin" as follows.

Origin of Niigata Prefecture
The owner of the ramen shop "Tokyo Tei" in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, was before the war.[2](Early Showa period[3][4]) In Tokyo, Mukojima[4]It started when I brought it back from the cafeteria where I was training[2][3][4]It is said that Sanjo City has a history of 70 years.[5][6].. (There is also a theory that "Daikoku-tei" in Sanjo city originated.[7][8]It is said that the first generation of the restaurant was inspired by the curry that he ate when he was working at a restaurant in Tokyo before the war.[9]. )
In Sanjo City, there are more than 70 stores in the city[2][3][8]There is a curry ramen shop in Japan, and it has become a specialty due to the efforts of the Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and on February 2009, 2,Seven-Eleven"Sanjo specialty curry ramen" has been released[2].
From around 2011Hideyuki IshigamiNiigata's four major ramen defined byNiigata light soy sauce ramen,Niigata rich miso ramen,Tsubamesanjo backfat ramen,Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ramen) By adding Sanjo curry ramenNiigata Five Great RamenIs becoming more exposed to the media as[10][11].
Hokkaido origin theory
HokkaidoInTomakomaiof"Great taste"But1965 To[12][13], Became a boom in SapporoMiso RamenStarted to counter[12]Is the first. In Tomakomai City, which is said to be the origin, the "Tomakomai Curry Ramen Promotion Bureau" creates maps and promotes activities.[14].
Chiba Prefecture Origin Theory
1955 ToChibaOmigawa Town(Current:Katori), "Minowa Shokudo" has been offering curry ramen as a standard menu from the beginning.[1].

Curry ramen in instant noodles

Instant noodleIn1961 ToBag noodles OfNissin Food"Chicken Ramen Plus curry "Ace cock"Curry ramen" has been released, and the concept of fusion of curry and ramen itself has been established from a relatively old age.[1].. It was the fact that the existence of curry ramen became famous and the menu became established.1973 Released Nissin Foods "Cup noodle curry"Met[1].. Since then, instant noodles incorporating various curries have been released by each company.


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