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🍺 | Drink and compare 399 kinds of 6 yen wine from the business supermarket!Recommended snacks for wine lovers!


Drink and compare 399 types of 6 yen wine from a commercial supermarket!Recommended snacks for wine lovers!

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For example, there is a wide variety of large-capacity box wines (also called box wines or bag-in-boxes).

■ Business supermarket wine is recommended! You can find cheap wine at a super-discount price of 500 yen or less. → Continue reading


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Box wine

Box wine (box wine / boxed wine) ispolyethyleneorAluminumThe contents in the inner bag made of hard paper are put in the outer box made of hard paper.Wine, Or its packaging form.The packaging form isCaskThe name (cask) is also common.The inner bag was airtightvalveIs attached, and you can pour the desired amount by pinching the valve.Since the inner bag is deflated by the amount of the released wine and the wine remaining in the inner bag does not come into contact with the air, oxidation of the wine can be prevented and long-term storage is possible.corkAnd synthetic sealsBottle wineActs as a substitute for.

Box of wine,Cask wine (cask wine),Bag-in-box (bag in box, BIB) and so on.AustraliaThen rarelygoon(Goon)[1],goon bag(Goon bag)[2]Also called.


AustralianSouth Australia(English edition)Thomas Angove of Angoves, based in Japan, invented wine casks, and Angoves announced on April 1965, 4.PatentGot[3]..In the original design, 1 gallon (4.5 liters)polyethyleneInner bag for retail use段 ボ ー ルIt was in the box.This method required the consumer to cut the corners of the outer box after purchase and reseal it with a special clasp after pouring the wine.[4].

1967, Australian inventor(English edition)と(English edition)For more convenient storageAluminumAdhesive to a metal inner bag such asplasticObtained a patent for an airtight valve.Today, all wine casks use plastic bulbs, which are housed in an outer box with a hole on one side to allow the bulb to be seen.Wine casks were mainly favored by low-priced wine producers because they were cheaper to produce than glass bottles and were easier to transport than glass bottles.

2003, United StatesCalifornia Of(English edition)Based in(English edition)The company produced a significant amount of fine box wine, which served to overturn the stereotype that box wine was only a substitute for low-priced wine.Within 10 years of Black Box Wines' attempt, hundreds of fine wines from French Rabbit, Bandit Wines, Octaviin, Target and moreWineryThe bottler has begun selling high-quality wine produced in-house in wine casks.This trend is environmentally friendly(English edition)Linked to growing cultural interest in wine, box wines are becoming more popular among wealthy wine consumers[5].


Box wine is made of glassBottle wineNot only is it easier to transport and store than, but it is also cheaper to manufacture and lighter in weight.Eco-friendly[5]..Box wines vary in volume, but generally have 750 to 1.5 times the capacity of 4 ml bottles of wine.

Box wine was airtightvalveIs installed, this valve significantly reduces the oxidation of wine.Box wines are natural when compared to bottled wines, which should be consumed within hours or days after opening.corkSince it is not used, it is not contaminated with cork and does not come into contact with air, so it maintains its quality for about 3-4 weeks after opening.

Box wineワ イ ン セ ラ ーStorage is not considered and should be consumed within the quality retention period printed by the producer.Quality deterioration may be noticeable 12 months after filling[6].


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