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🍜 | Popular ramen shop relocated to the site of Handaya Atagobashi store!The thick and chewy thick noodles are the best!


The popular ramen shop has moved to the site of the Handaya Atagobashi store and opened!The thick and chewy thick noodles are the best!

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Some menus are free of charge for both large and special dishes, and it is the birth of a shop that students will be happy with.

I went to "Ramen Kaiji Atagobashi store" in Tsuchitoi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai. "Rame ..." on the site of "Handaya Atagobashi" → Continue reading

 Sendai Minami Tsushin

Local media in Sendai and Sennan. The couple is actually experiencing and sending out real information.

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