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🍽 | About 6% of the respondents on the internet answered "I think it is a violation of manners" "NG behavior" at restaurants


About 6% of the respondents on the internet answered "I think it is a violation of manners"

If you write the contents roughly
As for the spicy party episode, the chili paste (?) That was on the table at the Iekei Ramen shop.

It's often pointed out that "I'm rude to the restaurant", but there is a possibility that people who are eating with me will be drawn away ... → Continue reading


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Family ramen

Ramen > Family ramen

Family ramen(Iekei Ramen) OrYokohama Family RamenWhat is (Yokohama Maekei Ramen)?1974Founding "Yoshimura family"(Kanagawa横 浜 市) Is the sourceRamenRich store group or similar to "Yoshimuraya"pig bones醤 油 ラ ー メ ンName that refers to the genre of[1][2].


Pork boneschicken carcassTaken fromsoup stockToSoy sauce"Pork bone soy sauce base" mixed with sauceSoup,thickChinese noodleとChicken oilToSpinach,roasted pork fillet,SeaweedConsists of toppings[3][4]..Generally, you can adjust the hardness of the noodles, the amount of oil, and the strength of the taste according to your taste.[2][3].

Originally from the YoshimurayaGoodwillAnd it was popularized by derived ramen shops,NameBecause there were many "~ house" (~ ya)HomeIt came to be called by the common name of system (Iekei)[1]..Some stores do not belong to the Yoshimuraya school and have been developed independently, and stores that follow the tradition of the "Ichiroku family" are also called "Ichi-kei".[5]..Furthermore, it has been a major player since the mid-2010s.Restaurant industryWorks completely independently of the Yoshimuraya and other family storesChain storeAre increasing and these are called "capital systems"[1].. Many of the "capital" storesCentral kitchenThe soup made in Japan is brought to each store to make ramen, and the taste is different from the individual stores that trace the lineage of the Yoshimura family, which offers fresh soup that can be made by constantly cooking a large amount of pork and chicken. Is said to be[1].

As of September 2013, there are about 9 stores that sell Iekei Ramen, mainly in Japan and Asia.[3]Among them, there are about 150 stores in Yokohama city (according to "Let's liven up the ramen in Kanagawa! Association". The exact number is unknown because the stores are changing rapidly.[6]).However, most of them are franchise chain stores based on "capital", and only a few stores follow the original "Yoshimuraya" style. On the contrary, in order to differentiate from "capital", the Yoshimuraya There are many independent shop owners who do not call themselves "~ house" while training at[2].

In the past, the three names of "Yoshimuraya", "Honmokuya", and "Rokkakuya" were called "Iekei Ramen Gosanke".[7].


Minoru Yoshimura, the founder of the "Yoshimuraya",Miya carpenter,barberAfter changing jobs such as apprenticeship, long distanceTrack OfdriverWas serving[8]..Yoshimura one day "Kyushu pork bonesとTokyo soy sauceIsn't it good to mix it? "Keihin Truck Terminal(TokyoOta-kuHeiwa Island) WasRamen shopHelped for half a year[8]Later, in September 1974, Yokohama CityIsogo-ku OfShinsugita StationCloseYoshimura familyOpened[8](Currently in 1999Yokohama StationMoved to the west exit[8]).
The storeIsogo Industrial RoadFacing theIshikawajima Harima Heavy Industries(Currently IHI) and others工場Because it was a densely populated areaKeihin Industrial AreaFactory working inWorkerAnd became popular among truck drivers[9].
After that, YoshimuraHonmoku familyWas opened, but Takashi Kondo, who was the store manager here, became independent in 1988.Higashi-Hiraku StationClose"The hexagonal family”, And other disciples also quit the Honmoku family, so the angry Yoshimura temporarily closed the Honmoku family and became a newspaper.[9].
Primary boom
1994 Year of 3 MonthShin-Yokohama Ramen MuseumFrom the opening of the restaurant to May 2003, "Rokkakuya" opened as a ramen representative of the local Yokohama.[10]..In addition, Kenichi Kondo, who was in the Honmoku family and the Rokkaku family, was involved.Yokohama familyThe chain was developed in the northern part of Yokohama City, and the shops of disciples and grandchildren who followed the flow of "Yoshimuraya" spread mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, and built a big school in Yokohama.
The rise of "capital" and "genreization" of family
After that, from around 2000, the number of chain stores (so-called "capital") that offered rich tonkotsu soy sauce ramen regardless of "Yoshimuraya", "Rokkakuya", etc. increased while calling themselves the name of "-house". As each chain rapidly increased its store network, it spread nationwide, and "family" became established as a term that refers to a genre of "pork bone soy sauce ramen that originated in Yokohama."[1].
On the other hand, although the "Rokkakuya" suffered from bankruptcy due to poor physical condition and management difficulties of the owner, the YoshimurayaYokohama StationIt continues to operate as the "Yoshimuraya, the head of the family" nearby, and even now, when the founder Minoru Yoshimura is over 70 years old, he is still preparing in the morning.



Often written as "○○ house"[11].


Thick straight noodles.Has a unique chewy texture[12]..Shorter and stronger than other Chinese noodles[12]..At Iekei Ramen shops, noodle boxes with the name of the noodle shop are often piled up in the shop or in the shop, and you can know which noodle shop you are using from there.

originallyUdonNoodle factory. Produces about 1 noodles a day and wholesales to about 3 Iekei ramen shops nationwide[12]..I started making family noodles because I received a request when Yoshimura became independent.[12], It is said that it is only sold to stores that follow the flow of the Yoshimuraya, such as stores directly affiliated with the Yoshimuraya and stores that trained and became independent at the Yoshimuraya[12].
  • Maruyama Noodle Factory-YokohamaNaka-kuYamada Town
  • Ohashi Noodle Factory-Kawasaki CityKoku-kuMinamisaiwaicho
  • Ohashi Seimen Tama-Kawasaki CityTama-kuShukugawara
  • Nagataya Noodles-YokohamaSouth wardFutaba Town[13]
  • Masuda Noodles-Kanagawa PrefectureYokosukaFlat work
  • Mikawa-ya Seimen-TokyoHigashikurume shiYawata Town

Leek,roasted pork fillet,Seaweed,Spinachand so on[3][11].

Hot water drain

The hot water drain of noodles is not a deep colander called "tebo", but a flat colander bent at a right angle and deformed.ColanderThere are many shops that do.It is said that it will take four to five years to drain the water from a family[14][15].


In Iekei RamenriceThere are many customers who match it with.Therefore, some stores offer free rice.There are also shops that provide specific guidance on how to eat with ramen.[16].


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