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🍺 | To support World Natural Heritage Kirin Beer is a design can


Kirin Beer Design Cans to Support World Natural Heritage

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In addition to donating 1 yen to environmental conservation activities for each sale, there is also a campaign to win a lottery of accommodation tickets and special products of hotels in the prefecture by answering the quiz and applying to commemorate the release.

Before the registration of Amami, Yanbaru, and Iriomote Island as a World Natural Heritage Site, Kirin Brewery has released a design can that supports the registration ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Broadcasting

Ryukyu Broadcasting is a radio/TV broadcasting station in Okinawa.
We send various news rooted in the region such as Okinawa's politics, economy, and lifestyle.

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Accommodation voucher

Law Concerning Promotion of Motivation for Environmental Conservation and Promotion of Environmental Education

Law Concerning Promotion of Motivation for Environmental Conservation and Promotion of Environmental Education(Law No. 15 of 130) is for Yugami Kyoka and Yugami Kyoka.Sustainable societyIt is a Japanese law that aims to maintain a healthy and blessed environment and contribute to ensuring the healthy and cultural life of the people now and in the future.Abbreviation isEnvironmental Conservation Activities / Environmental Education Promotion Law(Kankyo Hozen Katsudo / Kankyo Kyoka Suishinho). It was promulgated on July 2003, 7.


  • Chapter 1 General Provisions (Article 1-Article 6)
  • Chapter 2 Basic Policy, etc. (Article 7-Article 8-3)
  • Chapter 3 Promotion of public efforts for environmental conservation
    • Section 1 Promotion of motivation for environmental conservation, promotion of environmental education, etc. (Article 9-Article 20-10)
    • Section 2 Promotion of collaborative efforts (Article 21-Article 21-6)
  • Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Provisions (Article 22-Article 28)
  • Supplementary provisions

the purpose

While maintaining a healthy and blessed environmentEnvironmentHealthy with less load onEconomyIn building a society (sustainable society) that can develop sustainably while aiming for the development ofbusiness person,PeopleAnd private organizations (national, private organizations, etc.) organized by these personsEnvironmental protectionIn light of the importance of activities and the promotion of environmental conservation motivation and environmental education for their promotion, the basics of environmental conservation activities, environmental conservation motivation promotion and environmental educationPhilosophyAnd the people, private organizations, etc.Local governmentClarify the responsibilities of the people, formulate basic policies and other matters necessary for promoting motivation for environmental conservation and promotion of environmental education.HealthでCulturalTo contribute to securing a good life. (Article 1, partly omitted)


  • basic principle
    • Respect the voluntary will of the people, private organizations, etc.
    • NATURETo deepen understanding and interest in environmental conservation through hands-on activities and other hands-on activities
    • Harmony with agriculture, forestry and fisheries and other industries, stability of life,welfareMaintenance and improvement,culture,HistoryConsider the inheritance of
  • Creating a basic policy
  • Support for environmental education in schools and workplaces
  • Certification of human resources

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