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🍴 | Preparation for shipment of "Ichikyu Insatsu Pumpkin" that bears only one fruit from one stem / Mutsu City


Preparation for shipment of "one-ball soul pumpkin" that bears only one fruit from one stem / Mutsu City

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At the farm workshop in Mutsu City, I was busy polishing each one carefully, weighing it, and sticking stickers.

Preparations for shipping the house-grown "Ichikyu Ichitama Pumpkin" are being made in Mutsu City. "Pumpkin with one ball" is ... → Continue reading

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Mutsu City

Mutsu City(Mutsu) isAomoriNortheast ChinaShimokita regionに 位置 す るCity.


Shimokita PeninsulaLocated inMutsu BayとTsugaru StraitIt is the northernmost city of Honshu facing.2005Due to the merger of cities, towns and villages, it has become the largest municipality in the prefecture, accounting for about 11% of the total area of ​​Aomori prefecture.

In 1960, the city of Ominatoda Nabe was changed to the current city of Mutsu, the first in Japan.Hiragana City. Shimokita regionIt is a core city with a population of about 75000 spread to the surrounding municipalities.Mutsu metropolitan areaIs forming.The population is declining.Although the population of the former Mutsu City is almost flat, the population of the former Ohata Town, the former Kawauchi Town, and the former Wakinosawa Village is declining.


AomoriNortheastShimokita PeninsulaIt is in.As a cityHonshuLocated at the northernmost tip, southMutsu Bay, NorthTsugaru StraitIt faces the sea and has two seas.In the center of the cityKamayama(Elevation 879m) is the main peakOsorezan MountainsAre in a rowOsorezanToLake UsoriTo sayCaldera lakeThere is.In the southeastShimokita HillsAre lined up.

Tanabe,Ohira,OminatoThe population is concentrated in.The center of Mutsu cityTanabe(Tanabu) originates from the Shimokita HillsTanabe RiverFlows, and the fertile Tanabu Plain spreads out in the basin.Ominato TheKamayamaLocated at the foot of the mountain, the waves are calmOminato BayFacing.In Ominato BayAshizakiと 呼 ば れ るSand beakThere,Sand beakThe interior of Ashizaki Bay is called Ashizaki Bay and is a natural harbor.

Adjacent municipalities


Köppen climate classificationThen.West coast marine climateIt belongs to and has a cool climate.It is also covered with snow from late November to early April.

WinterSea of ​​Japan side climateHowever, the other seasons are affected by both the Sea of ​​Japan side climate and the Pacific side climate.In addition, the northeasterly wind in summer (Stop), But basically it is hot and humid.Also, in winterSpecial heavy snowfall areaIt doesn't snow as much, but basically it needs to be removed.

  • Maximum temperature extreme value (1935/1 ~) 34.7 ℃ (July 2012, 7)
  • Minimum temperature extreme value (1935/1 ~)-22.4 ℃ (February 1984, 2)[1]
Climate of Mutsu (1991-2020)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)1.8
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)−1.2
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−4.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)102.2
Snowfall cm (inch)121
Average monthlyDaylight hours67.788.2141.3184.7196.9163.6131.5139.0145.0150.798.370.61,577.4
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency


Looking at the population change from the previous survey from the 27 national census, it was 4.21 people, a 58,493% decrease, and the rate of change is 40th among 8 municipalities in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Mutsu, Aomori, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Mutsu City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Mutsu City (2005)
■Purple-Mutsu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Mutsu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


TanabeDuring the feudal eraNanbu Domain(Morioka Domain)'S deputy office was located.It opened as a key town in the Shimokita region from that time and prospered by the water transportation of the Tanabu River.In addition, Ominato Village has a good port in Ashizaki,KitamaebuneIt was crowded as a port of Kazemachi.1870,Boshin WarWas considered a thief armyAizu DomainIn exchange for confiscation of territoryDonan clan(Tonamihan) Reconstruction is allowed as XNUMX stones.The feudal lordKyoto guardianMatsudaira YohoThe old man,Matsudaira..7 households, which is 2800% of the Aizu clan, were transferred.The following year, the clan was abolished, and a small amount of its historic site remains in the current Tonangaoka, Mutsu City.The Tonan feudal lords vowed to revenge on the Satsuma government in the northern part of the country, and engaged in the land reclamation work under the name of Tonan "South, that is, Satsuma and Doo (fight)", but agriculture is carried out on the thin land of the volcanic ash plateau. Instead, the houses were destroyed by the snow, the houses left by the wildfire were burned down, and many people died due to the plague and starvation, and they gradually separated.However, the few who remained eventually established a Western-style ranch, leaving a new industry here.

OminatoIs one of the Shimokita Nanaminato, and after the Meiji eraImperial Navy OfMilitary portIt became.At the end of the Pacific War,OminatochoAlthough the city system was not enforced, it was attacked by air because it had a naval base.Immediately before the end of the war, the town had an unusual population of nearly 10, including Navy personnel.Ominato still has a base for the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the area north of Aomori Prefecture is the security area.Ominato Local CorpsThe district general supervision department is located.In addition, it is now the Earth research vessel "Mirai" owned by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology.Mutsu (nuclear ship)The old home port (the new home port is Sekinehama in the northern part of the city) was located.Mutsu City itself hopes to develop in relation to the sea and advanced technology.As far as Ominato is concerned, the weight of the tertiary industry is relatively high.

There are many transferees from outside the prefecture due to the Self-Defense Forces in Ominato and civil engineering, construction, and nuclear-related companies in the city.It is also a special area where people who have lived in Mutsu City are scattered all over the country, mainly SDF personnel, because there are many transferees.


  • Mayor:Soichiro Miyashita(2014May 6Inauguration, first term)
  • The budget scale is the fourth largest in Aomori prefecture.
  • Mutsu City Council
    • Mutsu City has a legal limit of 30 members (the maximum number of members of the Local Autonomy Law), but as a special case of merger, 60 members were active.2007(Heisei19 years)May 9In the Mutsu city election, which was voted in, the fixed number was changed to 30 along with the ward allocation (division is Mutsu constituency 21, Kawauchi constituency 3, Ohata constituency 4, Wakinosawa constituency 2).afterwards2011(Heisei23 years)May 10The fixed number was changed to 26 in the Mutsu city election, which was voted in (Mutsu constituency 18, Kawauchi constituency 4, Ohata constituency 3, Wakinosawa constituency 1).

Successive mayors

FirstKatsuo SugiyamaDecember, 1959 (Showa 34) 03rd-October 1963 (Showa 38)02 daysCity name changed in 1960
2December, 1963 (Showa 38) 03rd-1965 (Showa 40)0May 8
3Kozo Kono1965 (Showa 40) April 10-20 (Showa 1969) March 44
41969 (Showa 44) April 10-20 (Showa 1973) March 48
5Kanji Kikuchi1973 (Showa 48) April 10-20 (Showa 1977) March 52
6Kozo Kono1977 (Showa 52) April 10-20 (Showa 1981) March 56
7Kanji Kikuchi1981 (Showa 56) April 10-20 (Showa 1985) March 60
8Masashi SugiyamaOctober 1985, 60 (Showa 10) --October 20, 1989 (Heisei 10)
9October 1989, 10-20 (Heisei 1993)05 years) April 10
101993 (Heisei05 years) October 10-20 (Heisei 1997)0Year) April 10
111997 (Heisei09 years) February 10-20 February 2001
12November 2001, 13-November 10, 20
13October 2005, 17-10 (Heisei 20)0May 5Sudden death during term
14Junichiro Miyashita20070July 7-15 (Heisei 2011)0May 7
1520110July 7-15 (Heisei 2014)0May 5Sudden death during term[4]
16Soichiro Miyashita20140June 6-Incumbent

municipal office

  • Main Office / 8-1-XNUMX Central, Mutsu City
  • Kawauchi Government Building / 477 Kawauchi, Kawauchi Town, Mutsu City
  • Ohata Government Building / 108-5 Nakajima, Ohata Town, Mutsu City
  • Wakinosawa Government Building / 107-1 Watamukai Wakinosawa, Mutsu City

Government office



National agency

Self-Defense Forces organization


Industry and enterprise

Currently, due to renovation work, the store is temporarily closed or closed from January 2021, 1.


Currently, due to the renovation work of the tenant, the store is temporarily closed or closed from January 2021, 1.


Financial institution


Directly operated post office

  • Mutsu Post Office[Collection/delivery station] (84009)
  • Ohata Post Office [Collection and Delivery Office] (84016)
  • Rikuoku Kawauchi Post Office [Collection and Delivery Office] (84017)
  • Wakinosawa Post Office (84027)
  • Ominato Post Office(84029)
  • Mutsu Sakuragicho Post Office (84098)
  • Chikagawa Station Post Office (84167)
  • Shukunohe Post Office (84178)
  • Japan Post Post Office (84201)
  • Mutsu Sekine Post Office (84202)
  • Shotsugawa Post Office (84215)
  • Mutsu Chuo-84221 Post Office (XNUMX)
  • Mutsu Yanagimachi Post Office (84247)

Simple post office

  • Kakizaki Simple Post Office (84714)
  • Jogasawa Simple Post Office (84719)


Sister cities/partner cities

  • "Osorezan" in Mutsu City,HokkaidoKamedaEsancho(CurrentHakodate)of"Keizan"But,1971(Showa46 years)May 3Becomes a sister tourist destination.
  • FukushimaAizuwakamatsuと1984(Showa59 years)May 9Sister city tie-up with.Due to the historical background of the migration of the Aizu clan.
  • United States flag State of WashingtonPort Angelesと1995(Heisei7 years)May 8Sister city tie-up with.Exchange of education, culture, economy, etc.
  • National Traditional Place Name Municipal Liaison Conference
    The local government, whose name is the traditional place name (former country name), was established in 61 with the aim of deepening friendship through various exchanges and joint projects and working to promote each other's regions.Mutsu City can use kanji in its nameMutsuTherefore, I belong to this society.


Junior college


high school


Junior high school

primary school

Facilities other than school education

Vocational development school


Railway line

* The nearest station to the city hall is Shimokita Station, but Ominato Station is the central station in the JTB timetable.

Transit Bus


  • National road


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots


  • Yusaka Onsen-61 Tanabu, Mutsu City
  • Ishigami Onsen-Horyo Yachi
  • Tonan Onsen-Tanabu character Shimomichi
  • Ogawa Onsen-Ogawa XNUMX-chome (public bath)
  • Uchida Onsen-Tanabu character Uchida (public bath)

Festivals and events

Festivals and Shinto rituals

  • Kuriyama Kagura
  • Noh dance (Karasawa district)
  • Osorezan Festival
  • Osorezan autumn pilgrimage

Special event

  • In Ashizaki BaySquid hunting
  • Mutsu Sakura Festival
  • Sea festival (not held recently)

local cuisine

  • Miso shellfish grilled (miso kayaki)
  • Squid sushi
  • Angler fish
  • Whale juice
  • Bego mochi
  • Keiran(Kawauchicho center)
  • Shinagawa Juice (center of Kawauchi Town)
  • Jappa soup
  • Squid ink ramen
  • Sea urchin bowl
  • Black soy dishes (formerly Wakinosawa Village)

Native celebrity

From old Kawauchi-cho

Born in the former Tanabucho


  • The highest peak in the city is 879m above sea levelKamayama.
  • Mutsu City Hall Main Government Building before Relocation (Kanaya XNUMX-chome:1962(Completion) was originally a three-story building,1968 OfTokachi-oki EarthquakeBecause the 3rd floor was damaged, it was actually a 2nd floor.However, in recent years, due to problems with earthquake resistance, Mutsu City has acquired the former site of a shopping center in Chuo XNUMX-chome.[11] And refurbished2009May 9Since it was decided to move with the same yearMay 9The business as the old government building was completed.The old government building will be one year later2010May 10It was demolished after the farewell party for the old government building.It is a policy to consider the use of the site in the future[12][13].
  • 1889から1988Up to adjacentShimokita-gunHigashidori Village OfGovernment officeIt was located in Mutsu City (formerly Tanabucho).
  • In Aomori Prefecture, there are many athletes who are strong in long-distance running on land, and the athletes are thick.Aomori citizen Ekiden race meetAs of the 19th tournament in 15, he has won 6 consecutive victories and 7 consecutive victories in the city division.


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