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📝 | I want to eat like a salad!3 simple "lightly pickled vegetables" recipes


I want to eat it like a salad!3 simple "lightly pickled vegetables" recipes

If you write the contents roughly
If it is lightly pickled, you can easily make it in a plastic bag without using a container or pickled stones.

Summer when you can easily lose your appetite.I don't want to eat thick meat or oily foods ... Even in such a case, chopsticks are easy to stretch. → Continue reading

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Weight(weight,Weight stone) Is moderate重 さIt is a thing that has a weight and is used by utilizing its weight.


As a concrete example of using weight,calligraphyInHalf-paperPaperweight for fixingpaper,clothPut it on the edge, etc.WindThere is a paper weight used for the purpose of preventing it from being skipped by.Also, for purposes other than fixing, as an effect due to weight,Pickled Chinese cabbageAt that time, the soup is used to help spread the whole pickle (Pickled stone),misoWhen making misofermentationMay be used for the purpose of helping.Also,ShipTo stabilizeBallast waterAndforklift,craneTo stabilizeCounter weightThere is also a usage like.

BalanceWhen using, it is used to balance with the object to be measured.

Other names include weights (weights / weights) and towns (shizu).

Weights (weights / weights)

yarn,clothA weight that is used by hanging it from the end is usually called a weight (weight / weight).The weight is to stretch the thread etc., orVerticalIt is used to point to.For examplefishingAtneedle,feedWeights are used to successfully throw and sinkCurtainCurtain weights are used to stabilize the hem.Spin the threadTospindleIs used.Also,clock OfpowerFor example,Potential energyWeights are also used in machines that use.

Incidentally,BalanceUsed to balance with the object to be measured in a device that measures weight such asweightIs also called a weight.This is a remnant of the time when hanging balances were common, and generallyCenter of gravityWeights that are placed facing each other and used to balance are sometimes called weights.

Paperweight / Paperweight

Paper or cloth-like thingsWindFlutteringnotesWhen doingfrictionA heavy stone may be placed on it to prevent it from shifting due to such factors.Not only is the weight placed to limit vertical movement, butFrictionTo increaseLevelIt also has the effect of preventing deviation in the direction.

Paperweights and paper weights (paperweightUsed as)MaterialIs generallyBrassSuch as金属There are many,ガ ラ ス,acrylic resinEtc. may be used.In any case, since it uses weight, to some extentdensityA material with a large value is preferable.Also, since there are many opportunities to touch it by hand,poisonThere is no sex安全 性Must be a material that takes into consideration落下Durability against impacts such as is also required.

As a typical shape, in the case of paperweight, there is a shape with a protrusion that serves as the center of the rod-shaped body, or a disk or a sphere with a part flat.

Wikimedia CommonsPaperweightThere is a category about.

Pickled stone

picklesTo make it easier to expel moisture from the material,空 気It is used to reduce the part that comes into contact with.Kawaishi andPlasticCovered with金属Etc. are used.The weight of the weight is adjusted according to the type of pickles and the stage of pickles.


In a ship, a heavy object placed on the bottom of the ship is called a ballast.Nowadays, a tank is installed on the bottom of the ship and water is injected into it to make ballast.It is expected that the stability of the ship will be further improved by moving the position of the center of gravity of the ship lower.submarineEven inbuoyancyA tank is installed inside the ship for the purpose of adjusting, and the amount of water injected into it is increased or decreased.ConstructionThis is also called ballast (ballast tank).airship,balloonFor the purpose of adjusting buoyancy,Sand bagIt is done to put weights such as, which is also called ballast.


It is a balanced weight.

crane,Hydraulic excavator,forkliftFor mobile machines that hang or lift heavy objects, such asloadIf is large, the position of the center of gravity of the entire machine supports the device.Wheel,CrawlerBecause it moves to the outside of, it falls to the load side.To prevent this, a weight called a counterweight is installed on the opposite side of the load side.For those with a swivel body, such as a crane or hydraulic excavator, a forklift or a forklift orWheel loaderIf the vehicle does not have a turning structure, a counterweight is installed at the rear of the vehicle.By placing the counterweight on the opposite side of the load, the position of the center of gravity is closer to the center of the machine or vehicle, and it is possible to prevent it from tipping over.

Especially for cranes with heavy loads, also on the opposite side of the load sideDerrickIn some cases, it is equipped with a counterweight underneath.By using a derrick, the position where the counterweight is hung is farther than the center of turning, so the effect of the counterweight is enhanced.

Fixed swivel crane, etc.MobileEven if the risk of falling is low compared toSwivel bearingEquipped with a counterweight to reduce the bending moment.

エ レ ベ ー タ ーThen, by hanging the counterweight on the opposite side of the cable that hangs the box, it is for raising and loweringmotor OfoutputCan be made smaller.

Anchor block

suspension bridge OfropePlaced at both ends of the suspension bridge to hold the bridge,concreteA huge weight made ofAnchor blockThat.


Automobile-Train-aircraftIn vehicles such as, the weight to be mountedDeadweightSometimes called (shiju).Englishdead weightDirect translation of.

Use case

Increased traction
JapanThen,During the warTo increase the transportation capacity ofLocomotiveToconcreteEquipped with a dead weight made of made, the traction force was increased.Also,JNR DE10 diesel locomotiveIs in the basic numberSteam generatorIt is equipped with (SG),freight trainSG is omitted in the specifications for towing.However, if it is left as it is, its own weight will decrease.railとWheelAdhesive strength betweenFriction) Is reduced, which causes a decrease in traction force. Therefore, the decrease in traction force is prevented by mounting a concrete block of the same weight as SG.JNR EF64 electric locomotiveSame as above (this isElectric heating devicePresence or absence of (EG)).
Adjusting axle load balance
JNR EF63 electric locomotiveSo on the slopeAxis loadTo deal with the moveKaruizawadirection(PassOf the top)CabBy mounting a plate-shaped weight underneath, KaruizawaTrolleyThe axle load of was increased to 19 tons (18 tons for the intermediate bogie,YokokawaThe dolly is 17 t).
aircraftIn the test flight that takes place when developingMaximum takeoff weight-Maximum landing weightThe test will be conducted under the above conditions, but in this case, a water tank will be installed to save the trouble of loading and unloading.By adjusting the amount of water in this tankLoading weightIncrease or decrease.The same thingRailway car,AutomobileBut it is done.


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