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🍴 | Is Famima's Cocoichi collaboration product delicious?If an amateur here eats it, the result will be unexpected ...


Is Famima's Cocoichi collaboration product delicious?If an amateur here eats it, the result will be unexpected ...

If you write the contents roughly
Of course, if you like Cocoichi, you may get different results.

Products supervised by CoCo Ichibanya are now available at FamilyMart.If you try to verify whether it is delicious even if an amateur here eats it ...Current… → Continue reading


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Ichibanya Co., Ltd.(The best,ICHIBANYA CO., LTD.) IsCurry House CoCo Ichibanya(Curry House Coco Ichiban, Abbreviation:Cocoichi) RunCurry and riceSpecialty store chain.House Food Group Head Office OfConsolidated subsidiary.FranchiseBy all over Japan as well as overseas米 国,Chugoku, South Korea,ThailandWe will open stores all over the world.


The store name is "If it ’s curry, it ’s the best here!Comes from.You can choose the spiciness of the curry, the amount of rice, and the toppings.It consists of a regular menu (more than 30 types) and several types of limited-time menus.

The manual is thorough regarding customer service, but on the other hand, when expanding outside Japan, routes different from those in Japan are also being developed, for example.ThailandIs focusing on development as a luxury brand[1].


Cocoichi isTokuji MunetsuguAnd his wife Naomi opened in 1974 (Showa 49).A coffee shopIt was put out in "Bacchus"Curry and riceWas popular, and in 1978 (Showa 53), "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya" was founded (the first store wasAichiNishi Kasugai DistrictNishibiwajima Town(CurrentKiyosu City) "Nishibanyajima store").The name of the store is from the idea that "this is the best!" With "Nico Nico Kibikibi Hakihaki" as its motto, "Customer First" and "Field Principle"[2].

As a result of trying curry roux of each manufacturer, Naomi chose house products, so requests for spice preparation etc.House foodThe relationship with the store started from the beginning[2].. In 1982 (Showa 57)Nagoya cityIncorporated in.In the early days of its founding, at that timeTBSThe quiz variety program "Pitashi Kang Kang』The inside of the store has been broadcast.At that time, it seems that there was already a spicy menu of "1 spicy-5 spicy (and even more)", and the words in that menu (such as "I will introduce you to a doctor") were used for problems in the program. ..

We created a system that allows customers to choose the amount of rice, spiciness of roux, toppings, etc., and a system for separating employees' goodwill.[2].

Founder in 2002Tokuji MunetsuguBecame an advisor (special adviser to the founder) at the age of 53, and his wife Naomi, who had been president since 1998, also retired as chairman without representation rights.[2]In 2011, he retired as a part-time advisor from the chairman.

Since its establishment, the amount of rice is 1,300GFor the above curry rice, if you complete it within 15 or 20 minutesFree(If you can't eat even one grain of rice, you have to pay for it.) And at some stores, the "Large Challenge" (only for domestic stores), in which the achievement photo is posted, was famous, but 30 tons per year. There was leftover rice andFood recycling lawAs a result, it was obliged to reduce waste by 2006% or more by 2, so it was discontinued on August 2003, 8.In addition, it should be noted.1993 US uproarIs also suspended at that time[Annotation 1]..The reason I started this was to create a topic, and although I actually succeeded, "I wasn't skeptical about treating food like a game from the time I was doing it, and I did a waste of food. "Tokuji Munetsugu recalls.[3].

Achieved 2004 stores in 1000 and on May 2005, 5Tokyo Stock ExchangePart One·Nagoya Stock ExchangeListed on the first section (stock code 7630).

September 2013, 1, ``Guinness World RecordsCertified Curry House CoCo Ichibanya as "the largest chain of curry restaurants"[4].

House Foods Group Headquarters becomes Ichibanya on December 2015, 12TOBAnd IchibanyaConsolidated subsidiaryTurned into[5][6].

September 2020, 12HokkaidoAsahikawaAcquired all shares of Daikoku Shoji Co., Ltd., which manages the Genghis Khan store "Naruyoshi Shisui Daikokuya", and made it a consolidated subsidiary.[7][8].

Overseas expansion

2005 year 9 month,Republic of China(Taiwan)ofTaipei CityWanhua DistrictXimendingThe first store in Taiwan (Taipei Northwest Gate Hanchu store) opened in[9].

2008 years,Thailand OfBangkokIt is inShopping center OfEsplanadeThe first store in Thailand opened inside.Unlike Japan, Thailand is trying to develop stores on luxury brand routes, and curry roux and rice are all imported from Japan.[1].

2008 year 3 month, South Korea OfJiangnanOpened the first store in South Korea on November 1, the same yearJongnoOpened the second store in[10].

2010 summer,The United States of AmericaとHong KongAnnounced to advance to[11][12].

On February 2011, 2, the Palm Plaza Torrance store, the first store in the continental United States, was opened.Los AngelesOpened in Palm Plaza Shopping Mall.Business development in Los Angeles will be carried out by "ICHIBANYA USA, INC", a joint venture with House Foods.[13].

As of July 2013, there are 7 overseas stores in Oahu, Hawaii, 4 stores in California, USA,Mainland China33 stores, 6 stores in Hong Kong, 19 stores in Taiwan, 19 stores in South Korea, 20 stores in Thailand, 3 stores in Singapore.[14]..The local operating company has a capital and business allianceHouse foodMost of them are joint ventures with[13].

On August 2020, 8, the first store in India was opened in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, the capital of India, the home of curry.


Base sauce (pork sauce)(Basic)・ Beef sauce ・ Vegetarian curry(No animal ingredients used)-Hashed beef(Only some stores)), A system is adopted that specifies the amount and spiciness of various toppings and rice, and there are no restrictions on the types of toppings (if the amount of toppings is large, they are provided in a separate plate).It is possible to order only toppings and only rice.



  • Pork cutlet
  • Beef cutlet
  • Chicken cutlet
  • Minced meat cutlet
  • Lightly crisped chicken
  • Fried chicken
  • Pork shabu-shabu (Thin-sliced ​​pork)
  • Sausage
  • Stewed chiken
  • Hamburger


  • Easy (Vegetable)
  • Spinach
  • Eggplant


  • Fried fish
  • Plenty of clams (Full on Asari clam)
  • Squid
  • Shrimp cutlet
  • Seafood
  • Shrimp and Asari clam
  • Shrimp (Stewed shrimp)


  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mushroom
  • Cream croquette(With crab) (Cream croquette(with crab))
  • Cheese
  • Natto (Natto)(fermented soy beans))

Limited time menu

Here, we will introduce the limited-time menu after October 2004.

  • Fresh Mushroom Hashed Beef (October 2010, 10-Late January 1)-It was a regular menu until September 2011, 1, the day before the sale started.Hayashi riceIs made into a menu for a limited time.
  • Hand-prepared scissors cutlet curry (September 2010, 9-November 1, 11)
  • Iron plate stamina curry (August 2010, 8-as soon as the products run out) -Introduced in advance at some stores. It was handled until October 1, but the handling period was extended due to its popularity.The specific period has not been decided, and it will be as soon as the products run out.[15].
    • It is also a time-limited menu that starts handling from 18:9.However, there are still many stores that do not handle it.In addition, some stores only handle weekdays, and some stores began handling in September of the same year.You can check the stores that handle it on the official website of CoCo Ichibanya.[16].
  • Green curry (July 2010, 7-September 1, 9)
  • Hand-prepared cabbage menchi-katsu curry (June 2010, 6-August 1, 8) --From this time, a limited-time menu for 31 months will be sold every month under the title of "Monthly Cocoichi".The first of them.
  • Tonteki Curry (June 2009, 6-August 1, 8)
  • Cabbage Menchi Katsu Curry (March 2009, 3-May 1, 5)
  • Tuna cutlet curry (July 2007, 7-September 1, 9)
  • Sukiyaki Curry (April 2007, 4-June 1, 6)
  • White Soup Curry (December 2006, 12-February 1, 2007)-Usually this menu isHokkaidoAlthough it is limited to the area, it was sold nationwide in addition to Hokkaido for the period shown on the left.
  • Special black curry (July 2006, 7-September 1, 9)
  • Soup Curry (April 2006, 4-June 1, 6)
  • Hand-prepared special chicken and curry (December 2005, 12-February 1, 2006)
  • カレーうどん(2005å¹´10月16日 - 2006å¹´1月15日<北海道地区全店舗および一部店舗除く、持ち帰り・宅配不可>、2006å¹´11月1日 - 2007å¹´2月28日<一部店舗除く、ただしKinkiRegarding the area, it will be "Kansai area limited curry udon">)
  • Salmon Fried Curry (September 2005, 9-November 1, 11)
  • Chinese chive sprout and minced meat spicy curry (July 2005, 7-September 1, 9)
  • Half & Half Curry of Oysters and Scallops (December 2004, 12-February 1, 2005)
  • Scallop fried curry (December 2004, 12-February 1, 2005)
  • Cabbage roll curry (December 2004, 12-January 1, 2005,Tokaiwest)
  • Seafood curry (December 2004, 12-January 1, 2005, west of Tokai)
  • Wana Curry (October 2004, 10-November 1, 11, TokaiHokurikuexcept)
  • European-style beef curry (October 2004, 10-November 1, 11, excluding Tokai Hokuriku)

Seasonal curry

Here, we will introduce curry that has been released for more than two years in a row, including 2006.However, it is unclear whether it will be sold after next year.

Asaguri curry
A seasonal menu that has been on sale for March, April, and May since March 2003. In 3 "Clam"Curry" was sold and gained popularity, but in 2002, the following year, the clams were unfished, so it was unavoidable that "curry" was sold.clam"Curry" is sold.However, this was unpopular, so in 2003 we sold this menu, which is a combination of clams and clams.As a result, it was quite popular, so regularization was considered, but since the toppings are seasonal, it has been sold as a limited-time menu even after 2004.However, in 2006, due to various circumstances, it was released as "Asari Curry" using only clams. Not sold in 2011.
Tomato asparagus curry
A seasonal menu that has been on sale only in June, July, and August since June 2000.Initially it started as a limited menu in 6, but since sales were popular, regularization was considered, but since the toppings are seasonal, it will be sold as a limited time menu even after 6. It was.In addition, at the beginning of the new establishment, "TomatoとAsparagusIt was called "Curry". It has not been sold since the summer of 2009, but as of 2012, it is available as a regular menu in Korean stores.It is lined up again in Japan.
Chicken and summer vegetable curry
It has been well received since its first appearance in July 2005 and is sold every year.Chicken breastとeggplant, Asparagus,Okra, Tomato, slicedRed peppersIs included.
Nikujaga curry
A seasonal menu that has been on sale for September, October, and November since September 2005.First appeared in 9, like chicken and summer vegetable curry.It was released the following year in 9, and it seems that it is being established as an autumn seasonal menu that had never existed before.beef,potato,carrot,onion,Kinusaya,Thread konjacIs included,Meat and potatoesIs imaged.
Kaki fry curry
A limited-time menu that has been sold mainly in winter since 1993.Initially, it was sold from December to February, but due to its favorable sales, we considered making it regular, but due to the seasonal toppings, it was sold from October.
Grand mother curry
To commemorate the achievement of 1,000 stores, the curry sold since 2005 reproduces the original taste. Limited sale in February and March.Contains large pieces of meat, carrots, potatoes and onions.Although it is not a curry with the image of the season in particular, it is popular for a limited time, competing for one or two among all menus, and even after 2, "Cocoichi Ear Spoon Project 20XX(X is the date of the event), it was released between February 2st and March 1st of the same year (January 3th to March 31st after 2006).When I ordered, I got a scratch, and when I got a "hit", I got a special original spoon.Details are as follows. Although it was discontinued as the "Last Grand Mother Curry" in 1, it was revived for a limited time only in February in 17, the year after the next year, pushed by a persistent voice wishing for a revival, and it has been sold around February every year since then.By the way, the sales period in 3 is from January 31th to February 2012th.
  • 2005
In collaboration with a high-quality tableware maker, "1,000 ANNIVERSARY" is engraved on the front and "YAMACO x CoCo ICHIBANNYA" is engraved on the back.
  • 2006
Started in 2006 as "Kokoichi Ear Spoon Project".As in the previous year, YAMACO is in charge of the design.The table is engraved with "CoCo ICHI Year Spoon Project 2006".In 2006, even 10 lost cards could be exchanged.
  • 2007
In 2007, YAMACO is in charge, but the design such as size and shape is different.Limited to 13 pieces nationwide.The table is engraved with "CoCo ICHI Year Spoon Project 2007".Also, if you collect 5 out-of-order tickets, you will receive a "mobile strap with a miniature spoon" as a gift.In addition, apply for 3 GOLD tickets or 1 GOLD ticket and 2 GOLD or SILVER tickets (3 in total) on the cover of the ticket by lottery, and the 2005/2006 spooned "serial number" A collection box with a book (500 people nationwide) or one ticket for "Kokoichi nationwide meal ticket for 1 yen" (1000 people nationwide) was presented.
  • 2008
In 2008, designNoritakeWas in charge.Limited to a total of 15 pieces nationwide.In addition to "CoCoICHI Year Spoon Project 2008" on the table, "30th ANNIVERSARY" is engraved on the bottom.In addition, I got 2008 original spoon 5 application tickets and a spoon equivalent to the hit.In addition, in the lottery, 3 chance tickets will be used for "Kokoichi national meal ticket for 3000 yen" (1000 people nationwide), and 5 will be used for the "Collection BOX with serial number" with a spoon up to 2007. (500 people nationwide) were presented.
Hand-prepared cutlet curry
A cutlet that is larger than a normal cutlet.There are three types of pork cutlet, fin cutlet, and chicken cutlet.

New store limited menu

The luxurious taste of the deluxe sauce, which is made by carefully simmering 28 kinds of spices and vegetables, is finished in a taste that can not be thought of as the curry of CoCo Ichibanya. Although it is a little expensive at 1,200 yen, it is quite different from the general curry of Cocoichi, and the container is also offered as a special one.A large serving of rice is free.Chicken sauce was abolished due to sluggish sales, but beef sauce and pork sauce were also abolished at the end of May 2008.Therefore, there is currently no new store-only menu.

Regional limited menu

Here, we will introduce the main regional menus.Official websiteGURUNAVIBut I'm introducing a list of regional / store limited menus[17][18].

  • Crispy chickenSoup Curry(October 2005, 7 -)- HokkaidoOnly sold at stores throughout the year.Only this menu is sold nationwide every year only in winter.
  • Akihabara Mamanai Curry-Curry with fried chicken and eggplant.OriginallyAkihabaraIt is named "Akihabara" because it was sold only at 4 stores in the area, but as of September 2012, it is also sold at some stores in areas other than Akihabara.
  • Cocoichi originalNavy curry - KanagawaYokosuka(Yokosuka Chuo StationPrevious store, KeikyuOppama StationPrevious store only)
  • Geso Fly Curry (October 2006, 10-)- TokaiDistrict stores only.squidThe "geso (lower leg)" part of the leg is fried.
  • Nagoya red miso curry, pork miso curry- Nagoya cityNaka-kuYabacho store only.
  • Stewed beef tendon curry- KinkiDistrict stores only. From March 2007, 3Yamaguchi except forChugokuStores in 4 prefectures (Okayama-Hiroshima-Shimane -Tottori) But it will be sold.
  • Bitter gourd pork curry (June 2005, 6-)- OkinawaStores only.
  • Spam Fly Curry- HawaiiStores only.
  • Homme Curry- TaiwanMenu offered only at stores.Fluffy eggOmelette riceAnd spicy curry sauce[19].
  • Beef offal curry- West JapanStores only. Removed from the menu list at the end of April 2013.After that, sales will end as soon as the store inventory runs out.
  • Koku Demi Curry (April 2009, 4-)- HokurikuWith all the stores in the districtShigaOnly in some stores
  • Deer curry (May 2010, 5-)- ShigaHigashiomi CityWith the Higashiomi Gokaso storeOmihachimanOmihachiman South Mall store,Meishin ExpresswayOnly for the EXPASA Taga store on the down line.venisonThe unique hardness and odor are overcome by a devised cooking method.
  • Toyohashi Curry Udon --Limited to 2 stores, Toyohashi Iwata store and Toyohashi Maeda store.The taste is different for each store.
  • Myoho HamCurry-Sold only at a small number of stores in Nagoya.There are variations such as croquette curry and ham cutlet curry with Meiho ham in croquette with potato salad.

In addition, in the drink menuGiraffe lager beerHowever, only in stores in Okinawa prefecture, instead of Kirin Lager BeerOrion draft beerIs provided (alcoholic beverages are sold at some stores).Also, at stores in TaiwanMost squeezedIs provided.

Menu that was in the past

Here, we will introduce the regular menu that ended after September 2003.

Gorogoro pork curry
Curry kishimen
Finished with menu revision in September 2003.No soup, boiledKishimenTheWild vegetablesAdd with curry sauceSeaweedIt was the one that was put on.There was also a large serving (double the amount of noodles) "double".It will be on sale for a limited time from September to November 2.For a limited time, apart from seaweedBonitoWas hanging.
Kimchi curry
Finished with menu revision in December 2006.as its name suggestsKimchiHowever, it was not listed in the menu at the end of the term, and was only listed in the topping column.
Rice curry
The end time is unknown.Medium spicy, large vegetable curry with the image of home curry.
Wild vegetable curry
Like kimchi curry, it ended with the menu revision in December 2006.Bracken, Finebamboo,Auction,Nameko,springThere were wild plants such as.At the end of the term, it was only listed in the topping column.
Hokuhoku Croquette Curry
Ended with menu revision in December 2006.Since one croquette was priced at 12 yen, sales were small and it was abolished.Instead, "seasonal croquette curry" is now on sale as a limited-time menu. In 1, spring is "rape blossom croquette", summer is "edamame potato croquette", and autumn is "mushroom cream croquette".
Fried shrimp curry
Finished with menu revision in March 2007.After that, it was sold as "petit shrimp fried curry".
Petit fried shrimp curry
Ended with a major revision of the regular menu in September 2013.
Seafood curry
Ended with a major revision of the regular menu in September 2013.Currently, it is sold as "seafood curry".
Quail eggs fried curry
Ended with a major revision of the regular menu in September 2013.
Beef shabu-shabu curry
Ended with major revision of regular menu in September 2013
Omelette curry
Ended with a major revision of the regular menu in September 2013.It is currently sold as "scrambled eggs curry".
Okra tofu curry
It was temporarily abolished due to the menu revision in September 2003, but revived in December 9.After that, it was abolished again in August 2006.
Hayashi rice
Ended with menu revision in October 2010.Currently, "hashed beef" is on sale (excluding some stores).

Revival / regular menu

Here, we will introduce the menus that have been revived since January 2006.

Fish fry curry
It was a regular menu that had existed before March 2001, but it was abolished only in August 3 because it was judged to be unprofitable because the price was cheaper than other menus.However, the "Tara Fly Curry" scheduled for December 2005 was canceled shortly before due to various reasons, and due to that effect, it was revived as a regular menu.
Tonkatsu curry
It was sold in Kyushu in May / June 2004, Kinki Chugoku-Shikoku in July / August, Chubu region in October / November, and north of Kanto in December / January 5.Although it was a limited-time menu, it was sold well, so after October 6, it began to be sold at some stores west of Kinki, and from December 7 it became one of the regular menus. ..However, when the "hand-prepared fin cutlet curry" was sold in April 8, the fin cutlet curry had higher sales, so it was abolished only in August 10 due to the large number of similar menus.However, due to many enthusiastic requests, it will be revived as a regular menu on June 11, 12.
Shrimp cutlet curry
With the start of sales of "Seafood Katsu Curry", which is a mixture of shrimp, squid, and scallops, the menu was revised in December 2006, but it has now been revived as "Shrimp Katsu".

Estimated amount of rice / additional charge

Additional charges vary depending on the pork sauce / beef hashed beef sauce.

  • 150G --Small curry (1 bowl)
  • 200 grams-small serving (all items-50 yen)
  • 300 grams-normal serving (the price displayed on the menu is this amount. 2 bowls)
  • 400 grams-ordinary large serving (+100 yen / +120 yen)
  • 600 grams-generalFemaleLimits[Original research?]..In addition, it is the maximum amount of curry lunch to take home (+300 yen / +360 yen).
  • 900 grams-generalMaleLimits[Original research?](+600 yen / +720 yen).

It is (+100 yen / +100 yen) for every 120g.In addition, at stores in the service area of ​​the expressway, the normal serving is 250g.

The price list of the store lists 200g to 600g, but if you can eat it, you can order more.

hot flavor

Ichibanya's "ordinary" corresponds to commercially available retort pouches and curry roux "medium spicy".The basic menu is based on normal or sweet, and if you want a spicy curry, you can specify spiciness such as 1 spicy, 2 spicy, and so on.Up to 10 spicy curry is listed on the menu, but there is a note that 6 spicy or more is "limited to those who have eaten 5 spicy curry in the past".However, the store does not ask if they have eaten more than 5 spicy foods or refuse the order because they have no experience, and it is just a reminder.In addition, only "normal" is available for hashed beef, and sweet beef curry cannot be selected.Also, until around 1998, there were more than 11 spicy, but now the upper limit is 10 spicy.By the way, 10 spicy is 1 times as spicy as 24 spicy.

There is "Tobi Spicy Spice" on the table, and you can add spice to your liking. 11 spices and above will be announced to use this spice.

The reason why the calories increase as the spiciness increases is that the seasonings that are the source of the spiciness are fried in cooking oil, and the amount of oil increases as the spiciness increases.In fact, the 10-spicy curry sauce is more sticky and thicker than the normal spicy curry sauce.

The slips and receipts will indicate the spiciness of the order, regardless of whether additional charges are incurred.


Currently, there are old-type stores and new-type stores (internally called T-05 type and T-07 type. T is an acronym for the store planning department).It will be unified into a new store in a few years.

Differences between old and new stores
  • The old-fashioned store was opened by 2004, and the logo mark is also old-fashioned.The appearance is yellowish, and the clerk's uniform was also yellowish, but now it is the same uniform as the new store.
  • The new store is a store that opened after 2005 or was renovated from an existing store.The logo is also the current new logo mark, the exterior is based on dark brown, the interior is a calm wood style, and the clerk's uniform is chic with a blue shirt and a black apron.In addition, even the details such as the plates and cups of the products are very different from the old stores.There was also a menu only for new stores (mentioned above).
Additional equipment for new stores
  • Since 2012, more and more stores have drive-throughs and TTCs (over-the-counter take-out corners).

In addition, stores in various places including the new store currently open can be searched from the Cocoichi website.[20].

Payment (settlement) method at the store

From May 2016, 5, at almost all "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya" stores (in Japan)Credit card(Toyota Finance, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, DISCOVER, Diners), China UnionPay Card, JCB Premo Card, non-contact IC type electronic money (Transportation electronic money9 type[Annotation 2],Rakuten Edy,iD,QUICPay,nanaco) Was available at some stores before that.WAONAlthough the introduction was delayed, it is now available at almost all stores.[Annotation 3].

Jeff Gourmet Card・ Meal tickets issued by Ichibanya, food and drink coupons for Ichibanya shareholders, and Berkeley Vouchers (BV meal tickets) will continue to be available.IchibanyaInternet mail orderRegarding "Kokoichi mail order", payment by credit card (JCB, VISA, Mastercard, etc.) is possible.

Home delivery service

At some storesdeliveryWe are providing services.When using it, the delivery fee will be 1 yen per delivery, and the curry fee will be 200 yen more per item than the regular fee, except for some stores.Delivery is mainlyscootersTwo wheelsLight carThe models that are mainly used for moped motorcycles areHonda OfGyro canopy(At some storesYamaha GearWell as).UberEats,Delivery hall,Rakuten Delivery,d deliveryWe also accept orders through.

In addition, there is Cocoichi Express as a home delivery specialty store.

The beginning of Cocoichi home delivery

It started in 2002 from the "Higashishinmachi store" in Naka-ku, Nagoya.

Other formats of Ichibanya

  • Pasta de Coco (Ankake Spaghetti) Deployed in the suburbs of Aichi prefecture.In other areas, there were several stores in Tokyo, but all of them were closed by the end of February 2021.
  • Menya Kokoichi-Previously it was a curry udon specialty store, but now it has changed to a menu centered on curry ramen. As of September 2020, only 9 stores in Aichi prefecture[21].. (Curry ramen is also available at some CoCo Ichibanya stores)
  • Curry bakery (sold at Meieki Sun Road store) --- "Curry bakery" does not have its own store.Here, the cash register placed inside the store and the cash register installed facing the underground shopping mall aisle outside the store are placed separately.This seems to be in consideration of customers who use the products of "Curry Bread Shop".
  • Cocoichi Express (home delivery specialty store)
  • Nikkuitei (iron plate)hamburger)

The business format that I envisioned

  • Steak shop Ichiban (iron platesteak)
  • J Cocoichi (Large store with a narrow menu of CoCo Ichibanya)

Withdrawn business format

  • FS Cocoichi (Small store with a narrowed menu of CoCo Ichibanya)
  • Porridge tea dormitory kassai (Porridgespecialty shop)
  • Eel shop Ichiban (HitsumabushiBowl) (Closed in December 2014)

Independent system

There is a system called Bloom System (Bloom means that flowers bloom) as an independent system unique to Coco Ichi.This is Tokuji Munetsugu (currently a special adviser) and Naomi (currently a consultant) who helped launch Coco Ichi with the founders Tokuji Hayashi (CEO of Wee-Up Co., Ltd.) as the father of a curry shop for the rest of his life. It all started when he took over the store for the first time from Munetsugu because he wanted to live.

The content of the bloom system is the right given to employees who have passed a certain level of skill (see below) and working period, and about 6% of the Coco Ichi stores nationwide are operated by independent owners by this bloom system. ing.At this time, Coco Ichi's uniqueness lies in the fact that there is no financial exchange such as royalties with the Coco Ichi headquarters for the owner.In addition, you can work for this independent owner's store and become independent from this owner's store if approved by the owner and headquarters.However, in order to protect the Coco Ichi brand, it is often seen that they are patrolling from the headquarters.In addition, the above-mentioned skills above a certain level can be understood by general customers.That is the color of the name tag that each employee is wearing.In particular

  • Star-A higher rank than gold
  • Kim ――Ability to operate several stores in the area.
  • Silver-You can entrust the operation of the store you are currently engaged in (requires a qualification of silver or higher to become independent).
  • Blue-Ability to be fully trusted as a human assistant to gold and silver badges.
  • Huang-I understand the content of my work and have the ability to do all the basic work content.
  • White-Basically a trainee.

It has become.

This is a certification system called "Cocospe" in the company, and gold is ranked 1st, then 2nd, 3rd, and beginners, and white has not been acquired.It is divided into a cooking department and a customer service department, and if you get the first grade in any of the departments, you will be invited to travel to Hawaii.

Tie-up products


Including the past.

Ichibanya Memorial Hall

The memorial hall (Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture), which is the first CoCo Ichibanya storeCorporate museum)[27]. August 2014[28]Opened when the aging store was reopened[27]..In addition to the panel display, equipment such as spoons, plates, uniforms, etc. that were sleeping in the warehouse and menu tables are displayed in the hall, and you can know the history from the founding of Cocoichi to the present.[27].

Admission is free, but reservations are required.[27].


Unauthorized resale by an industrial waste disposal company

On January 2016, 1, beef cutlet requested disposal due to suspicion of foreign matter contamination.Industrial wasteIt was announced that it was illegally resold by a processor and sold at a supermarket in Aichi prefecture.There is a possibility that the synthetic resin equipment used at the Aichi Plant may have been mixed in, and the time of mixing was unknown, so we requested the disposal of 40,609 sheets in all lots.The reason is that there should be no part-time employees working at affiliated stores.supermarketIt was discovered by discovering that it was sold at Ichibanya and reporting it to the Ichibanya headquarters.[29].

DaikoGifuHashimaIt is resold to "Minori Foods" inAichi Prefectural OfficeWhile he explained to the survey that it was the first time to resell, according to the real manager of Minori Foods, he had been trading a couple of times since around 2014.It is also clear from the documents that everything was composted.[30]..In response to this matterAichi Prefectural Police TheWaste treatment methodOn suspicion of violation, searched Daiko on the afternoon of January 2016, 1 and seized slips and books.[31].

After that, I was informed that similar products were on sale, and Aichi prefecture became Aichi prefecture.Aishi CityWhen I checked the stock of the butcher shop in Japan, I found chicken cutlet in addition to beef cutlet.When Aichi Prefecture confirmed with Ichibanya, it was said that it had requested Daiko to dispose of it in August 2014 as well.The same chicken cutlet was found at Minori Foods and a bento shop that deals with the company.[32]..Furthermore, Gifu prefecture andMieHowever, while the distribution was confirmed, it became impossible to contact the person in charge of Daiko at the end of the interview survey on January 1.[33].

On January 1, the Aichi Prefectural Police searched for Minori Foods.In addition, foods such as frozen tuna and chicken were found in the freezer of Minori Foods, and it is suspected that food waste other than Ichibanya was also traded.[34].

After that, Ichibanya dealt with Daiko and the chairman of the company.Restitution for DamagesA lawsuit seekingNagoya District CourtHowever, because the Daiko side did not appear in the trial, a decision was finalized on December 2017, 12, ordering the Daiko side to pay 22 million yen.[35].

Inappropriate behavior by store employees

August 2021, 6,Part-time jobWhen a male clerk in the store is eating the same curry as the one he offers to the customer in the break room of the store, the man behaves inappropriately for the curry (pulls out his pubic hair, puts it on the curry plate, and "spices" I sprinkled it on. "[1]), And another clerk took a picture.I posted the video I shot on SNS and soon it was discovered that the headquarters was notified.After noon on the 14th, Ichibanya said, "About inappropriate acts and apologies by store employees.[36]I issued a notice with the title. "It was discovered that there was an inappropriate SNS post by an employee," he said. "This kind of unsanitary and inappropriate behavior in the break room in the store is very unpleasant for customers. We deeply apologize for making you feel uneasy. "[37].


  • The founder familyGolfIs a hobby, so at the head office factoryDriving rangeIs attached.It is also available to outsiders free of charge and is also used by local residents.
  • 200911From around that time, the theme song "Ne! Cocoichi !!", which was sung every hour on the hour, was broadcast in the store only at the CoCo Ichibanya store, but it is no longer being broadcast.However, depending on the store, this song may be played outside the store (Fushimi Chuo-dori store in Nagoya, etc.).
  • また2010Around this time, the theme song "Thank you, I'm glad I was here" was added, and it was played alternately with "Ne! Cocoichi !!".
  • Game software makerDolas"Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is fine today! Curry is good !!"PlayStation 2It was released as dedicated software.This software is produced with the design logo mark of the old store (T-05 type).
  • In the past, a large serving of curry sauce was a service, but it is now obsolete.
  • In order to bring out the flavor of the curry, the warm curry is frozen and then re-cooked.


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