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🍴 | "Kaiji's team leader?" "Masato Sakai?" The bag of Shingen mochi with a fearless smile became a hot topic.

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"Kaiji's team leader?" "Masato Sakai?" The bag of Shingen mochi with a fearless smile became a hot topic.

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Detoxification: There was a lot of feedback, and it was picked up by Netorabo and Abema News.

A bag of raindrop cake that looks like a fearless smile is attracting a lot of attention on SNS.This bag of raindrop cake ... → Continue reading

 Madonna News

Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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AbemaNews Co., Ltd.(Abema News)cyber-agentとTV AsahiWeb established by the investment ofNews channel, A news program production company.


October 2014, Chairman and Chairman of TV AsahiCEOIsHayakawaBut at that timeProgram deliberation committeeCyberAgent who was a member ofCEOThe president OfShin FujitaWhen I was having a meal, Fujita immediately agreed to the suggestion, "If the TV keeps holding hands, it will shrink, so why don't you do something together?"[2].. In April 2015, as the first channel to be developed only on AbemaTV, a business company for operating a news channel was launched at the same time as AbemaTV.[3][4]..The reason for the simultaneous establishment is "The purpose is to have (AbemaTV) open by inertia, so the representative of inertia is the news.[5]This is because.In July of the same year, gathered employees from both companiesHakoneWe will hold a training camp, decide the direction, outsource the news coverage and program production know-how to the TV Asahi news station, and carry out planning and production utilizing it under the initiative of Abema.SmartphoneWe have a program production policy that is conscious of young people in their teens to 10s who watch videos on mobile terminals such as.Therefore, some employees have been seconded to CyberAgent from TV Asahi, and Hayakawa gathers the main members (TV Asahi involved in AbemaTV) at an in-house meeting every week, giving priority to Fujita's instructions and saying, "Listen to President Fujita. I was giving advice.

With the temporary opening of AbemaTV on March 2016, 3, the AbemaNews channel also opened, and it was launched at the same time as the main opening on April 1, 4.[6][7]..The news channel operating company will provide CyberAgent's smartphone service operation results and development resources, as well as new news content for TV Asahi.

The feature of this channel is that it is uncut.Press conferenceThere is a broadcast, and depending on the content, another channel may be opened in a hurry, or it may contribute to the number of active users of ABEMA as a whole.At the beginning of the station, it was not assumed that the relay of the press conference would be the main axis of this channel.CNN,Nippon Television News 24(Nippon TVSeries), every hour on the hourStraight newsWas planned to be organized mainly[8].

Mainly for live filler video that connects news videosShibuya scramble intersectionInstalledWeather cameraIs used, and Primitive Art Orchestra "Heart of Cosmos" is used for BGM.

After the service name of AbemaTV was changed to ABEMA on April 4, the channel name was changed to "ABEMA NEWS" in all capital letters (the company name is written as "AbemaNews").The program name was also changed to uppercase.

Started using Sony Cinema Line camera "FX6" which is a cinema camera in straight news[9].


The casters of straight news in peacetime are other news stations andBS digital broadcasting stationSimilarly, a student caster who is a female university student is a group company of TV Asahi.TV Asahi AskIs undertaking[10][11]..Also, from April 1, one year after the opening of the station, we will start hiring casters who have experience as announcers separately to strengthen the system.[12]..In addition, a female announcer for TV Asahi has been added to the regular news on weekdays.

TV Asahi Announcer

Experienced caster

New graduate recruitment caster

Adopted from 2018.However, all three have experience in performing arts since they were students.

AbemaNews Caster

ス タ ジ オ

For band programs,Roppongi HillsThe multipurpose space "umu" at TV Asahi on the premises was closed on February 2, and the same year on the site.May 4Opened "EX Keyakizaka Studio"[13] Let[Note 2]..It is mainly operated on band programs, and for "Harajuku Avenue", the public studio "Harajuku Ash Building 1F"HARAJUKU Abema StudioIs delivered at.Straight news is distributed at the good news booth in Keyakizaka Studio.[Note 3], Partially distributed at 6 studios on the 65th floor of TV Asahi Japan[14].

EX Keyakizaka Studio Lighting

Since it is difficult to make a large set change at "EX Keyakizaka Studio" due to its structure, the image is changed by changing the color of various LED lights installed on the glass surface.

As an example,AbemaPrime --Blue,ABEMA news show --Red + blue.

In the end program, --green + orange, --orange,Abema Entertainment Sunday --Pink,Chihara Junia's King of Debate - Red,Keyakizaka Avenue --White (+ pastel color set)Mino Montano's Buzz! --Yellow.


* As of October 2020, 9

○: Program being broadcast on TV Asahi terrestrial broadcasting, ◆:BS AsahiProgram being broadcast on
As a feature of the organization, straight news is the main in the daytime, but domestic and international news is not the main, but performing arts,Sports newsIs mainly configured.Also, TV AsahiTerrestrial waveIs being broadcast onMorning information program,Wide showas well as the News programRepeat delivery[Note 4] Is organized.In addition, another channel is also set up in AbemaTV for emergency news, and in the event of a serious incident, accident, or disaster in Japan or overseas, TV Asahi terrestrial broadcasting or ANN affiliated local stations' special news channels and TV Asahi group companiesJCTVHas a business allianceCNNj, TV Asahi and weather information distributionWeather NewsVideo distribution program "Weather News LiVEMay be delivered at the same time.
Also,"Keyaki Hills』And somePress special programAtArtificial intelligenceBy system "AI Pon"Real-time subtitle broadcastingIt is carried out[15][16].
From April 2021, the regular news will be reformed, and the program schedule will be divided every hour such as "latest news at 4 o'clock" and "latest news at 9 o'clock".In addition, it will be delivered by two casters during the day.


4▽ 4:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
7▽ 7:00 ABEMA Morning
8▽ 8:00 ○Good Morning
▽ 8:30 ABEMA Entertainment(New record is best, #Diffusion hope !! Women's bra, once! Aisen report, taught to idols! Arimura-sensei's movie school)
9▽ 9:00 ABEMA NEWS
▽ 10:30 Chief Cabinet Secretary's interview LIVE
12▽ 12:00 ABEMA Hills[Note 5]
13▽ 13:15 ABEMA NEWS
14▽ 14:00 ABRMA Hills (repeat delivery)
15▽ 15:00 ABEMA NEWS
16▽ 16:10 ○Yoko Oshita Wide! Scramble
17▽ 17:00 ABEMA Hills (repeat delivery)
19▽ 19:00 Abema Double Speed ​​News
21▽ 21:00 ABEMA Prime
23▽ 23:00 ABEMA NEWS / ABEMA Sports![Note 6][Note 7]
0▽ 0:00 ABEMA NEWS
0:20 ○News station
2▽ 2:00 ABEMA Prime (repeat delivery)


4▽ 4:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
9▽ 9:30 ABEMA Entertainment
10▽ 10:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
10:30 ○ Terementari (repeat delivery)
11▽ 11:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
12▽ 12:00 ABEMA news show
14▽ 14:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)▽ 14:00 ABEMA NEWS
15▽ 15:00 NewsBAR Hashishita (repeat delivery)
16▽ 16:00 ABEMA NEWS▽ 16:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
1717:30 ○Telementary
18▽ 18:00 ABEMA NEWS
19▽ 19:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)▽ 19:00 ABEMA-like news show (repeat delivery) * Every other week
21▽ 21:00 NewsBAR Hashishita▽ 21:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
22▽ 22:00 W's tragicomedy
MC:SHELLY[Note 8], Interviewer: Maruka Suzuki (Editor-in-Chief of Utopi),Hojo Kaya, Satoko Tobishima (Cosmetologist)
23▽ 23:00 ABEMA NEWS / ABEMA Sports!▽ 23:00 W tragicomedy (repeat delivery)
0▽ 0:00 ABEMA NEWS / ABEMA Sports!
1▽ 1:00 NewsBAR Hashishita (repeat delivery)▽ 1:00 Enthusiasm! M league
▽ 1:30 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)
2▽ 2:00 ABEMA NEWS (repeat delivery)▽ 2:30 ABEMA-like news show (repeat distribution)
3▽ 3:00 W tragicomedy (repeat delivery)

End program

  • AbemaWave (April 2016, 4-July 12, 2016)
MC (all TV Asahi female announcer): Monday:Yuka Usami,Tuesday:Chie Homma,water:Mai Shimamoto,Thursday:Keiko Hisatomi,Friday:Yuko Yajima
Commentators: Kyamereon Takeda (fortune teller), Kirie Oyanagi (GOSSIPSEditor-in-chief)
  • Tell me! Buzzpolis → Tell me! Buzzpolis-Returns (April 2016, 4-September 5, 2016)
MC: Kaori Sasaki (actress), 14 female cyber agent employees appear daily
MC:Kei right Okada,Ruriko Kojima,assistant:Shikuin
  • Elucidation of the truth! Investigative journalism Variety Exit polls without permission[Note 9][17](March 2016, 12-March 18, 2017)
MC:Shigeo Takahashi(Savannah),Okawa Ai
  • Kominkame editorial department (May 2016, 5 --July 14, 2017)
Editorial department desk (MC): Hikari Morita, Yoshiko Hokimoto, Hitomi Mizushima, Marisa Koga * Weekly
Editorial staff: Harajuku Monogatari, Larapi, Rurupi,Sakura Azu, Hikari Kuroki
  • AbemaWave Saturday Night (July 2016, 7-July 16, 2017)
MC:Miyuki Koike,Asuka Kishi,Emi Ono, Subcaster:Naja Grandiva
commentator:Gau,Machi Okabe, Sakura Shimada,Erika Matsubara,Candy boy
MC:Knob edamame,Tomomi Eguchi
  • Harajuku Avenue, Keyakizaka Avenue(2016å¹´4月11日 - 2018å¹´3月31日(原宿)、2017å¹´7月15日 - 2018å¹´4月1日(けやき坂))
  • Abema One Minute News (February 2017, 2-March 27, 2018)
caster:Eri Furuse(Monday, Tuesday),Misumi Shioji(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), Ranking Corner: Yuko Sugamoto (former)HKT48,weekday)

Special program

  • "Asamade" on your smartphone
  • Buzz by the election of Monta Mino!
  • Chihara Junia's King of Debate
  • New Year's Eve! Abema "Nice to meet you New Year's Eve"
    • Abema I'll show you all of New Year's Eve for the first time! First sunrise special
      2016年12月31日 22:30 - 2017年1月1日 0:55(カウントダウン編)、2017年1月1日 1:00 - 5:50(Abemaで生テレビ)、2017年1月1日 5:50 - 7:30(初日の出編)
  • Documentary AWARD-The truth is in the palm-
    Documentary program for mobile devices
    Navigator:Ryohei Otani
    • 1st "Wrestlers with a count of 2.9" *Masa SaitoAdhesion
      March 2017, 3 18:19 --00:20 First delivery
    • The 2nd "Battle of female wrestlers who have been sentenced to life expectancy due to breast cancer" *Aya'Adhesion
      March 2017, 5 6:19 --00:20 First delivery
  • NEWS (EBN) for Yoshikazu Ebisu by Yoshikazu Ebisu
    A special program to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening of AbemaTV, with Yoshikazu Ebisu, the performer of AbemaPrime, acting as a caster.A program with the concept of selecting news that you are interested in, collecting news, and distributing it only for you.The theme is based on "life"OutlawInterviewed with humans who have lived in the world of
    January 2017, 4 30:20-00:21
    MC:Ebisu Nozomi,Yuko Yajima(TV Asahi announcer), Narration:Yuichi Tabata(TV Asahi announcer), guest (mainly criminal punishment):Tominao Kageno(Non-fiction writer, formerKabukichoRip-offbarManager), Takakura group (former)GangsterVillain of the crewActor production),Yasuhiro Uegaki(OriginalUnion Red ArmyActivist), originalHitman, Professional gambler,Pachinko hallClerk, exMe scamCriminal prisoner (KabukichoRestaurant clerk actively hiring prisoners)
  • W's tragicomedy Permanent preservation version of sex education SP-Rules of love that are not taught at school-
    As a special program of "W's tragedy-Japan's most radical woman's news-", unlike the regular distribution, the sex education that was dealt with in the regular distribution is not an interview with the performers, but a textbook on health and physical education from an expert. A program to receive a lecture on correct sex education that I do not understand
    March 2017, 7 26:22 --00:23 First delivery
    Instructor:Yuma Asami Theme: What is the correct SEX different from AV ?, Eri Makino (SILK LABO Producer) Theme: What is AV for women ?, Yuko Sakurai (Midwife) Theme: What is correct SEX ?, Hitoshi Isobe (Sagami Rubber Industry Public relations) Theme: What is female contraception?Miyoko Kono Theme: Misunderstandings about pills, various sexually transmitted diseases, Sakura Uetani (lawyer) Theme: Actual conditions of rape damage (dating DV and violence, etc.)
    Students: Misumi Shiochi,Shinozaki heart, Sakuraka Sakuma (model *Rikkyo UniversityRaw), Knight Karin (Jamaican half-talent)
    Interviewer * Hinamatsuri follower of the participants: Satari (Tokyo Medical University Hospital)Rotten girlSurgeon, cartoonist), Sakiko Yamaguchi (Lawyer dot com Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Maruka Suzuki
  • Abema x GLOBE
    Runs AbemaNews,TV Asahi HoldingsIs the top investment company ofAsahi ShimbunThe morning edition of the Sunday edition published byWORLDDouble name program with. Until the end of September 2017 BS Asahi "Now the world isThis is the successor program to the interlocking project that was broadcast in the program.Received the Encouragement Award in the 34th ATP TV Grand Prix Documentary Category[18].
    • 1st "Wall"
      March 2017, 10 6:19 --00:20 First delivery
      Performers: Yusuke Murayama (Reporter, GLOBE editorial department, Asahi Shimbun), Yuko Yajima (Announcer, TV Asahi)
    • 2nd "Don't give up on the future-The world seen by the SDGs"
      March 2017, 11 11:19 --00:20 First delivery
      Performers: Yutaka Nakamura (Reporter, GLOBE editorial department, Asahi Shimbun), Yuko Yajima (Announcer, TV Asahi)
    • The 3rd "AbundanceNew Normal'
      March 2017, 12 9:19 --00:20 First delivery
      Performers: Kosuke Song (reporter of GLOBE editorial department of Asahi Shimbun), Yuko Yajima (announcer of TV Asahi), narration: Nozomi Yuzuri
    • The 4th "Life planning up to 100 years old"
      March 2018, 1 13:19 --00:20 First delivery
      Performers: Hiroyuki Ota (Asahi Shimbun GLOBE editorial department reporter), Yuko Yajima (TV Asahi announcer), Narration: Nozomi Yuzuri
    • The 5th "North Korea Survival"
      March 2018, 4 7:19 --00:20 First delivery
      Performers: Takeshi Kamiya (Asahi Shimbun International News Department reporter), Yuko Yajima (TV Asahi announcer), Narration: Nozomi Yuzuri
  • Reverse nomination interview
    This is a program that interviews the people who became a hot topic in the news, the thoughts that the key man who is attracting public attention does not convey to the world, the thoughts that he has sealed himself, or the "real intention" that has been sealed by the media and public opinion. There are special rules in the program, and the conditions are that "the person interviewed will reverse-designate the interviewer" and "to convey the remarks as they are, they will be delivered as they are without editing as much as possible".
    March 2017, 10 30:21 --00:22 First delivery
    Interviewer:ASKA, Interviewer:Kouki Kameda,Yoshida Go
  • W's tragicomedy W's tragicomedy New Year's holiday festival[Note 12][19]
    • Year-end and New Year Festival 3 There is no taboo in sex! Forbidden 4 hours SP Part XNUMX
      Organized as a special program of "W's tragicomedy-Japan's most radical woman's news-".The first part is a discussion theme of "sex addiction" and "sexless"
      March 2017, 12 31:20 --00:22 First delivery
      MC: SHELLY
      Interviewer:Yuri Komuro, Toianna (British freelance writer, blogger), Yukiko Hatakeyama (addiction overcoming support counselor), Sakiko Yamaguchi, Masako Kinkoyama (Huffington Post Japan News Editor, Former Asahi Shimbun Science and Medical Department, Special News Department Reporter)
      Real experience: Pole Pole beauty (illustrator / cartoonist), Misaho Ukyo (Therapist Provisional Trainer, Japan Sexual Love Therapist Association), Hana Oki (Adultery & Sex Trouble Solving Counselor)
    • Year-end and New Year Festival 4 There is no taboo in sex!Forbidden 4 Hours SP Part XNUMX
      The second part is a discussion theme of "I chose sex as my job ..." and "What is" asexual "that doesn't fall in love?"
      March 2018, 1 3:22 --00:24 First delivery
      MC: SHELLY
      Interviewers: Noriko Awa (Editor-in-Chief of "NAISHO", a high-income information site for women), Kyoko Kiyo (Professor, Department of Transdisciplinary Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo), Reia Tokuda (Lawyer), Masako Kinmitsuyama, Maruka Suzuki
      Real experience: Haruka Imatoku (representative of "NPO Nijiiro School"), CONAN (theatrical group LGBTI), Nao Izumi (LGBT writer and information staff at shopping center), 3 active sex girls
  • New Year LIVE Abema Summary! 2017 New Year's Eve Countdown Special
    2017年12月31日 22:00 - 2018年1月1日 0:30
    MC:Yoichi Masuzoe, Emi Ono, Progress: Ayako Inokuchi (Student Caster), Guest:Sayuri Kaminishi,Kensuke Miyazaki,Emi Kaneko, Koichi Namura (TV Asahi News Bureau)commentatorDirector)
  • Chihara Junia's King of Debate New Year's Day 5 Hours SP
Simultaneous online distribution of TV Asahi terrestrial broadcasting
  • AbemaMorning New Year SP (January 2019, 1 1:6 --00:7)
  • Entertainer Moicho (March 2019, 3-)
A 1-minute mini-program delivered every Sunday within the "AbemaNews Night 10" frame[22].au headline・ "Entertainment is already!" (Cast:Nanako Uemiya, TV Asahi Entertainment DeskToru Nakajima) Is distributed within AbemaNews, and has started as a spin-off here. MC: Nao Fukushi interviews a young entertainer to get results in a comedy show race. --MC: Nao Fukushi (SKE48)
  • AbemaTV x Twitter special!From Heisei to Reiwa 25-hour TV (April 2019, 4 30:0-May 00, 5:1)
A 4-hour special program from midnight on April 30th, the last day of Heisei, to 0:5 am on May 1st, the first day of Reiwa.Heisei Nobushikobushi, Takashi Yoshimura and Kenta Tokui will be sent to MC, and Twitter Japan will fully cooperate.[23]..In the upper left of the screen, the Heisei remaining time is written as "To Reiwa ⇒ ○ h ○ m ○ s".Throughout the project, Kenta Tokui accepts life consultations for about 25 hours and broadcasts at any time (Joyman Takagi and Moody Katsuyama refrain from acting as substitutes) "Nobukobu Tokui's Life Counseling". "Mikami Hiroshi's Twitter 25 hours monitoring".Heisei report of Yuki Aomine.Also, I'm sorry at the end of Heisei for each AbemaTV program performer, and thank you messages are played everywhere at the end of Heisei.
    • Opening special program (April 4, 30: 0-)
      The base program is Abema Prime. MC:Heisei Nobukobushi(Takashi Yoshimura-Kenta Tokui), Naoyuki Hiraishi,Mogami
    • Give to the AbemaTV generation!Carefully selected news feature (April 4, 30:1-)
    • AbemaNews on the last morning of Heisei (April 4, 30:7-)
      MC: Nozomi Yuzuri Commentator: Hiroshi Mikami[24]
    • AbemaMorning (April 4, 30: 9-)
      MC: Moe Tanaka Commentator: Hiroshi Mikami[25] Trend Word Report: YouTuberYuna
    • Keyaki Hills Part 4 (April 30, 10:00-)
      MC: Aya Shibata Commentator:Yoichi Ochiai,Hiroyuki, Ryuichiro Takeshita, Ryosuke Nishida, Dan Isomura, Shin Sato[26] Trend Word Report: YouTuber Yuna
    • Keyaki Hills Part 4 (April 30, 12: 00-)
      MC: Yuuki Ohki Commentary: Ryosuke Kanba Trend Word Report:Yoshiki Risa
    • The last scoop of Heisei!The truth of Manchuria revived with the latest technology (April 4, 30:14-)
      MC: Nozomi Yuzuri Commentator: Hiroshi Mikami Trend Word Report:Natsuki Kojima
    • Live broadcast of the last words of His Majesty the Emperor / "Abema x Evening SP" (April 4, 30: 17-)
      MC: Moe Tanaka Trend Word Report:Hinano Ayakawa
    • Takafumi Horie x Heisei generation!Reiwa Japan exceeds GAFA? (April 4, 30: 19-)
      Progress: Takafumi Horie, Tsumugi Mitani Theorists: Masahiro Shimizu, Toshihiko Ishikawa, Anri Okamoto, Masaki Nomura, Yuki Nagahama
    • AbemaPrime New Era Countdown SP (April 4th 30: 20-)
      MC: Kendo Kobayashi, Hiromasa Ototake Progress: Naoyuki Hiraishi Anchor: Nana Yamada Theorists: Soichiro Tahara, Shinji Miyadai, Toshiki Abe, Jun Hori, Noriya Usami, Akatsuki Chen, Kaori Fukushima, Eitaro Ogawa Commentator: Kosuke Minowa Weather Forecast: Kanon Hokawa Reporter: Taro Tokoro, Tsumugi Mitani, Yuki Aomine, Nozomi Yuzuri, Ayumu Tsuji Trend Ward Report: Hinano Ayakawa
  • Osaka Metropolitan conceptSpecial number ~castSP 2020 selection-The future of Osaka-
    Asahi BroadcastingTerrestrialSecond referendumRe-net distribution of ballot counting specials
    January 2020, 11 1:23-55:00
    Main caster:Takehiko Ueda,Masaki Furukawa(Both Asahi Broadcasting Announcer), Commentary: Yoshitaka Kihara (Asahi Broadcasting Press Commentator)


注 釈

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