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🍴 | [Arai Yakushi / Yakushi no Daiban] Pork bone tsukemen that nice Hanawa is innocent


[Arai Yakushi / Yakushi no Daiban] Pork bone tsukemen that nice 塙 is innocent

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In 01, he formed a combination with Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, who was a junior at the university.

Ever since the call center was a hangout for entertainers, my dream was to become an entertainer.I'm from Abiko, Chiba prefecture, 1 ... → Continue reading

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Nobuyuki Tsuchiya

Nobuyuki Tsuchiya(Tsuchiya Nobuyuki,1978 <Showa 53>May 10 -) isJapan Ofcomedian.. Comedy combinationKnights OfTsukkomiResponsible.

Height 179cm, Weight 78kg, Blood type is AB type.Maseki entertainment companyAffiliation.My partner isNoriyuki Hanawa.


Son of enka singer Akiki Tsushima (Namiko Tsushima).

"How far will Kin-chan do!』(TV AsahiSystem) "Fine weatherIt is said that he participated in an audition (personal talk) such as "No Brother" as a child actor and advanced to the final selection.He said, "If it continued (because the program ended when the final selection was reached), it might have been Mieharu's younger brother."Kin-chan familySaying it might have been[1].

When I was a college studentCertified public accountantI wanted to, but I couldn't keep up with my studies and gave up.At that time of the universityRakugo Study GroupHe often went to see his live performance and was "healed", so he himself joined the Rakugo study group.At Ochiken, he was doing a surrealistic control with a combination called "Yamasen".The name Yamasen was named by Hanawa, who was the director one year older at the time.I was invited by Hanawa during my job hunting and started to become a comedian.[2].

"KnightsYahooSomeone who isn't[3].. for that reason"Not a comedianAs "" on April 2009, 4Amethyoke!』[4]Showed off his unobtrusive episode[5].

Broadcasted on May 2009, 3It's a tube!』, Revealed that he is scheduled to enroll in March.The proposal was made by phone.After that, it was reported on the 3th that "marriage with an ordinary woman after three years of dating on March 3".[5]..His wife was the No. 1 hostess in Roppongi, and Tsuchiya was in charge of her transfer as an employee.The master-slave relationship continues even after marriage[6]..In the regular program "Radio Beverly Noon", from listenersHorror wifeTsuchiya's wife's name (in katakana notation on the official website) is included in the corner name that introduces the episode.

Father of two children. The eldest son was born on October 2, 2010, and the eldest daughter was born on June 10, 5.

For the blur of "Yaho" on the wall, add a different tsukkomi each time.

glasses TheDate glasses.(I.e.I love horses and riding horsesJockey OfçµµIt is said that only can be drawn well.

Appointed as a director of Mansai Association on June 2013, 6[7].

2014 May 2, Broadcast on the same dayMatsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party], In charge of dubbing overseas documentary programs in the "New Three Major XX Survey Committee" corner. 3 ―― All the voices of 3 characters are played by one person,Matsuko Deluxe,Hiroyuki AriyoshiReceived praise from[8].

2017 Appointed Managing Director of Mansai Association on June 6[9].

2019 On February 2th, a video site to popularize "Eraser Soccer", a hobby that I am absorbed in.YouTubeEstablished the channel "Tsuchiya Nobuyuki World Eraser Saka Association Nobuyuki Tsuchiya WEFA".

October 2021, 9Prevato!!』の「秋の水彩画コンクール」で初優勝を果たした[10].


The appearance as a combinationKnights # Appearance programSee.

(2017-as of nowE Tele)


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