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🍴 | 90 shops that opened in the first half of Sendai selected from more than 10 shops that I really don't want to tell you but definitely want to visit


90 shops that opened in the first half of Sendai selected from more than 10 shops that I really don't want to tell you but definitely want to visit

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The wedding hall "Atelier the Wedding Gallery" on the 30th floor of SS28 has opened a weekday limited cafe.

New stores will open one after another in 2021!When I counted it, I visited more than 90 new stores.Among them, the truth is ... → Continue reading

 Sendai Minami Tsushin

Local media in Sendai and Sennan. The couple is actually experiencing and sending out real information.

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Sumitomo Life Sendai Central Building

Sumitomo Life Sendai Central Building(Sumitomo Seimei Senda Ichuou Building)MiyagiSendai cityAoba-kuCenterIt's on 4th StreetSumitomo Life Insurance Company(Osaka) Ownsoffice building.Nickname TheSS30[Note 1].

Tohoku regionHeight 100 built for the first time inmOverSkyscraperIs[3],Sendai city OfGovernment-designated cityWith migrationMunicipal system100th anniversary year1989(HeiseiIt was completed in the first year).


Sendai city center OfMiyagi GakuinBuilt on the site, it has 31 floors above ground and 3 floors below ground, 172 including the antenna part.m, The building is 143m.Sendai Daiichi Seimei Tower BuildingBeyondTohoku regionBecame the tallest building in[5]..But nowHigashi NibanchodoriAdjacent to the west side acrossTohoku GakuinOn the site,2010Completed in (22)Sendai Trust TowerIs the highest in the Tohoku region.

The 2nd to 27th floors are used as offices. There are restaurants on the 28th to 30th floors, but the south side of the 30th floor is free.ObservatoryIt is open to the public until 23:2800.About XNUMX people work in the entire building[6].

For office floors in the center of the buildingエ レ ベ ー タ ーIt is divided into elevators for restaurants and observatories at the end of the building in the west-southwest, and the latter allows you to see the outside scenery while going up and down.

North side, south sideKitamemachi DoriAcquired the site of Miyagi Gakuin surrounded by Higashi Nibancho-dori on the west side and the east side.Sumitomo Life Insurance Company(Osaka) Inside the blockRedevelopmentHowever, the office building (this building), the hotel building (Sendai Kokusai Hotel), Fitness club building (Central sportsCentral Fitness Club (Sendai) operated byThe company is about 200m northeast of the area.Sendai Station"Sumitomo Seimei Sendai Building" (19 stories above ground, height 67.3m)[7]The1975Built in (50), this building is "Sumitomo Life Sendai"CenterIt was named "Bill" (SS30).

2017(29)May 3, United Urban Investment Corporation (Tokyo) Is the companyasset ManagementThrough the company Japan Reit Advisors Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), these three buildings and site (area: 3)m2) In the same yearMay 3Announced that it will be acquired for 182 billion yen[3][5]..Along with this, the generic name of the three complex facilities was changed to "SS3".[3]..In addition, when calling the office building individually, it is also called SS30, and it is said that the "Sumitomo Life Sendai Central Building" will also be used for convenience for about one year from the scheduled acquisition date.[3][5].


Miyagi Gakuin site redevelopment area (until March 2017, 3)
HouseNameownerManagement and operation
Office buildingSumitomo Life Sendai Central Building (SS30)Sumitomo Life Insurance
Mutual company
Sunlight Building Service
Hotel buildingSendai Kokusai HotelSendai Kokusai Hotel Co., Ltd.
Fitness club buildingCentral Fitness Club SendaiCentral sports
After the acquisition of United Urban Investment Corporation (about one year from March 2017, 3)
HouseGeneric termNameowner
Office buildingSS30SS30(Sumitomo Life Sendai Central Building)United Urban Investment Corporation
Hotel buildingSendai Kokusai Hotel
Fitness club buildingCentral Fitness Club Sendai

Locally, SS30[Note 1]It is nicknamed.Therefore, it is the official nameSumitomo Life Sendai Central BuildingThe name is not widely known.

The reason for the nickname is the acronym "Sky Symphony".SS, The number of floors30Because.Actually, it has 31 floors, but since the floors used are up to 30 floors, it is "30".

There used to be a "Sendai SS2 Post Office" on the 30nd floor of the building,2013May 3Was finally closed[8]..On the other hand, next to this post office, it was open from the opening of SS30 until 2004.XNUMX Bank OfManned branch officeWas called "Head Office Sales Department Sumio Chuo Building Branch Office".Currently, it is integrated into the head office sales department, which is about 300 meters north, and only the ATM on the first floor of the separately installed building is available.


SS30 andSendai Kokusai HotelThere isHigashi Nibancho-Kitamemachi Dori・ ・ The block surrounded by1886(Meiji19 years)May 9ThanSendai WardMiyagi Girls' School (currently Miyagi Girls' School), where 51 students started classes at the Tanabe Shigehisa Bettei at 10 Higashi NibanchoMiyagi Gakuin) Is the site of the "Higashi Nibancho School Site" that was steadily acquired when constructing the school building.

First of all, Miyagi Girls' School1887(Meiji20 years)4Approximately 162 from 169 to 2400 Higashi Sanbancho, Sendai-kuTsuboTo get.1902(Meiji35 years)12To the westSendai cityAcquired about 135 tsubo from 138 to 1400 Higashi Nibancho.1911(Meiji44 years)10Acquired about 134 tsubo at 670 Higashi XNUMX-chome, Sendai City on the north side.1912(Meiji45 years)4In the northwest corner, we acquired 132-133 Higashi Nibancho, Sendai City, and the entire block became the "Higashi Nibancho Campus" of Miyagi Girls' School.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding1986(ShowaBefore (61), Miyagi Gakuin was in "Higashi Nibancho Campus"Miyagi Gakuin Junior and Senior High School-Miyagi Gakuin Women's UniversityThe1980(ShowaIn 55) in the northern part of Sendai citySakuragaokaMoved to.

The site after the relocation of Miyagi Gakuin isEndochain Sendai station square storePlaneParking LotWas used as.1983(ShowaIn 58), a stage was set up in the parking lot.Western Police PART-IIIIt is said that 1 people gathered for the location.[9]

Sumitomo Life acquired this land in March 1982 (the amount is unknown).1987(Showa62 years)1Start of construction[2].Bubble economyPeriod1989(HeiseiFirst year)2SS30 was completed in.Sendai Kokusai HotelIs the same yearMay 10Is the opening of business.


AERSimilar to, there is a zip code dedicated to this building, which depends on the number of floors (980-60XX. XX corresponds to the number of floors, but 90 in the basement, and 31 or more numbers are numbered for certain tenants with a dedicated zip code. As an example,WILLCOMSince the Tohoku branch office is 55, it will be 〒980-6055)

At that time, the antenna partMicrowaveWas building a long-distance communication network bySecond Denden Ofparabolic antennaWas installed,2006(HeiseiIt has been removed by 18).

The upper half of the antenna structure fell in the 2011 earthquake (no human loss).It seems that it has not been restored since then.

Directions and Parking


2010(Heisei22 years),Higashi Nibanchodori(National Route 4) On the other side (west side)Sendai Trust CityIs completed, the height of the topTohokuOne seatSendai Trust TowerHanded over to (37 stories above ground, height about 180m).In addition, the surrounding areaReturn to the city centerByHigh-rise apartmentAre accumulated.

In the same block

  • Sendai Kokusai Hotel
  • Central Fitness Club Sendai

Peripheral block


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注 釈

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