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🍴 | Pay attention to Costco's "easy rice"! "Sète-style stew" is really delicious.


Pay attention to Costco's "easy rice"! "Sète-style stew" is really delicious.

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Saffron rice has a yellow tint and a slightly spicy aroma that is appetizing.

"Costco" delicatessen with outstanding costco products.This time, one of them, "Sète-style stew & saffron rice kit" ... → Continue reading

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Saffron rice

Saffron rice(British: Saffron rice[1]) IsΛ 繝 Λ,White rice,Bouillon cubeCooking made from[2][3]..Saffron rice is somehow found in the cuisine of various countries.


White riceToΛ 繝 Λ,Bouillon cubeRice cooked with[1][2][3].

The color is a little橙色I was disappointed黄色[1]..This is the pigment component contained in saffronCrocinIs the color of[4].


Saffron riceセ ー シ ェ ェCooking[5].

South Asia

India,バングラデシュ,PakistanThen, plain saffron rice(English edition),BasmatiAnd saffron, bouillon cube,Ghee,LaurierCooked in.

West Asia

(I.e.,トルコ, India, Pakistan(English edition)The dishes derived from saffron rice are white rice, saffron,sugar,Rose water, RoastedPine nut,MincedpistachioMade from.Other similar dishesWest AsiaIt also exists in other areas.JapaneseIndian cuisineAs a curry garnish at the storenaanIt becomes a choice.Relatively cheapTurmeric riceMay be substituted by.



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