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🍜 | What about the "W tab" of the new cup noodles?The difference in the feeling of closing the lid compared to


What about the "W tab" of the new cup noodles?The difference in the feeling of closing the lid compared to

If you write the contents roughly
When it was announced that the lid stopper was abolished, Kazureza, a maple superalloy, said, "Tokudane!

New cup noodles with "W tab".If you actually make it and measure the temperature ...Nissin Foods says "Cup Nou ... → Continue reading


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Kazu Laser

Kazu Laser(1984 May 7 -) isJapan Ofcomedian.SaitamaKazo CityI'm fromMaple ChogokinIn charge of blurring.My partner isNatsu Ando.Sun music productionBelongs. My real name isKazureza Kaneko(Kaneko Kazunori).

Blonde is a trademark in red clothes.I have an older brother and a younger sister.My mother's parents' houseStrawberryFarmer[2].quizI am good at it, and from the entertainersKazu,Kazu LaserOften called. In 2020, his YouTube channel "Kazureza 50-point cram school”Opened.


Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya High School,Doshisha UniversityFaculty of Commercegraduate.Belonging to a comedy study group when I was a university student[3]At that time, I was a year juniorEast Bukuro(CurrentFarewell youth light) In combination with "Full House"[4]..Full House has always been number one in college comics competitions,2003 Participated inM-1 Grand PrixThen I lost the first round.I auditioned for Navepro and Yoshimoto, but it didn't work,Watanabe Comedy SchoolWhen I participated in the sponsored contest, I was a high school studentHaraichiWon the Grand Prix and was exempted from the tuition fee of 2 yen as a scholarship student for the second term, and Full House was shown a difference in ability with only the 48 yen exemption, so he gave up admission to Watanabe Comedy School.[5]Disbanded upon graduation from university[6].

2007 After graduating from university, I had a job offer at a bank, but I declined because I had a strong desire to work at that time.[7]..After that, I thought about what I would be like as an artist,Elimination methodI decided to aim for a comedian from the conclusion I arrived at[8].. Since I decided to become a comedian in April, I continued to recruit while all the training centers had deadlines.TOKYO ☆ lol BIZAnd enroll as a 4th gen member[9].

2009 , TOKYO ☆ lol After graduating from BIZ, became a member of Sun MusicPin entertainerDebuted as.Regarding choosing Sun Music as his affiliation, he regrets that "it is the biggest decision in my life and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the biggest mistake in my life", but "I am now because I belonged to Sun Music. Yes. If I had chosen another, I couldn't continue as an entertainer and quit halfway through. "[10]..When he was a comedian, he called him "a conte who wants you to remember just his name and go home," and said to the punch line, "Hello, this is Kazureza."Short controlWas doing.According to him, he had been slipping for six years when he was a comedian, but he said, "I enjoyed just being able to do what I liked."Butcher Brothers OfBuchaaI was once told that "you are okay as it is"[7], The manager once said, "Whether you keep slipping and die or form a combination."[11].


  • Kumagaya High School, which I attended, has a free school spirit and no uniforms, so I am a first year high school student.[7]From to the present, the whole body as it is in the stage costume"Red"I use colored clothes regularly[12]. this isTakeichi TerasawaCartoon ofCobra』Is the influence of the left armPsycho gunHe also says he wants to remodel it[13][14]..His nickname was "Red" when he was a high school student, and he often spoke to himself "Call Me Red" even after going to college.[6].
  • When I was a studentTutorI had a part-time job, but my boss didn't trust me because of the appearance of blonde hair and red clothes, so I quit soon.[15].
  • job huntingBelieving that "clothes are free", I attended Bandai's job fair with blonde hair and red body.[15].
  • There are many other tastes that are particular about red, so be sure to go to a store near high school.meat sauceAsk for a large serving ofkaraokeNo. XNUMX isketchupIn association with "Rock'n Omelette"Met[6].
  • Rarely TV program planning[16]And events[17]I sometimes wear costumes other than red.
  • The origin of the stage name is "Kamen Rider V3The monster that appears in "Crab laser'[18], And from the replacement of the real name "Kazureza"[18]..Also, the stage name"Kaneko"There was a time when I was[19].
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHeiseiNext era "ReiwaWas announced, and this turned the real name of Kazureza "Kazureza" upside down, so Kazureza himself was surprised immediately after the announcement and became a hot topic on the Internet.[20]..After that, he released a photo with the book of "Kazureza" and spelled out "Near pin that may or may not exist once in a lifetime" and "Thanks to my parents and relatives for giving me a thankful name." Is[21].
  • HobbyReading,Muscle training, Social studies tour,MuseumTour,Art bookAppreciation,SDFthe study.Regarding the painting, he said, "It looks cool when viewed from a distance, but it looks bad when viewed from a close distance, but I still think that a lively painting is strange."[10].. Special skill isCossack dance.
  • BisexualI admit that it is.I have had a relationship with 7 women and 6 men in the past, and my favorite type of man isMasaki KyomotoとMitsuhiro OikawaAnd my favorite type of woman isAmami Yuki[22]..It is said that the teacher in charge when he was in the third year of high school came out that he had a wife and children but was bisexual, and began to be interested in bisexual.He says it all started when he was invited by a gay friend at the age of 3 and was unexpectedly accepted.[6].. Meanwhile,Yubei MakiWas a longing female entertainer.The co-star did not come true by the time Horikita retired.[23].
  • shooting starHe professes to like Shinichiro Takigami.Even after Takigami's marriage, he commented, "Isn't there a free male slot?"[24].
  • OlympicI'm not interested in most of the competition,WeightliftingとFigure skatingI'm interested in watching[25].
  • OnceArtistAt the request ofDriftwoodPicking upPart-time jobWas doing.The deciding factor is whether or not it is a form that inspires creativity, and if you like it, you earned 1 yen or more per bottle, but if you do not like it, you have no income.[26][19].
  • I'm not good at eating spicy foods and grasses (vegetables, etc.)[2].
  • In privateYou idiotHirai "Pharaoh" Hikari and good friends[27]..I used to live with about 6 fellow entertainers[28]..I moved later, and as of June 2017,Trendy angelTakashiya,Performing artsLiving together with Shun Yamaki and others[29].
  • Bukkakeji & Q-sama broadcast on February 2016, 2 !! First appearance in the combined 29-hour SP "Young Academic Achievement King No. 3 Final Battle" Since the first victory, Quiz Present Variety Q-sama !!Achievement King No. 1 Final Battle] Regular appearance in the project.In addition, he will be the 2017/2018 champion in the annual overall results.In addition, in the quiz show "The Time Shock", he has achieved the unprecedented three consecutive victories. (September 3-September 2018)
  • Of an entertainer who is also good at quizzesRosan-Ujihara ShikinoriRecognizes Kazureza as a good rival.
  • He says about himself, "I think it's good not to work hard."[10].. He said, "Life is a matter of course, and it's best not to make a decision." He said, "I'm tired of trying like a demon like an entertainer in another office." "I wouldn't have been an entertainer if I had the talent, and I was doing something different," he said.[10].
  • Appeared in "Boiling Word 2021" (Nippon TV, every Friday) broadcast on May 5, 7, and received a letter of appreciation and a commemorative medal from the Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi.[30].


The award history as a combination is "Maple Super Alloy # AwardsSee.

  • Yahoo! Search Award 2016 Comedian Category Award[31]


For appearances in the duo,Maple Chogokin # AppearanceSee.

tv set

Current regular program

Semi-regular and irregular appearances

Past regular programs

Special program

Here are the special programs that have appeared in less than a year since the latest appearance.

  • Kazureza's diagram-Summary of demons that fall into the air in seconds- (TV Tokyo, December 2020, 12)- MC, crown program[41]
  • Quiz Distance Sense Casino (Yomiuri Television, December 2020, 12, June 24, 2021)- get on
  • 100 minutes de Moto Hagio (NHK E Tele, October 2021, 1) [42]
  • Limosta! (BS Fuji, February 2021, 2)- MC[43]
  • Kazureza x Business Leader Future People-Change the World with Inspiration- (Kansai TV, May 2021-(5th Sunday, broadcast 5 times a year))- MC, crown program[44]
  • Fact Check-Urban Legends Don't End- (NTV, May 2021, 5)[45], August 2021, 9[46])- MC
  • Learn with Kazlaser.(October 2021, 10-December 2, NTV)- MC, crown program

Past special programs

  • Comedy Three (Fuji TV, March 2016, 3)
  • Dochare"Quiz! Haji Star" (Fuji TV, June 2016, 6)
  • Cream VS VS Osamu Hayashi! Quiz Survivor(テレビ朝日、2016å¹´6月29日・12月31日、2017å¹´6月28日・12月31日、2018å¹´6月21日・12月20日)
  • Detective match variety DARE? (Kansai TV, December 2016, 12)
  • The earliest laughing battle in Japan!(Chukyo TV, May 2017, 1)
  • Street Corner Variety Q People Sun (Fuji TV, January 2017, 1)
  • Comedy Clear Four (Fuji TV, January 2017, 1)
  • Discovered! 〇〇 people (TBS, January 2017, 1)
  • Hakugaku no Haku (Fuji TV, January 2017, 1)
  • Entertainers and Child 11 (Fuji TV, January 2017, 1)
  • Let's go on a trip with information! Ariyoshi's Zatsuga Cruise (Fuji TV, March 2017, 3)
  • I will show you all the world VS Japan commercials! (TV Asahi, March 2017, 3)
  • The Time Shock(テレビ朝日、2017å¹´3月30日・9月27日、2018å¹´4月5日(準優勝)・9月26日(優勝)、2019å¹´4月3日(優勝)・9月25日(優勝))
  • Uchimura camera(NTV, March 2017, 4)
  • You can understand with just one question! Charisma test (NTV, May 1, 2017)- MC
  • World! Textbook Scoop (TBS, May 2017, 5)- MC
  • Saint Valle "Anonymous Hope-Celebrities Challenge the Public Offering Anonymously! Successful Successful Appearances SP-" (NTV, June 2017, 6)- MC
  • Next break"-Thorough investigation of topical spots-Kashiko entertainers go" (NTV, June 2017, 6)- MC
  • Dochare "The World's Entering Guchi" (Fuji TV, June 2017, 6)- MC
  • Mad Writers Why did you publish such a book? (NTV, August 2017, 8)- MC
  • Saint Valu "Great Paparazzi" (NTV, December 2017, 12)- MC
  • Astonishment Panic Theater~ 99 barrages of freaking moments !! ~ (TV TOKYO, December 2017, 12)
  • It's not enough to call yourself! ~ SP that the entertainer unexpectedly went to when posting anonymously ~ (NTV, December 2017, 12)- MC
  • State the reason! (TV Asahi, January 2018, 1)- MC
  • The (secret) video that the world has been stuck The news that Beat Takeshi does not know(TV Asahi, May 2017, 5, October 7, 10, January 29, 2018)
  • Next Break "Sentenceless Academy" (Nippon TV, February 2018, 2, August 17, 8)- MC
  • Why did you publish such a book? (NTV, April 2018, 4)- MC
  • If you think it's useless ... Actually, it was amazing! ~ Generation gap positive elimination variety ~ (TV TOKYO, May 2018, 5)- MC
  • Weak meat and strong food battle royal quiz jungle (TV Asahi, June 2018, 6, July 25, 7)
  • Saint Valu "News Japanese" (NTV, July 2018, 7, December 29, 12)- MC
  • Beat Takeshi's paranormal phenomenon X file(TV Asahi, November 2018, 12)
  • Fateful Cross History Thorough Investigation Chushingura(NHK General TV, December 2018, 12)- MC
  • Quiz ☆ Correct answer is one year later(TBS, June 2018, 12)
  • I summarized the minutes. (TV Asahi, January 2019, 1)
  • The Profiler ~ Life of Dreams and Ambition ~ (NHK BS Premium, February 2019, 2)
  • FNN News Special TV connected to Heisei's "New Year's Eve" Reiwa (Fuji TV, April 2019, 4)
  • All Questions Real Job Hunting Q (NHK General, March 2019, 3, May 2, 5)- MC
  • Guest is a great man !! (TV Asahi, May 2019, 5, June 20, June 6, 2)- MC
  • The Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (NHK BS Premium, June 2019, 6)
  • World court mystery(フジテレビ、2019å¹´6月15日・10月20日・2020å¹´1月26日・3月15日)
  • Selected by 100 experts! World's Strongest Animal Ranking (TV Asahi, July 2019, 7)
  • Empty Journey (TBS, August 2019, 8)
  • Posted! 30 Seconds Dance Video Championship (Fuji TV, August 2019, 8)- MC
  • Infiltration Ariyoshi (TV Asahi, August 2019, 8)
  • YOU! ANSWER !! (Yomiuri TV, September 2019, 9)- MC
  • Announcement! All Precure Grand Voting(NHK BS Premium, February 2019, 9)
  • Face-to-face show with teachers-Is it full-fledged? (TBS, September 2019, 9)
  • Saint Valu "Unsolved Club" (NTV, September 2019, 9)- MC
  • Nationwide local dashcam trip (TV Tokyo, November 2019, 11)
  • Shops that do not aim for the top ~ 1 month Ojama Shimasu ~ (Fuji TV, December 2019, 12)
  • President Trump deciding match (BS TV TOKYO, December 2019, 12)
  • Quiz! THE Saihai-Who would you like to answer this question? ~ (TBS, December 2019, 12)
  • Special TV Zone (Fuji TV, December 2019, 12, March 30, 2020)
  • Matsunojo Ota, Kazureza, Noritoshi Furuichi's 2019 News Behind the Scenes SP (TV Asahi, December 2019, 12)
  • Taiga dramaKirin comesCountdown (NHK General TV, January 2020, 1)
  • Akira Ikegami Emergency Special (Fuji TV, February 2020, 2, May 2, 2020)
  • Saint Valu "Oni no Alchemy Master!" (NTV, March 2020, 3)
  • Assault! Full Laser-I thought about the problem of Japan- (Fuji TV, March 2020, 3)
  • Entertainment for Kazureza! (Kansai TV, March 2020, 3)- MC
  • RAGAZZE! ~ Girls! (NHK General TV, March 2020, 3)
  • Entertainer Mouse Dispatch Center (Fuji TV, March 2020, 3)- MC
  • Monosiri's special(Fuji TV, September 2020, 4)
  • Atsushi Tamura's Bacha Burarimo Dachi Night! (NHK General, May 2020, 5)
  • I want to see it again!TV champion3.5 hours SP (TV TOKYO, May 2020, 5)
  • One-shot elucidation variety at a glance !! (NTV, May 2020, 5)

TV drama

  • Tonight also LL ♡ (LIVE & LOVE) Episode 2 "Bouquet in your eyes" (TOKYO MX, December 2016, 5)
  • A strange story(Fuji TV, September 2017, 4) 


Regular program

Special number / single shot

  • Extra!Shabekuri Laser (July 2021, 7 ・SBS radio)-Personality

Internet show


DVD / Blu-ray Disc

  • LOL Battle that can't be aired-Underground entertainer Geki Yabaneta Festival- (Video maker, March 2009)
  • Ijuin Hikari TV Complete version-Let's make curry with good friends and carefully selected ingredients! / VRDK (stupid edition)-(Pony Canyon, June 2016)




Quiz book

Recommendations, explanations, etc.



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