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🍴 | A big response of shortage immediately after the release! "Ayataka Cafe Matcha Latte" resumes sales


Immediately after its release, it was a big hit with shortages! "Ayataka Cafe Matcha Latte" resumes sales

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The new series of green tea brand "Ayataka" released in March of this year has received a response that exceeded the expectations of the manufacturer, and immediately after its release, it was in short supply in various places.

Coca-Cola System will resume sales of "Ayataka Cafe Matcha Latte" from July 2021, 7.This year 26 ... → Continue reading

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Immediately after release


Ayataka(Ayaka)Japan Coca-ColaWill be releasedGreen tea beverage.Kyoto Uji OfLong-established storeTea shopKamibayashi Haru Matsumoto branchProducts in collaboration with. Product copy isteapotThe original "greenish color" of "green tea" and "a full-bodied taste with a delicious taste on the tongue".


SuntoryIs a long-established tea shop in KyotoFukujuenDeveloped in partnership with and released in 2004IemonWas an explosive hit. Under the influence of this, other companies also started to develop and sell green tea beverages with high added value in terms of taste, raw materials, and manufacturing method, such as by partnering with a long-established tea leaf manufacturer and being supervised by a tea leaf production expert. Coca-Cola Japan has also developed premium green tea, which is positioned as a strategic product to pursue other companies for green tea beverages, which has been struggling for many years, and "Ayataka" was developed.[1].

The sales volume has continued to grow for 2007 consecutive years from its launch in 2019 to 12, reaching 6500 million cases per year. This is because the “Nigori” that was removed from other green tea beverages was emphasized, and the advertisement that “it tasted like a teapot” appealed to young consumers.Nikkei MJ] Analyzed on paper[2].

Collaboration between the brand name "Ayataka" and Harukami Kambayashi Main Store

The brand name “Ayataka” is a luxury product sold by Kamibayashi ShunmatsuGyokuroIs derived from. In addition, the original meanings of the letters "aya" and "hawk" and their combinations represent "premium green tea," which is the positioning of this product.

Chronological Table

  • 2007May 10 -Released. Initially 280ml, 350ml, 425ml, 3 sizesPET bottlesWith (PET),convenience store(CVS) andvending machineIt was sold for a limited time.
  • 2008
    • May 9 - renewal. While increasing the amount of tea used,Stem"Kaganane" etc. was added. Changed the label design with frosted glass motif. In addition, the size is only 425 ml, and the suggested retail price is 158 yen to 147 yen (5% for eachconsumption taxPrice).
    • September-Canned product ``Ayataka NonoSenchaWas released.
  • 2009
    • May 4 - renewal. SweeterMatchaWas used to reduce the extraction temperature.
    • May 5 -Expand sales channels to supermarkets and mass retailers. New setting 500ml and 1LAdded midi pet. Furthermore, 280 ml and 350 ml have been revived. (However, 350ml PET and 1L Midi are not sold just by being announced.)
    • June-Addition of 6L large plastic bottles to supermarkets and mass retailers.
    • July 7-Release of the seasonal item "Ayataka Ryotama" made with gyokuro. Only 20ml(PET) setting.
    • October 10-Autumn limited edition "Aritaka Teruha" is released. Only 26ml(PET) setting.
  • 2010
    • May 3 - renewal. It is also the raw material for matchaTeaAnd brew 45Every timeSince it was brewed for a long time at low temperature, I tried to make it closer to the color of tea brewed carefully in a teapot. Also, 425 ml (PET), which was limited to CVS, was abolished, and it came in 280 sizes of 350 ml/500 ml/1 ml/2L/5L (all PET bottles. 160g cans, 340g cans, 250ml paper packs are also set depending on the region. ).
    • May 6 -Re-release of seasonal limited item "Ayataka Ryotama".
    • May 9 -Autumn limited edition ``Ayataka YakiBlack rice teaWas released.
  • 2011
    • May 3 -The package design of "Ayataka Kamencha" was renewed and the product name was changed to "Ayataka".
    • September 9-Renewal sales of 12 ml warmed pets and resumed sales (change from conventional square to cylindrical).
    • October 10-with carefully selected Uji matchamilkCanned "Ayataka Matcha"lattéWas released.
  • 2012
    • May 2 -Redesigned "Ayataka" package design.
    • May 4 -New capacity "Smart Bottle" 1.25L PET bottleHokkaidoLimited sale.
    • October 10-"Ayataka Matcha Latte" is renewed.
  • 2014
    • March 3-Increased the content of the conventional 17ml plastic bottle, released a new capacity 500ml plastic bottle.
    • June 6-"Ayataka mellow tailoring" released.
  • February 2015, 2-23L plastic bottles of "Ayataka" and "Ayataka mellow tailoring" are switched to "Peco-Raku bottle" which is slimmer than "eco-ru bottle holding". At the same time, a 2L PET bottle that uses the "Peko Raku Bottle" has been added.
  • March 2016, 3-Launch of "Ayataka Nigorigo Honoka"[3].
  • 2017
    • March 3-"Ayataka" "Ayataka Nigorigo Honoka" renewal. The 20ml PET bottle uses a "cup-type" bottle. "Ayataka" has also improved the contents and adopted the technology "gogumi" that combines tea leaves.[4].
    • September 9th-Renewal of heated plastic bottle products, launched as "Ayataka Hot Only"[5].
    • October 10-Launch of "Ayataka Gem no Kiwami" (At the beginning of sale, only 9 ml bottle can,Seven & i HoldingsStore advance, on October 10 of the same yearvending machine185g can for sale additionally)[6].
  • 2018
    • February 2-Released "Ayaka Tea Leaf Umami"[7].
    • June 6-``Ayataka Hojicha / Roasted green teaIs released[8]..At the same time, all kindsデ ィ ズ ニ ー> Lucky bottles also on sale[9](Only 525ml PET bottle and 2L PET bottle are available. The 525ml PET bottle of "Ayataka Hojicha" will be released as <Disney> Lucky Bottle at the time of release. The <Disney> Lucky Bottle will be "Souken Micha" and "Sou". Kenbicha It was also set as "Mugicha, a healthy ingredient").
    • September 9th-Brand firstFood for specified health useLaunched Ayataka Specialty Tea[10].
  • 2019
    • February 2-"Ayaka tea leaves sweets" renewed. Water gyokuro was added[11].
    • April 4-Renewal of "Ayataka Specialty Tea". In addition to changing the package design, 1L plastic bottles equivalent to two existing products (500ml plastic bottles) were additionally released.[12].
    • May 5-Renewed "Ayataka Hojicha". A stick rooster was added. In addition, a lineup of capacities has been added, and 13 ml PET bottles and 410 ml PET bottles have been added (there may be no handling depending on the region).[13].
    • June 6-Released "Ayataka Tokyo 17 Olympic Memorial Design Bottle" (only available for 2020ml PET bottle and 525L PET bottle)[14].
  • 2020
    • February 2-"Ayataka", "Ayaka tea leaf sweets", "Ayataka Houjicha" "Japanese design bottle" released[15](In addition, "Ayataka tea leaves sweets" and "Ayataka Houjicha" will be renewed, and a new 280 ml PET bottle will be set).
    • March 3-Released "Ayataka Dark Green Tea". 9 ml plastic bottle will be set at the same time as "Japanese design bottle"[16].
    • April 4-"Ayataka special tea" renewed. The package design has been changed, and the lineup has been consolidated into only 6 ml PET bottles. Also,chrysanthemumA "Japanese design bottle" that expresses "is also set at the same time[17].
    • April 4-Addition of 13ml plastic bottle to "Ayataka Japanese design bottle".
    • August 8-Labelless bottlesEC siteLimited release ("Same day"Sokenbicha"And carbonated water"Canadian Dry Also set and released in "The Tansan Strong").Normally, the name of the raw material written on the label is used as the exterior.段 ボ ー ルLabelless is realized by describing in, and it becomes a completely labelless specification without a tack sticker displaying an identification mark.For this reason, only cases containing 525 24ml PET bottles will be sold.[18].
    • September 9-"Ayataka Hot" and "Ayataka Hojicha Hot" are renewed.In addition to the change in the package design, in 7, the 2019ml PET bottles that were on sale for convenience stores will be expanded and sold in supermarkets by integrating and replacing 440ml PET bottles.
  • 2021
    • March 3-Released "Ayataka Cafe Matcha Latte", the first in Ayataka's new series Ayataka Cafe.There are two types of lineup: 22ml PET bottles and 1ml wide-mouthed PET bottles (440ml wide-mouthed PET bottles are limited to vending machines). 280ml was temporarily suspended due to a big reaction on SNS in a blink of an eye.Suntory FoodsIs a competing productCraft boss It was a big hit, such as the release of "Matcha Latte".

Consumer campaigns to date

Prior to the nationwide release in October 2007, Coca-Cola Company conducted an office sampling (a sampling project for the workplace) entitled "Order sampling" on the Web site on September 10th. It was divided into the first-come-first-served and the lottery, but the first-come-first-served finished immediately after the application started. In addition to this, event sampling is carried out in the business district. For the store, we sold a set with an original glass at convenience store sales, and used matcha from Kamibayashi Harumatsu HontenOkaki,honeyKarintoWe carried out a campaign to provide as a free gift. Office sampling was conducted again in March 2008.

At the time of the renewal in September 2008, the tea leaves of sencha and the first anniversary of Ayataka's release campaign wereKirikoWe conducted a web promotion to present a glass.

In addition, it was carried out from September to December 2009Canned coffee"ジ ョ ー ジ ジWe were able to apply for the "NEW Georgia Catalog" campaign (for products with a campaign sticker of 500 ml or less, excluding the canned product "Sencha"). If the campaign sticker has not been registered and is within the expiration date, it can be accumulated in the "Georgia Point Program" and used to apply for the "Georgia" campaign to be held thereafter.

CM and PR

As a product PRTakashima ReikoAttended the launch ceremony. The productCMToHiroyuki SanadaAppeared. Actually in KyotoMaikoKimiharu, who plays the role as "Maiko", appears in the CM as a maiko.2011ThanMasako IkedaIs CMNarrationIs serving. 2012 isSuperior house100 people appeared in the commercial[19].. From 2017Yoshioka RihoAppeared in the commercial. Also, at "Ayataka Specialty Tea"Hiroshi SatoWas appointed. From 2019Nomura Mansai(In 2020, he also appeared alone in "Ayataka Dark Green Tea"), but since 2020, he will be performing with "Ayataka Specialty Tea" with YoshiokaKentaro Kokado(Roch) Has been appointed respectively.2021From OctoberHiroshi AbeRino SashiharaAppointed.

Product lineup

  • Ayataka
    • 160g can
    • 250ml slim pack
    • 280ml PET bottles-mainly for vending machines
    • 300ml PET bottles-mainly supermarkets and mass retailers
    • 340g can-centered on vending machines
    • 430ml PET bottles-mainly for vending machines
    • 525ml PET bottles-Mainly for supermarkets, mass retailers and vending machines.
    • 525ml PET bottle [Labelless] --Limited to EC site (24 bottles only for case sale).
    • 1L paper pack- JALFor sale, it is not sold to the general public.
    • 1L plastic bottle-"Midipet" specifications
    • 1.25L PET bottles-"Smart bottle" specifications, mainly in supermarkets and mass retailers. Limited to Hokkaido.
    • 2L PET Bottle-"Peko Raku Bottle" specification. Mainly in supermarkets and mass retailers.
    • 280ml warm plastic bottle [hot only]-Focused on vending machines
    • 440ml warm plastic bottle [hot only]
  • Ayaka tea leaves
    • 525ml PET bottle
    • 2L plastic bottle-"peko-raku bottle" specification
  • Ayataka Hojicha
    • 280ml PET bottles-mainly for vending machines
    • 410ml plastic bottle-slim bottle specification
    • 430ml PET bottle
    • 525ml PET bottle
    • 2L plastic bottle-"peko-raku bottle" specification
    • 440ml warm plastic bottle [hot only]
  • Ayataka dark green tea
    • 280ml PET bottles-mainly for vending machines
    • 525ml PET bottle
  • Ayataka Specialty Tea [Food for Specified Health Use]
    • 500ml PET bottle
  • Ayataka Cafe Matcha Latte
    • 440ml PET bottle
    • 280ml wide-mouthed PET bottle-centered on vending machines


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