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☕ | [New store information] Gospel Cafe Sendai Center store opens | General customers can use it at a later date


[New store information] Gospel Cafe Sendai Center store opens | General customers can use it at a later date

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The regular menu included pancakes and chiffon cakes in addition to various drinks.

"Gospel Cafe Sendai Center Store" will be opened in Toricho, Aoba-ku, Sendai. Only invitees will enter on July 7th ... → Continue reading

 Sendai Minami Tsushin

Local media in Sendai and Sennan. The couple is actually experiencing and sending out real information.

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chiffon cake

chiffon cake(English : Chiffon cake) Issponge cakeKind of.


1927 ToThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaLos AngelesOne ofinsuranceDiplomatic and culinary enthusiast, Harry Baker1884 - 1974 ), Made using only egg whites(English editionInvented based on, the textureSilk fabric OfchiffonIt was named because it is as light as.Baker's chiffon cakeHollywoodCelebrity party and Brown Derby (Brown derby) It was so popular that it received orders from restaurants.Baker didn't publish the recipe, so the recipe was long a mystery,1947 , The recipe is because of my old ageGeneral MillsSold to[1], "Vegetable oil on the dough," which has long been a mysterySalad oil) Is added at this time.ゼネラルミルズ社がGeneral Mills1950 In the recipe published inBaking powderWas in[2]But a lot of well whippedEgg white(meringue) Works well as a leavening agent, so many recipes omit baking powder as shown below.After the announcement, there was an explosive boom in the United States, but the peak was about 10 years.

The feature is that it is baked in a shape with a hole in the center using a chiffon cake mold (“Angel Food Cake Pan”).This type was originally one of the sweets that originated in the United States, and it is said that it was the origin of the chiffon cake idea, "Angel food cake ("Angel food cake) ”Is made for.

It was Yuji Iwata (currently CEO of Flavor Yuji Co., Ltd.) who spread the chiffon cake in Japan.[3][4]..When I was in high school, I was impressed by the homemade chiffon cake in California, where I studied abroad, and learned the recipe. After that, I repeated trial and error.1976 Completed the original recipe.Since the opening of Flavor, it has spread throughout Japan and is now one of the most common Western confectioneries in Japan than in the United States.

Basic material

For chocolate chiffon

  • Chicken eggs
  • Wheat flour
  • sugar
  • Salad oil
  • Wed
  • Salt
  • cocoapowder

Sift the cocoa powder with the flour.



  1. egg yolkTosugarWith the addition ofHot waterStir whileSalad oilAdd water while letting it blend in (you can add it all at once).そしてAndWheat flour(mainlyFlour) And a pinch of salt, and mix evenly to the extent that it does not become sticky.
  2. anotherbowlAdd a small amount of sugar to the egg white and whisk until it becomes horny (as a guide, it will not come off even if you turn it over), divide it into 160/180 pieces in the egg yolk dough prepared earlier, and mix it evenly while keeping the foam from disappearing. Put in a mold (chiffon cake mold). Bake at 40-XNUMX ° C for about XNUMX minutes.
  3. After baking, turn the mold upside down, insert the hole in the center into a wine bottle, etc., and leave it until it reaches room temperature (otherwise it may deflate due to its own weight), a cake knife orSpatulaSlowly remove it from the mold using a tool.


  • If tartaric acid is added to the egg white, add it before whipping.
  • Due to its unique texture, the dough cools in a puffy state, so it can be used as a mold.greaseDo not paint.型はThe type isAluminumIf the surface is not processed, the dough will settle and will not deflate after baking.
  • バ タ ーBecause it does not use, the burnt smell of eggs (burnt smell of protein) may be strong immediately after baking.If you are curious,Refrigerator It is recommended to put it in a container and leave it for more than half a day.
  • Chopped into doughfruit,WalnutEtc. or instead of waterBlack tea,Matcha,juiceYou can add your favorite taste by using.好みでホイップしたWhipped to your likingcreamYou can add it and apply it when you eat.
  • Before putting the dough in the mold, hang the cocoa in hot water and stir it with chopsticks once or twice to finish it in a marble pattern.


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