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🍴 | Kura Sushi, "Gorgeous sea urchin" fair using carefully selected ingredients Popular products at half price


"Gorgeous sea urchin" fair using Kura sushi and carefully selected ingredients Popular products at half price

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Why don't you try Kura Sushi for a new product that is perfect for the hot summer.

Kura Sushi will hold a "luxury sea urchin" fair from the 30th.Enjoy a luxurious menu at a great price.Conveyor belt sushi chain ... → Continue reading


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Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi Co., Ltd.(Living,British: Kura Sushi, Inc.) IsOsakaSakai CityNaka-kuToMain officePutConveyor belt sushichain.TSE First SectionListing(Securities code2695)


Conveyor belt sushiChain storeHas developed "Musou Kura Sushi" and has more than 460 stores nationwide. In addition to "Kura Sushi"Kinki areaToJapaneseRestaurantsExpands "Unattached" and "Kura Natural Fish Market".

2014FromTaiwanAs of September 2020, 11 stores have been opened in 31.SalesIs worth 70 billion yen. Taiwan on September 2020, 9Stock exchangeListed on the stock exchange[2].The United States of AmericaHas 2020 stores as of November 11.


  • 197705 month - Sakai CityFounded as a general sushi restaurant.
  • 19840July-Opened "Kura Sushi Kura".
  • 19900March-Kura Sushi Co., Ltd. established.
  • 199511 month - Kura Corporation Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 200105 month - NASDAQ JapanToListing.
  • 200410 month - Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed in the second section.
  • 2005October-Reassigned to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 20080January-United StatesLos AngelesEstablished as "KULA" by multiplying the LA abbreviation "LA".
  • 20090September-First store in the United States "IrvineStore” opened.
  • 2014December-Taiwan's first store "Songjiang Nanjing Store"Taipei CityOpened in.
  • 20190May-Change to current trade name[3][4].
  • 20190August-American subsidiary (subsidiary) "Kura Sushi USA"NASDAQ marketListed on. The ticker is "KRUS"[5][6].
  • 2020September 9-Subsidiary Asia Kura Sushi in TaiwanTaipei ExchangeListed on[2].
  • July 2021, 7 With the opening of the first Rasora Sapporo store in Hokkaido, it will be nationwide.

Store features/systems

One plate (2 pieces) is 100 yen excluding tax, and one plate is 1 piece and 1 plates are stacked (2 yen worth).After introducing the manufacturing time limit management system by the QR code attached to the upper part of Freshness-kun (sushi cover)1999Introduced a system to dispose of sushi placed on the lane for a long time.Straight lane,Touch panelIntroduced a formula ordering system. When the customer puts the dishes in the slot (dish counter), they are automatically collected at the washing place, and at the same time, the number of dishes is counted and settled.2000, Every 5 plates at the tableCapsule toyIntroducing a lottery machine "Bikkura Pon!"EPARK that allows you to wait in line and make reservations on your mobile phone[7]The system is available.2011May 12To fly around the storeSpit-ほ こ り-Norovirus-Influenza virusIntroduced “Shindo-kun” cover to protect sushi at all stores[8].. All stores have a store support system, and all the stores can be seen from the headquarters and the operation support can be provided from the headquarters. More than 50 in totalPatentThere is.Recently, they are selling "Okibonito soy sauce ramen," "Tendon," and "Unadon."

As a measure to maintain the 100 yen flat price of sushi without raising the price, we are working to enhance side menus other than sushi, such as ramen, rice bowls and desserts, which can add value.[9].

The sushi on the lane used to be wasabi-only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, but later, all the items will be wasabi-less. The table is equipped with wasabi. The soy sauce dish is basically not placed.

By the way, according to Hirokazu Kawagishi, president of the Food Safety Education Institute,Rival storeIn order to remind me of the "Kappa maki," the "Kappa maki" that is produced at his store is purposely called the "cucumber roll."[10].

We plan to create a "smart restaurant" by the end of 2021, and we plan to introduce a system that can handle everything from reception to plate accounting and accounting without human intervention at all stores in Japan.[11].

Commitment to "pre-war return of food" and "non-compliance"

"Prewar return of foodIs the corporate philosophy[12].. At Kura, we believe that most of the food additives have become popular after the war, and that safety is not yet established, so we aim to regain the pre-war diet without additives.[13].

As an initiative to materialize this,No support”Has been announced[14][15].. Kurasha is synonymous with the name "Musashi Kura Sushi" and the PR character manga "Kaiten Mutenmaru." In addition, "unsubscribed" isRegistered trademark of KurashaIs[16].

"Unsold" is a term unique to Kurasha and designated by Kurasha.Big fourAdditive(Chemical seasoning-Artificial sweetener-Synthetic coloring-Artificial preservative) Is not used at all. Kura said that more than 100 types of additives are classified into chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors, and artificial preservatives, but the list is not disclosed. In addition, it is not announced whether or not additives not classified into the four major additives are used. In addition,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIs "Additive-freeRegarding the display that says, it is required that the display does not cause misconception by consumers.”[17], "No additives" is a concept unique to Kura, which is different from "No additives", so it is considered that there is no problem of illegality regarding not publishing the list of additives used and additives not used.[18].

Kura-Sushi strongly appealed to consumers who demanded food safety through their efforts to add support, and increased their performance. On the other hand, "Use of artificial preservatives for fish fillets is prohibited by law from the beginning, and since it is not used in other revolving sushi, it should not be stated as if it was eliminated by corporate efforts." "It is irrelevant to use existing additives that have health risks while excluding chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colorings, and artificial preservatives of designated additives whose safety has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare." There are experts who criticize the non-compliance, saying, "For food safety, it is necessary not to use no additives but to protect the proper amount of use."[19].

after that,2020When the global logo was renewed, the word "unattached" was deleted from the logo mark itself.


Offer program

Naming rights

Sakai cityHaraike ParkFor a baseball stadium that will be built in and will open in the spring of 2020, paying 500 million yen per yearNaming rightsWas announced in November 2019[21].. From April 2020Kura Sushi Stadium SakaiNickname is used[21][22][23].


Lawsuit against "Kaitenzushi is an alternative story" report

"Weekly women"2005An article was published in the March 3 issue, "Beware of alternative material! One plate is 1 yen uniform? If it's the real thing...I can't!". Without mentioning the store name, this is the story of conveyor belt sushi,Red seabreamInstead ofTilapia,greater amberjackInstead ofGuisSo-called alternative material (Copy food) Was used.[24][25].

In response to this, Kurasha said, “It was reported that Kura Sushi uses real ingredients but is an alternative material.creditWas damaged by theShufutoseikatsushaOf 300 million yen againstRestitution for DamagesFiling a claim lawsuit[26].

2006XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Osaka District CourtFound that the article raised a problem for the whole conveyor belt sushi, and did not criticize Kura Sushi as an alternative news item, so it did not damage the credit and was defeated by Kurasha.[25].

After that, KurashaOsaka High CourtへAppealHowever, on September 2006, 9, the housewife and Seikakusha confirmed that the article was not for Kura Sushi, and withdrew the claim for damages.[25].

Litigation for alleged expulsion

September 2010, 9, recitation of company lessons is slowUnofficial offerThere is a suspicion that Kurasha was forced to decline the offerEvery day broadcastingReported. According to media reports, Kurasha has established a company lesson called “Employee Three Oath”, and held a training camp with the aim of reciting this within 35 seconds every year for prospective employees.[27][28].. However, "Employee Three Oath" is large in volume, and according to the daily broadcast, recitation within 35 seconds was difficult even for a professional announcer.[27].. As a result, many people dropped out of their recitation speed below the regulation, and at the training camp in 2010, more than 20 people eventually declined their job offer.[27].

In the same month, the former job offerer declined offer to HakushaExtortionAsking for compensation of salary and mental compensationSuingdid. For the notification of informal refusal,Restitution for DamagesThere was a sentence saying "I will not do anything at all", but I argued that this was forcibly written at the direction of the personnel manager of Kurasha.

On the other hand, we undertook Kurasha and trainingI WillThe company argued that it is possible to recite “employee's three oaths” within 40 seconds within one to one and a half months by practicing for 60 to 1 minutes every day, and argued that the job offer decline was due to the will of the person himself.[27].

The case was settled in July of the following year (contents of the settlement were not announced)[29].

It should be noted that Kurasha posted a protest statement on its website stating that it is "reporting tyranny" to issue a company name and report on this case.[30]Announces consideration of legal action against news media[31].

Information Disclosure Request Litigation for "Ikasama" Writing

In March 2016, it was posted on an anonymous bulletin board on the Internet, saying, "I advocate that this is an unrelated person, but it is not written what is unaccompanied. Ikasama Kuisai." In response to this, an IR representative from Kurasha appeared on the bulletin board and said, "Kura Sushi has eliminated the four major additives (chemical seasoning, artificial sweetener, synthetic coloring, artificial preservative)." If you have any questions, please contact our IR representative with your real name." However, the person who wrote it was not convinced, and chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colorants, artificial preservatives are Kurasha's original classification, and we do not publicly disclose what they specifically contain. I pointed out that. The IR staff dismissed, "We list the 3 or more kinds of unused additives because it is not realistic, so we will collectively describe them as the four major additives." Reported that[32][33][34][35].

Kura Co., Ltd. has filed a lawsuit requesting Sony Network Communications, an Internet provider, to disclose personal information such as the name and address of the person who wrote the message.[36].

On April 2017, 4, the Tokyo District Court ruled that Kurasha was defeated.[37].. According to the judgment, writing was a public interest because it was a problem with Kurasha's no-notation, and Kurasha did not disclose information on used and non-added additives, and the contents of the writing were true. Accredited and concluded that there is no illegality. On the other hand, Kurasha posted a document on its website criticizing the judgment that it was hard to believe that the judge made a statement that it had a public interest.[38].

Litigation against unsanitary behavior by part-time job

On February 2019, 2, a video of a kura sushi clerk doing the unhygienic act of throwing the fish of the ingredients into the trash can, picking it up and returning it to the cutting board in half a jokeInstagramPosted to. This video has spread widely on the Internet (Bakastagram)[39].

In response to this, on the 6th, KurashaOsakaMoriguchiOf the “Kura Sushi” storePart-time jobI apologized on the website, admitting that it was taken by a clerk. Also, after confirming the video from the surveillance camera, the part-time clerk explained that after the shooting was completed, the fish were discarded again and the cutting board was disinfected just in case, and there was no damage to the customers (note that (The video of the surveillance camera is not released)[40][41][42].

Kurasha ended the employment contract with the clerk on the 8th,retirementIt was a disposal. In addition, he announced that he was preparing for legal action against the clerk, both criminal and civil, allegedly suffering from the improper conduct of the clerk. The reason for this kind of response is to prevent the recurrence of the same incident as the restoration of the store's credit, and to use it as a deterrent.[43][44].


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