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🍴 | That phantom bread is back!Hotel chef whole bakery is on sale for a limited time at S-PAL Sendai!


That phantom bread is back!Hotel chef whole bakery is on sale for a limited time at S-PAL Sendai!

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In front of Urban Research, it is the east-west free passage of Sendai Station.

The other day, the phantom bread that was sold for a limited time and sold out immediately will be revived.A chef made by the chef of Hotel Metropolitan Sendai ... → Continue reading

 Sendai Minami Tsushin

Local media in Sendai and Sennan. The couple is actually experiencing and sending out real information.

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Sendai Station East-West Free Passage

Sendai Station East-West Free Passage(Sendai Eki and Uzaiji Yutsuuro, English name: Sendai Stn. East & West Freepass) IsMiyagiSendai city-Sendai StationIt is a free passage for pedestrians connecting the east and west exits of.


Sendai StationIt was put into service in March 1978 as a connecting passage connecting the west and east exits of 3.Since its completion, it has been recognized as the main route that crosses Sendai Station from east to west, from the second floor of the station building to the east exit beyond the platform of the conventional line.

The length of the passage is about 120m[1], The width is 16m.Due to the increase in pedestrian traffic and the aging of the passage, widening work started in 2013 and completed on March 2016, 3.The width before the renovation was 18m.Multi-story floors on both sides of the road to coincide with the completion of widening work[Note 1]Commercial facility[Note 2](Espal Sendai East Building) Maintenance ・ New ticket gate (JR line east exit ticket gate) was newly established[1], Now available 24 hours a day[2].

From May 2016th to June 5rd, 13JR East Sendai BranchCalled for a nickname for this passage, July 7st,"Mori no Hidamari Galilea"Decided to[3].


  • 1978 (Showa53) March-Start of service.
  • 2010 (Heisei22) September 9-Toward the reconstruction of the free passageSendai cityとJR EastExchanges "Confirmation of Sendai Station East-West Free Passage Development"[2].
  • 2012 (24) January 1-Sendai City and JR East conclude a basic agreement on the development of the Sendai Station East-West Free Passage[2].
  • 2013 (25) March 3-Start of widening work[4].
  • 2014 (26) November 11-Implemented passage switching (detour to the south).
  • 2016 (28)
    • March 3-New passage completed[5].
    • July 7-The nickname of the passage is decided to be "Mori no Hidamari Galleria"[3][6].
  • October 2018, 30-On the east exit sideAnpanmanStatue installation[7][8].

Traffic volume

  • 1983: Approximately 1.8 people / day[9]
  • 2010: Approximately 6.4 people / day[9]


  • For one month from February 2015th to March 2th, 11, three support message boards from Taiwan sent at "Japan Tohoku Six Prefectures Thanksgiving Day" will be posted in the aisle.[10].


注 釈

  1. ^ Prior to the start of widening work, several roadside stores, including a fast food store, were located and connected to the second floor of the complex building "E-GATE" at the eastern end of the aisle.
  2. ^ The north wing has 4 floors above ground and the south wing has 6 floors above ground.


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