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🧁 | Various sweets using fruits from the prefecture Kurashiki afternoon tea is being held

Photo Menu of Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel with a variety of sweets

Various sweets using fruits from the prefecture Kurashiki afternoon tea is being held

If you write the contents roughly
38 excellent works will be presented with peaches, grapes and meal tickets from the prefecture.

Have a little luxurious tea time on the summer afternoon.An event "Kurashiki A ..." associated with the British custom of enjoying tea and sweets → Continue reading

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food voucher

food voucher(Shoken) is a ticket issued for the purpose of exchanging food and drink,SecuritiesIs a kind of.


IndividualDining/Restaurant,Fast food chain-family restaurantMainly in storesAutomatic ticket vending machineTickets are issued at, and are valid only at the place determined by the seller, and the expiration date can be arbitrarily determined. In addition,Cash voucherWhen issued in format, it is also called a "meal ticket." By issuing a meal ticket, labor saving of money management, elimination of personnel shortage,Money-free food and drinkCan be prevented and the quantity management can be simplified.

During the war,CommunismCountries, foodDistribution systemIf you are implementingCountryOf food distribution departments will allocate to individuals the required or allocable amount ofSecuritiesWill be paid to each individual.


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