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🍴 | Pink "Fueki-kun" The contents are not glue "Koume" which is not too sweet and has a refreshing taste


Pink "Fueki-kun" The contents are not glue "Koume" which is not too sweet and has a refreshing taste

If you write the contents roughly
It is packaged in small pieces of 3 grains each and is contained in a pink Fueki-kun container that resembles a plum.

Heso Production (Osaka City), which handles everything from product planning to sales, is a confectionery from the "Nori de Create" collaboration series. → Continue reading

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Difficult glue industry

Easy glue industry Co., Ltd.(Fuekinori Kogyo)Osaka Headquartered inGlue / AdhesiveIt is a manufacturer that manufactures stationery such as.1886Founded.


1895The originator of tabletop glue, "Easy glue" (currentlyKatakanaSucceeded in the development of "Fueki glue").1899"Yamato glueWas born.YamatoAt the same time, it is a company that has led the domestic glue production. In addition to "Fueki glue"1925"Difficulty" which started selling inInkIs also a long-selling product.

"Difficult" isXunzi"ManseiNotcaneasyIt is named after "Ya" (which will never change).Named for the confidence and desire of the founder to boast quality that will never change.

Used in the company's core product "Fueki Glue"starch TheCornstarchUseBetel oyster OfspicesIt is scented with.


  • 1886(Meiji19) Became the predecessor by the XNUMXth generation Adachi IchibeiAdachi storeIs OsakaHigashi Ward(CurrentChuo-ku)MinamikyuhojimachiFounded in.
  • 1895(Meiji 28) "Difficult glue" was born.
  • 1924(Taisho13 years) Adachi storeDifficult glue industryReorganized into.Osaka CitySouth wardHigashibutsucho (currently Chuo Ward)Tanimachi) Established the head office factory.
  • 1939(Showa14 years) Osaka CityHigashinari WardIkuno Tajima Town (currentlyIkuno WardTajima) Established the Ikuno factory.
  • 1955(30) The Ikuno Factory was abolished, and the Yao Factory was established in Takefuchi, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture (currently Takefuchi Higashi), and the head office was relocated.

Main products

Such.In addition to stationery, it also manufactures craftsmen's products and cosmetics.

In particular, one of the glue brands, "Animal", is a cute animal wearing a hat (dog) Is used for the packageKindergarten-primary schoolLong-selling products widely used in1975It is known as (launch).This dog hasn't been named for a long time,2008"Fueki-kunWas named[1]..As a general rule, the color of the package黄色Is.In June 2008, Fueki-kun's character license business was started.[1][2]..As a character product, the package has the same design as the glue99% Natural Origin / 23% Organic,Facial washUnique new products such as are also on sale.




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