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☕ | "Let's go to a cafe together" A man calls out to an elementary school boy  Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture


"Let's go to a cafe together" A man calls out to an elementary school boy  Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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He wore a blue cap, short hair with gray hair, no mask, and work clothes of unknown color.

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police Kurume Station was on the road in Towamachi, Kurume City on the 3rd, at around 2 pm on the 4nd, while an elementary school boy was passing by, "Together ... → Continue reading

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Work clothes

Work clothes(Sagyofuku) is worn when performing various tasks.clothesGeneral. Especially with a collar with pockets on both chestsshirt(OrJackets)cargo pantsWind thing (orslacks-Chino) Sometimes refers to the top and bottom.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Work clothesAlso called.

Company-工場Such asuniformIn some cases,polyesterPlay in materialPET bottlesSome are made of fiber[1].. Short sleeve type and conscious of cold weathercottonThere is also made. Depending on the special work, there are static-free antistatic clothing and flame-retardant clothing.

Work clothes in a broad sense

Carhartt,DickiesIs also called a workwear brand.jeans(denim)'S roots were also work pants. Hickory stripes in white and dark blue are designed as a pattern that does not make dirt stand out[2].. Other painter pants,Overall,カ バ ー オ ー ルAnd so on. These products are highly regarded for their design and functionality, and have become fashion items today.

JapanThen,OutfitDue to the introduction ofTaisho eraFrom around that time, it is said that all work clothes have become Western-style.[3].. AlreadyEdo PeriodAlsoFire extinguishing,EagleSuch asCraftsmanIs easy to move close to clothesCrotchIt was a figure. The current eagle job isKnickerbockersIt is said that it is popular because it is often worn in the form of "tobi suits", but it is used for balancing at high places and for safety measures on protrusions.[4].

In rural areasNational costumeThere is also an example for agricultural work,GermanySouthern femaleNational costumeIsDirndlThe decoration is simple because it is based on farmers' work clothes.

Disaster prevention clothing

in Japan,disasterSuch asEmergencyToMinisterRagaDisaster prevention clothingI sometimes wear. It looks like work clothes,Aramid fiberIn some cases, flame-retardant materials such as

Small clothing

Koi and Kogu have a length up to the waist and have no sleeves.Short sleeveWork clothes of the type[5].Aomori,Akitaな どTohoku regionThen.hemp,cottonMade ofSingle clothesThis work clothes has been called for a long time, and it is worn on the chest and shoulders to reinforce it.Geometric patternSuch asembroideryHow to sewSashikoIt was also called as "Sashi Kobori" or "Kobashi Sashi" as a type of[6].


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