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🍴 | [New Open / Shimotori] There is no doubt that everyone will receive the deliciousness and modern Japanese interior that is more than the price!

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[New Open / Shimotori] There is no doubt that everyone will receive the deliciousness and modern Japanese interior that is more than the price!

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Raw spring rolls that reign at the top of my favorite food ranking.

OPEN / April 2021 I thought that I haven't been to a rice shop in the city recently, so it opened in April ... → Continue reading

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Raw spring rolls

Raw spring rolls(Namaharu Maki,Spring rolls(Goi Kuon),Spring rolls(Nem Kuon))Fourと と も にVietnamese foodA dish known abroad as a representative of.Spring rollsMeans "wrapped (vegetable and seafood) spicy sauce".

Deep-fried food originated in ChinaSpring rollIs different in terms of ingredients, cooking, and taste.Even in Chinese, raw spring rolls are "Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSpring roll"(Vietnamese Spring Roll/Vietnamese Spring Roll) Or "summer roll" (Summer/Summer) Is called and distinguished.Also, in English, Chinese fried spring rolls are called "spring rolls", while raw spring rolls are called "summer rolls".Locally, it's not as major as it is known in Japan[1]..In the south, it is treated as light meals and snacks that can be eaten at food stalls, and at restaurants etc., it is served at intermediate and advanced stores for foreign customers.[1].

Also, in local home-cooked dishes, it is a style that you roll yourself like hand-rolled sushi.Also, since it is eaten with rice noodles sandwiched between them, it is rarely eaten with rice.



  1. Boil rice noodles, meat and shrimp separately and take them out.
  2. Place the rehydrated rice paper on a kitchen towel or plate.
  3. Place a piece of sunny lettuce in the bottom third of the rice paper and top with pork, rice noodles, carrots, sprouts, basil and mint.
  4. Wrap rice paper from bottom to half and fold the left and right edges inside.
  5. Place shrimp, garlic, and coriander on the unwrapped part of the rice paper, and wrap it to the end.
  6. Nuk Cham(Dipping sauceAndTuongTo saysoyWith fermented seasoningspeanutsEat with a base sauce).

Precautions for cooking

  • When rehydrating the rice paper, be careful not to rehydrate it too much.It gets softer and softer as it is rolled up, so you can just put it back so that it can be bent.If it is too soft, it will not roll well and will not be crunchy.
  • If you wind the chives so that they stick out from the edges, it will be closer to the real thing.


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