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🍴 | The quality is too high ...!I was impressed by the deliciousness of Bikkuri Donkey's "Coffee Soft Parfait"

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The quality is too high ...!I was impressed by the deliciousness of Bikkuri Donkey's "Coffee Soft Parfait"

If you write the contents roughly
Please charge your energy with the sweet sweets of Bikkuri Donkey!

I came to Bikkuri Donkey today.The aim is this "coffee software".The price is 440 yen.Bittersweet Ko ... → Continue reading

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Surprised donkey

Surprised donkeyIt is,Alef Co., Ltd.Expands all over JapanhamburgerRestaurants.1968(Showa 43) Founded on December 12,1976It was established in July (Showa 51).

Being the operating company of this businessAlef Co., Ltd.It is,Aum ShinrikyoThe successor organizationAlephIt has nothing to do with (same reading).


December 1968 (Showa 43), "Hamburgerとsalad"Cowbell Company" at "Bell"IwateMoriokaOdoriOpened in[3]However, it becomes the predecessor of Bikkuri Donkey.

  • Seven dwarfs were set up as decorations inside the store entrance with the door open, but they were stolen. When the number of people decreased by one, "○○ went out to pick flowers" (○○ is a name such as "Nebosuke"), and then "○○ went to look for XX" etc. , Get a reputation for homely atmosphere, delicate consideration and dreamy response.

1971(Showa 46),McDonald'sPresident Akio Shoji, who heard rumors about expanding into Japan, saidHawaiiVisit McDonald's and realize that it is no match for the state-of-the-art hamburger shop.帰国後、メニュー構成をハンバーガーから日本人を意識したハンバーグAfter returning to Japan, the menu structure is a hamburger that is conscious of Japanese people from hamburgersSet mealI came up with the prototype of a dish menu that serves hamburger steak, rice, and salad in one hamburger steak with hamburger steak, bread, and vegetables.

1980(Showa 55),SapporoNishi-wardNishinoIn addition, the first "Bikkuri Donkey" Sapporo store opens.

1981(Showa 56), head officeHokkaidoSapporoMoved to.

1983(58), 2 stores in OsakaFranchiseStarted for the first time in Japan.Changed the store name of another store to "Bikkuri Donkey", the store name used in the franchise store in Osaka.

  • For the purpose of aiming for impact on customers, McDonald's adopted the name of "surprise" and a large menu table and interior and exterior that differ greatly for each store.ThoroughbredIf there isロ バNamed "Donkey" because it means to move steadily and slowly.[4]..Before that, "Donald DuckThere are times when I useWalt Disney CompanyIs a registered trademark of[5]..At about the same time,FukushimaKoriyamaとShizuokaFuji cityOpen a store in.
  • In the store sign, the dakuten part of "bi" was composed of orange and green.Exclamation mark("!"). (See the image below)

1985Mainly in Osaka from around (60)FranchiseExpanded development, in Sappororoast beefA gold mine-style restaurant "Half Dime", a specialty store, will also open.

1987(62), changed the company name to "Aleph" and expanded nationwide[6][7]To do.

2011(23) From March, a food court store in the shopping center will also be opened.

Main products

In recent years, the side and drink menus have been enhanced, centering on hamburgers, and there are many distinctive names centered on dessert-type products.

At other stores, you often eat with a knife and fork, but the meat is soft and you can eat with chopsticks.[8]Is.The basic sauce is not a demiglace sauce, but an original sauce based on soy sauce.
Serve hamburger, rice and salad on a platterDishAnd serve hamburger steak, french fries and galoni on a pallet steak plate.steakThere are various toppings such as cheese and eggs that can be selected.
Surprised cola
500ml served in a huge trophy-like glassColaIs.Many customers enjoyed it as a couple, and it was one of the highlight products, but it became a hidden menu due to the consideration that President Akio Shoji "too much sugar is not good for the health of customers" and will be abolished later.
Affordable and popularparfaitIs.大部分を占めるソフトクリームの下にUnder the soft serve ice cream that makes up the majorityWhite ball[9]Is included,PockyとChocolate chipsク ッ キ ーIs decorated as a topping,blueberry,mango,StrawberryThree types of sources can be selected. Also known as "Merigo" or "Merry".Currently not for sale.
Shihaha salad
Belgian chicory on lettuce mixCrab, Asparagus, etc.saladIs.Bacon bits and black pepper are topped with soy dressing.

Bikkuri Donkey related products

Surprised donkeycurry200g (retort)
It is a product adjusted for commercial use to meet take-out demand.It is a spicy curry that uses carefully selected original spices (more than 30 types) and is characterized by a rich and deep taste using coarsely ground beef carefully selected by contract farmers.
Surprised donkeyHayashi180g (retort)
It is a product adjusted for commercial use to meet take-out demand.The beef of the contract farmer is carefully stewed in red wine, and it is characterized by a mild and deep taste.
Bikkuri Donkey Mayonnaise Type 300g
Used in hamburger steak radish saladmayonnaise.
Bikkuri Donkey Soy Dressing 200ml
Used for Shihaha saladdressing.
Bikkuri Donkey Chinese cabbage kimchi 300g
It is a product sold as "Bikkuri Donkey The Uljin".It has the five flavors of kimchi, which are spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, and reproduces the taste of Korea.

Jewelry business

2012May 9Currently, there are 139 directly managed stores and 187 franchise stores, for a total of 326 stores.[10]To expand.

HokkaidoDate CityHas an exclusive contract ranch inOtaruThen.Local beerIt also manages other businesses by related group companies, including brewing and sales.近年は環境事業にも力を入れIn recent years, we have also focused on environmental businessDevelopment Bank of JapanIn June 2008, the Hokkaido factory was designated as the highest rank in the environmental rating for the first time in the food service industry.Energy Conservation-New energyReceived the "Energy Conservation Award" at the Promotion Award.

Stores and businesses directly managed by Aleph

  • Hamburger restaurant "Bikkuri Donkey"
  • "Bell" is open on the same menu as Bikkuri Donkey at the company's origin store.
  • Steakhouse "43 °"
  • BeerPub"Otaru Warehouse No.1" "Leibspeise" "BEER HORN"
  • Otaru beerManufacture and sale

Stores and businesses by group companies

Motohiro Co., Ltd. Revolves around Kyoto Prefecture.毛糸販売Yarn sale

Past stores / businesses


Athletes who belonged

Two players belonged in the past.

Since there were no dedicated staff to support athletes such as coaches, managers, and managers, and the general affairs department was in charge of inquiries, we publicly announced that we would not actively disclose information and would not support outsiders. Did not go.しかしHowever2006In a hurry at the same time as the opening of the Turin OlympicsPDFInformation disclosure started on the company's homepage in the format[13]Then, taking this opportunity, the "skating club" was established.

After that, the athlete information will be published in the in-house newsletter, but the results at the Turin Olympics, the schedule and results of the tournament participation (including schedule) will not be posted, and unlike other companies belonging to the Olympic athletes, the athletes will not be used as a promotional medium, and the domestic tournament As with the participating companies and tournament sponsors, a signboard in the name of "Bikkuri Donkey" is posted along the course.

On June 2010, 6, the "skating club" was suddenly abolished.及川は同年30月にOikawa was in September of the same yearDaiwa House IndustryTransferred to, Konno retiredBicycle raceAnnounced the change to the players.


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