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🍺 | Urawa Isetan Ura Get a rare cutlet from "Meat and Wine Kushikatsu Bar Fumibaru"


Urawa Isetan Ura "Kushikatsu of meat and wine Sakaba Fumibaru" rare cutlet

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The low-pitched meat of domestic Yamamine pork is so tender that you can easily chew it in your mouth ♪ The sweet demiglace sauce was also irresistibly delicious.

The Italian restaurant "Il Mare Di Taku" on the back of Isetan, which closed in March 2021 due to the influence of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading


Urawa's local information media "Urawacity.net" operated by an individual.Nickname is "Urawa City Net".

Information that the manager living in Urawa got by actually seeing, eating, and experiencing, information on closing new stores in Urawa, and seasonal topics are mainly posted.

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Domestic mountain peak pork


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