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🍽 | Japanese Cuisine Kawanaga ~ I want to preserve the taste of orthodox Japanese cuisine and local cuisine.From lunch to ceremonies, banquet dishes, catering ...


Japanese Cuisine Kawanaga-I want to preserve the taste of orthodox Japanese cuisine and local cuisine.From lunch to ceremonies, banquet dishes, catering ...

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For this reason, we started operations as a restaurant and inn for school and business people.

What kind of impression do you have when you hear about a Japanese restaurant?Maybe it's a little hard to get to ... → Continue reading

 Bingo and Kotoko

Bingo Tokotoko is a web media that Fukuyama, Onomichi, and Kasaoka send out "the charm of becoming more fond of".

As more and more people turn their eyes to the "local" from refraining from moving to distant places, Web writers and bloggers living in Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures will work together to take pride in the city they live in and to like it. raised.

We also send information unique to the Bingo area, centering on gourmet event information in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Fukuyama City, and Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture!

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Cafeteria(Shokudo, English: dining room) is a building, especiallyResidenceIt is a room for eating in[1].


TypicallyCafeteria,dining roomIs called a room for eating.

The term / concept of dining room is used from several angles, but one iskitchenIt is used in a way that contrasts and distinguishes with.Also"BedroomIt is also used in contrast to terms and concepts such as "guest room".

However, it is related to food住宅Spaces have changed and diversified with the times, and in modern ordinary households, a style that integrates a place to eat and a kitchen (dining / kitchen) is widely adopted, and a living room and a dining room are also widely adopted. The style (living / dining room) that integrates the above is also widely adopted.In that sense, "dining room" is contrasted with "dining / kitchen" and "living / dining", and refers to a room dedicated to eating, which has a slightly old-fashioned view in recent years. It is used in.

WesternSpeaking of dining roomtableとchairIs installed.In ordinary households調理I was able toCuisineThe dining room is adjacent to the kitchen so that the person in charge of cooking can easily check the state of the person who is eating at the same time as cooking and the progress of the meal so that the food can be delivered to the table instantly while keeping it warm. In many cases.

貴族In large pavilions and mansions, such as the mansion, the dining room may be a little (some pavilions "quite" rather than "slightly") away from the kitchen (in which case the food gets cold while it is being carried). As a result, in the aristocratsCat tongueHas increased.In addition, the progress of meals in the cafeteria is as follows by the servants in the cafeteria in the kitchen.CookI had to go to the place to report, and it was extremely difficult to prepare a meal well. ).

Japanese dining room

Edo PeriodIn former Japan, there were several styles of food-related spaces, one of which was one step lower (whether it was a farmhouse or a junior samurai residence).Dirt floorThere was a kitchen in, and the women were set up thereFurnaceIt was very common for a house to be cooked using firewood, and there was a raised board next to the dirt floor, and the family would sit upright and eat between the boards.Suffice it to say, the space between the boards near the kitchen is a space for eating, which is like a dining room.However, it is not a separate room separated by walls, so it is hard to call it a "dining room."In addition, this space where I was eating was easily cleaned up of cushions and could be used for other purposes at times other than meals, so it is hard to say that it is a "dining room" in that sense as well.[2].

MeijiAfter that,CivilizationHowever, Western-style lifestyles were not immediately introduced to ordinary households, and the majority still lived in Japanese-style houses with tatami mats.Some people started to build Western-style houses, and at that timeEurope,AmericaSome people have created a (luxury) dining room that is independent of the kitchen, imitating the dining room that was there.[3]..In addition, the housing of the common people in JapanNarrow houseThere are many cases, and even now (for negative reasons, which is different from the United States), the kitchen and the dining room are often integrated (dining kitchen).

Western dining room

Historically, the dining room is relatively largeDining tableAnd put multiple dining chairs.The most common table shape is a regular rectangle, with two elbow chairs on each end and an even number of elbowless chairs on the sides.


中 世Atupper classEnglishmanAnd other European aristocratscityorManor HouseIn the Great Hall (Great hallEat at.This room is a large, versatile room where most of the people in the house can sit.The family sits at a head table on a high platform.The rest sit side by side in descending order of rank.The table in the Great HallChaise loungeTends to be a long pedestal table.The Great Hall is a very noisy, very smoky, foul-smelling, unpleasant place to discuss.

In response to the discomfort of eating in the Great Hall, the aristocrats are outside the Great HallReception room (Parlor,Guest room (Drawing roomStarted to make.These are fairly small rooms where aristocrats can move to speak relatively quietly and comfortably.Over time, aristocrats often ate in the drawing room, which functionally became a dining room (or a two-part room).The room also moves farther from the Great Hall and is ceremonial from the Great Hall platform.StairsGo through.Of these, meals at the Great Hall came to be eaten mainly in special cases.

Towards the early 18th century, women in the house moved from the dining room to the guest room after lunch, and men remained in the dining room and tended to drink.As a result, dining rooms have become more male-friendly.

Modern dining room

TypicalNorth AmericaIn the dining room (formal)磁器Like any other piece of furniture, chairs are placed on the edge and side of the table where it can be placed.

In modern American homes, the dining room is only used for lunch with guests and for special cases.Meals are usually taken in the kitchen, breakfast space, or family room.this isThe United KingdomTraditionally, many families have a dining roomSundayUse only for food and eat other meals in the kitchen.Modern dining room tables can be prefabricated and have a top plate that can be used for large numbers in special cases, avoiding extra space when not in use.AustraliaSo while there is still the practice of using the dining room, family meals are usuallyLiving roomYou can eat it in front of your TV.


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  2. ^ In Japanese houses, it has long been practiced to have multiple functions in one place.In short, big in mountain villages, rural areas, etc.hearthIn the houses where is installed, one space centered on the hearth is a cooking space, a dining space, a place for various work, andSleepThat's why it was taken there, and in that sense, the single-function "dining room" and "dining room" are the opposite of the idea.
  3. ^ For example,TokyoKoganei-shiIn the building museum in MeijiTaishoSuch Western-style houses of the period are preserved.

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