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🍽 | Tokotoko Shop Tour Restorante Los Cuentos del Mar. (Restaurant…

The interior of the store, where the photo aquarium and foreign books are lined up, has a calm appearance.

Tokotoko Shop Tour Restorante Los Cuentos del Mar. (Restaurant…

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The cafe menu includes Yukimuro coffee and Sanwa milk soft serve ice cream.

A restaurant on the first floor of the Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari.One of the Magellanic penguins that the museum boasts the largest number of breeding in Japan ... → Continue reading

 Joetsu Times

We publish the daily newspaper "Joetsu Times" in the areas of Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and the daily newspaper "Itoigawa Times" in the area of ​​Itoigawa City.
Based on the concept of "local cheering party", the editorial policy is "to support and stimulate the vitality of the area", and the first aspect to be seen in the morning is the citizens (administration) who are doing their best, moving topics, and soothing hearts. It is composed of photographs, etc., and we try to create a page suitable for the start of a refreshing day.

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Yukimuro coffee

Soft cream

Soft creamIt is,milkMainly原料Soft texture food made as. Corn cup (Ice cream coneOften put on top of) and eat.EnglishThen say "soft serve ice cream"Japanglish.


The roots of soft serve ice cream are said to be China 4,000 years ago.[1]..Milk that has been boiled for a long time is chilled with snow, softened and hardened to make a paste, and the texture issherbetWas close to[1].

In 1931, the United States developed an automatic soft serve ice cream that contained an ice machine and a freezer in one box, creating the soft serve ice cream you see today.[1].

In Japan after World War II1951 (Showa26 years)May 7ToMeiji Jingu GaienWas stationed atU.S. Forces American independence dayLaunched a soft serve ice cream shop to celebrate[1]..At this time, soft serve ice cream was introduced to Japan for the first time.[1].Japan Soft Ice Cream Council The1990 To commemorate this dayMay 7Was established as "Soft serve ice cream day"[2].. In September of this yearDepartment storeWas sold in earnest and became popular[1].

Manufacturing method

The basic ingredients areice creamHowever, in the case of soft ice cream, the prepared liquid ingredients are put directly into a special machine called soft ice cream freezer, frozen in the machine with high speed stirring and put into the ingredients.空 気Is injected, and when a certain degree of softness is obtained, the raw material is taken out of the machine. Generally, many of the rotating machines squeeze by lever operation.


Because milk is the main ingredient,dairypastureIt is almost always sold at the shop.(I.e.Then basicflavorIn addition, they often sell soft serve ice cream using local special products.


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