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📝 | Make without mold!Sakufuwa Chocolat Dacquoise


Make without a mold!Sakufuwa Chocolat Dacquoise

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Due to the thickness of the dough, the baking time will be longer than with normal Dacquoise.

Dacquoise, a popular sweet with plenty of almond flavor.This time, I will introduce a recipe that can be made without using a special mold ... → Continue reading


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Duck Words(Dacquoise) IsAlmondFlavoredmeringueBaked confectionery using.EtymologyFrance OfSpaResort areaDucksDerived from.


The sweet called "Henry IV" that existed at the end of the 19th century is said to be the progenitor, and it is said that "Dacquoise" is an improved version of the sponge-like dough of this sweet.[1]..Originally, it was used as the bottom dough for entremet (whole cake) by applying creme au boules (butter cream) and stacking multiple sheets, and it was also used as a namagashi.

ovalThe mold is born in Japan and is characterized by its crisp outside and moist inside.Fukuoka CityJosuidoriOwner chef of the confectionery store "16th arrondissement"Takao Mishima Paris 16th arrondissementInvented in 1979 when he was the chef of the confectionery store "ARTHUR"[2].. "thisJapanese sweets OfIn the middleHe thought, "If we could make something equivalent to, we could make a new kind of baked confectionery." He repeated trial and error, and when he opened a store in Fukuoka in 1981, he named this confectionery the original name.FrenchI dared to change it from "Dacquoise", which is the pronunciation of "Dacquoise", to "Dacquoise" for sale.

Oval duck words are now on sale in France as well.


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