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📝 | Moist and glossy!Plain bagel A simple recipe that you can make without kneading. For snacks and sandwiches. 


Moist and glossy!Plain bagel A simple recipe that you can make without kneading. For snacks and sandwiches. 

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17. Place the parchment paper cut into squares with the seams facing down.

A simple bagel made from 5 ingredients is delicious whether you eat it as it is or sandwich it with cream cheese. ... → Continue reading


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Cooking Sheet

Cooking SheetIt is,CuisineUsed in the case ofpaperIt is a product.Heat-resistantThere is alsowater vaporPermeates but is liquidWedThere is a selectivity such as not passing through.


Parchment paper is a paper product that resembles thin plain paper, except that it has a smooth luster and translucency on the surface, which makes it difficult for food to stick to it, but it is usually rolled. Pull out the required length, cut it, and use it.

This paper is on the surfacesiliconNoTeflonIs coated and does not dissolve in water. Also, the heat resistance isCelsiusDirectly at about 250 degreesTueIf you do not touch it, it will not burn or burn.

As an applicationovenIn addition to laying it on the top plate and placing ingredients on it,microwaveYou can use it for cooking inpot,A frying panIt is possible to lay it on top and cook the ingredients on it.Edible oilEven if you don't use themkitchenwareIt is possible to prevent the food from burning. In addition, since water vapor is allowed to pass through but not water, it is possible to prevent the water vapor emitted from the food from returning to the food and swelling the surface.

Traditionally for these usesAluminum foilWas used,AluminumLighter and less scorching thanGarbageWhen disposing asBurning garbageIt is easy to handle because it can be put out as.

Before the cooking sheet

Before the development and use of parchment paperSulfurous acidProcessed with pressureGlassineOr to glassineパ ラ フ ィ ンSoaked inParaffin paperWas used for similar purposes, but it has low heat resistance.cupcakeIt is these that were used in paper cups such as.

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