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☕ | September / October limited parfait with the image of Kotohiragu Mihotsuhime, who was awarded the red stamp


Limited parfait with the image of Kotohiragu Mihotsuhime, which was awarded the limited edition red stamp in September and October.

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Autumn leaves are attached to the illustration of the shrine maiden dancing "Kotohira-mai" dedicated at the relocation festival (a festival to move the god from the temporary hall to the main hall) held on May 5.

Kotohira-gu is the first limited-edition red stamp in Kotohira-gu, known as "Konpira-san", and is limited to September and October ... → Continue reading

 Hot Tosena NEWS

"People become news. News makes people happy."
There are many "people" who live with the skills, feelings, and aspirations that are unique to that person.
In "Hotosena NEWS", we will focus on such "people" and deliver "good news" freshly picked up with local writers.

Enjoy the news of such a living experience that you will be relieved, you will want to say hi, you will smile, you will be convinced, you will be relieved.

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