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🍺 | Osaka / Izumisano City and Yo-Ho Brewing to open Osaka Brewery (tentative name) with "#Furusato Tax Payment 3.0" ...

Photo Mayor Hiroyasu Chiyomatsu (right) of Izumisano City, Osaka and President Naoyuki Ide of Yo-Ho Brewing

Osaka / Izumisano City and Yo-Ho Brewing to open Osaka Brewery (tentative name) with "#Furusato Tax Payment 3.0" ...

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Yo-Ho Brewing will entertain you not only with unique beer but also at events.

On September 2021, 9, Izumisano City and Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on attracting companies and revitalizing the region ... → Continue reading

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There are over XNUMX types of beer that can be called the most popular of all liquor. Such beer has come to be called craft beer, and it is loved by young people to elderly people, and the movement of local beer is occurring all over the world. For the time being, beer is not fun! Do you have an adventure to find your favorite beer? We publish articles to help you in your beer adventure. Enjoy our articles to get a glimpse of the beer world today.

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Yahoo brewing

Yahoo Brewing Co., Ltd.(British: YO-HO BREWING COMPANY) IsNaganoKitasaku DistrictKaruizawaHeadquartered inBeer makerIs.The brewery is in the same prefectureSakuOdai and Kitasaku-gunMiyotaLocated in Maseguchi.

Company Overview

Established in May 1996, founded in 5, specializing in ale beerCraft beerManufacturer (brewery). The founderHoshino resortRepresentativeKaji Hoshino.. Major brands include "Yona Yona Yale", "Indian Aoki", "Wednesday Cat", and "Tokyo Black". Variety of real ales and burley wines (long-term ale beer)Craft beer(Local beer) is manufactured and sold.

Craft beerThe largest maker in the industry (5th place after the 6 major companies in the entire beer industry)[1].


Taste the beer! Make life happy! Using this word as a catchphrase, we will provide a variety to the Japanese beer market, which had a uniform taste, and create a new beer culture. And deliver a little happiness to beer fans.


  • 1996/8 beerObtained manufacturing license (Saku Tax Office, Nagano Prefecture)
  • 2000/2 Low-malt beerObtained manufacturing license (Saku Tax Office, Nagano Prefecture)
  • May 2002 Certified as a manufacturer of processed organic liquor (Afas Certification Center Co., Ltd.)
  • June 2004 Food business license (Saku Health Center, Nagano Prefecture)
  • 2014/9 Kirin BeerBusiness and capital alliance with, outsourcing a part of production[2][3]
  • 2017/10 Nippon House HoldingsからGinga Kogen BeerAcquired[4]

Fan event

  • 2015-2017 Every May "Yona Yona Yale's Super Party in Fresh Green Kita Karuizawa". About 5 people.[5] Place: Kita Karuizawa Sweet Glass (Naganohara Town, Gunma Prefecture)
  • October 2017 “Yona Yona Yale's Super Party in Jingu Gaien Softball Stadium”. About 10 people.[5] Place: Jingu Gaien Softball Stadium (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • October 2018 "Yona Yona Yale's Super Party 10 ~ Beer and Adult Culture Festival ~ in Odaiba/Symbol Promenade Park" with about 2018 people. Place: Symbol Promenade Park (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • May 2019 “Yona Yona Yale's Super Party in Fresh Green Kita Karuizawa”. About 5 people. Venue: Kita Karuizawa Sweet Glass (Naganohara Town, Gunma Prefecture)


  • Yona Yona Ale - American pale ale
  • Yona Yona Real Ale
  • Tokyo black - Robust Porter
  • Indian blue demon -American styleIndia Pale Ale
  • Wednesday cat - Belgian white
  • Karuizawa Kogen Beer Wild Forest-
  • Karuizawa Kogen Beer National Trust- Robust Porter
  • Halle Nissen - Burley wine
  • Barrel Fukamidas -Barrel Aged Burley Wine
  • I haven't heard of your preference SORRY Part XNUMX-Rice malt SAKE-made strong ale
  • I haven't heard of your preference. SORRY Part XNUMX-Umami Ichiban Dashi Aroma White IPA
  • I haven't heard of my favorite SORRY Part XNUMX -Kurogo Imperial Porter
  • I haven't heard of your preference. SORRY Part XNUMX-Session Yuzu Ale
  • Sun Sun Organic-Blonde Ale
  • I'm beer, you're beer. (Lawson limited release)-Saison
  • I'm beer, you're beer. Yorimichi (Lawson limited release)-American Wheat Ale
  • I'm beer, you're beer. Michizuri Michi (Lawson Limited Release)-American Wheat Ale
  • I'm beer, you're beer. Midnight Alien (Lawson limited release)-Hoppy Amber
  • Moon Pictorial (Amazon.co.jp limited release)-Belgian Pale Ale
  • SORRY UMAMI-IPA (US limited release)-Umami IPA
  • KaBREWki (Collaboration beer with Oscar Bruce Brewery)-Yuz IPA
  • Karuizawa Beer Craft Zaurus-Pale Ale
  • Karuizawa Beer Craft Zaurus-Vintage Ale
  • Karuizawa Beer Craft Zaurus-Black IPA
  • Karuizawa Beer Craft Zaurus-Summer White Ale


  • 1998-"Japan Cup" pale brown ale section gold medal (Yona Yona Yale)
  • 2000- International Beer Competition"American-Style Pale Ale Category Gold Award (Yona Yona Yale) *Five consecutive years Gold Award
  • 2002-International Beer Competition, Robust Porter Category Gold Prize (Karuizawa Kogen Beer National Trust)
  • 2007 "-Australia International Beer Awards 2007" American Style Pale Yale Gold Award (Yona Yona Yale)
  • 2007-Rakuten Ichiba “Shop of the Year” *Awarded for XNUMX consecutive years
  • 2010-"brewery of the year 2010" sponsored by Japan Brewery Association
  • 2013-"International Brewing Award" Small Pack Bale Award (Karuizawa Kogen Beer National Trust)
  • 2013-"brewery of the year 2013" sponsored by Japan Brewery Association
  • 2014 "1st Japan Net Economic Newspaper Award" Regional Contribution Award
  • 2014-"Backyard Award 2014"
  • 2015-Selected for Japan Package Design Award 2015 (Wednesday cat)
  • 2016-"Japan Excellent Product/Service Award 2015" Nikkei MJ Excellence Award (My beer, Kimi beer.)
  • 2016- World Beer CupAmerican Style Strong Pale Yale Silver Award (IPA2016)
  • 2017-2017 editionA rewarding company(Great Place to Work ® Institute Japan) 100-999 employees Best department company


Official beer restaurant

Launched Yona Yona Official Beer Restaurant "YONA YONA BEER WORKS" in 8 stores in Tokyo (Operated by Wonder Table Co., Ltd.)

  • Akasaka store
  • Kanda store
  • Aoyama store
  • Kichijoji store
  • Shinjuku East Exit
  • Ebisu East Exit
  • Kabukicho store
  • Shintora Street Store


  • Yona Yona no Sato Main Store
  • Yona Yona no Sato Rakuten Ichiba Store

Related books

  • "Pushu Yona Yana is indebted to us-a story of employees and fans becoming a team with a silly but funny strategy" (Toyo Keizai Inc., October 2016)ISBN 4492502823


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