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🍴 | Town Chinese enthusiasts also praised the seasoning to make the strongest "Taiwan Yakisoba" was too great


The seasoning to make the strongest "Taiwan Yakisoba" was too great

If you write the contents roughly
“Machi-Chinese”, where you can eat delicious popular Chinese food at a reasonable price, has recently become a boom.

What is the ability of seasoning to make Chinese food in the town that is acclaimed by Amazon?Delicious ordinary people at a reasonable price ... → Continue reading


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Town chinese

Town chinese(Machichuka) is a popular community rooted in the community.Chinese restaurantThat[1].


Town China has been a business with many strong fans, as it has been running for decades in quiet residential areas and rural towns, and gourmet programs featuring town China are popular.[1].. There is no clear definition of "Chinese food in town", and if it is strong, it is "Chinese restaurant in town that has been around for a long time" and "Stores that are operated by private business or goodwill", but the taste varies depending on the store. Is[1].

Captain and writer of "Chinese Expedition to Town"Kitao ToroWas trying to define Chinese food from the menu and appearance, but since the appearance of shops that would soon be an exception, it has reached the point where "Chinese food cannot be defined".[2]However, in his book, he mentions "opened before Showa", "full for less than 1000 yen", "various menus", "no manual", and "the owner is unique".[3][4]..In addition, "taste," "existence of local regular customers," "no rent or labor costs," and "no customer service manual" are cited as factors for the survival of the long-established Chinese town.[1].


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