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🍴 | Bread lovers will be excited!Niseko's "Okudo Farm Ishigama Bread Studio"'s commitment and 3 popular breads


Make bread lovers scream!Niseko's "Okudo Farm Ishigama Bread Studio"'s commitment and 3 popular breads

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People who say "I can't easily go to Niseko" can purchase it at "Kita Kitchen" in Aurora Town, Atsubetsu Ward, and Asahikawa in Sapporo depending on the day of the week.

At the foot of Mt. Yotei, in the middle of Niseko's nature, there is "Okudo Farm Ishigama Bread Studio".A place with only green around ... → Continue reading


This is a community-based reading content surveyed and interviewed by the editorial department of the local media "Domingo" that delivers the "now" of Hokkaido.

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Atsubetsu Ward

Atsubetsu Ward(Atsubetsu) isSapporo OfAdministrative district.


Atsubetsu Ward is the smallest ward in the 10 wards of Sapporo City.[1]..It is divided into a plain part with an altitude of about 7 m and a hill part with an altitude of about 40 m, and the hill part is geologically.Nozuboro RiverThe north side is called "Nohoro Hills" and the south side is called "Atsubetsu Plateau".[1].EbetsuとKitahiroshima City"Provincial Natural Park Nopporo Forest ParkWas organized in the suburbs of a large city, which is one of the few in Japan.森林(Plain forest) is left.


The climate is monsoon compared to central Sapporomonsoon) Is strong, and both rainfall and snowfall tend to be high.[1].


See "Chronology of Atsubetsu Ward"[2]


  • 1990 112,623
  • 1995 122,738
  • 2000 127,718
  • 2005 129,720
  • 2010 128,492
  • 2015 127,767

Government office

National agency
Independent administrative agencies, special corporations, etc.

public facility

  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Ward Citizens Center
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Health Center (inside Atsubetsu Ward Office)
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Ward Civil Engineering Center
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Nishi District Center
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Minami District Center (inside Uenohoro Elementary School)
  • Sapporo City Eastern City Tax Office (Sapporo City Transportation Bureau)
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Elderly Welfare Center
  • Sapporo Electronics Center
  • Ai Work Atsubetsu (Atsubetsu Ward Office)
  • Sapporo City Transportation Bureau
  • Sapporo City Waterworks BureauSouthern Waterworks Center Atsubetsu Branch
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Water Reclamation Plaza
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu Sewage Sewage Compost Factory
  • Sapporo City Reuse Plaza
  • Sapporo City Atsubetsu District Recycling Center (inside Reuse Plaza)
  • Yamamoto processing plant

Cultural facility

Sports Facilities

public agency




See "Medical Institution List (Atsubetsu Ward)"[5]


Community broadcasting station

  • BIPSC(RADIO TXT FM Drama City)

Educational institution

University/Junior college

Vocational school

  • Sapporo Nursing and Medical College

high school


Junior high school

  • Seisa Momiji Junior High School

primary school

Special school

Authorized child institution


  • Sapporo Municipal Atsubetsu Kindergarten
  • Hokko Kindergarten[6]
  • Atsubetsu Kindergarten[6]
  • Sapporo Mizuho Kindergarten[6]
  • Rainbow Forest Catholic Kindergarten[6]
  • 2nd Atsubetsu Kindergarten[6]

Licensed nursery school

  • Magokoro nursery school[7]
  • Hibarigaoka Nursery School[7]
  • Aoba Kosho Nursery School[7]
  • Momiji Taipei Nursery School[7]
  • Atsubetsu Mutual Prosperity Nursery School[7]
  • Momijidaiminami Nursery School[7]
  • Sapporo collaborative nursery school[7]
  • Atsubetsu Komakusa Nursery School[7]
  • Atsubetsu Nishi Nursery School[7]
  • Sapporo Wanpakukan[7]
  • Shinsapporotomato Nursery School[7]
  • Atsubetsu Moegi Nursery School[7]
  • Atsubetsu Sakuraki Nursery School[7]

Economic and industrial

Industrial park

  • Sapporo Techno Park
  • Atsubetsu District Light Industrial Park
  • Atsetsu District No. 2 Light Industrial Park


Commercial facility

Shopping center
Supermarket discount store
  • Hokuno
    • Atsubetsu Higashi 2nd store
    • Central store (inside Momijidai Shopping Center)
    • Atsubetsu 5 store
    • Momijidai store
    • Shin-Sapporo store
  • AEON Hokkaido(AEON group)
    • Maxvalu Atsubetsu store
    • Maxvalu Atsubetsu East Store
    • Food Center Shinrinkoen
    • My Basket Atsubetsu Chuo 2-jo 4-chome store
  • Ralls(Arcs group)
    • Super Arcs East (in Sapporo Hibarigaoka Town Plaza)
  • Toko store(Arks Group)
    • Oyachi store (Capo Oyachi)
  • Consumers' Co-op Sapporo
    • Hibarigaoka store
  • Otsuki ingredients
    • C & C Carrot New Sapporo Store
  • Tsuji
  • Trial company
    • Supercenter Trial Atsubetsu
  • Kobe Bussan
    • Gyomu Super Uenohoro
    • Business supermarket Atsubetsu west store

Financial institution

  • North Pacific BankAtsubetsu Central Branch / Momijidai Branch, Otani Branch, Hiraoka Park Branch, Forest Park Branch
  • Hokkaido BankHiraoka Park Branch, New Sapporo Branch, Otaniji Branch
Cooperative financial institution


home delivery

  • Yamato TransportSapporo branch office
    • Sapporo Atsubetsu West Center / Sapporo Atsubetsu East Center
    • Atsubetsu Central Center
  • Sagawa ExpressSapporo Sales Office, Hokkaido Aviation Sales Office (Location is Shiroishi Ward)
  • Nippon ExpressSapporo Branch Sapporo Automobile Office (Location is Shiroishi Ward)




Long time agoSapporo City Transportation BureauIs the bus route (Sapporo City Bus) Was operated, but the route was gradually transferred to a private company, and it was abolished in 2004 (Heisei 16).

Bus terminal
Transit Bus
Airport bus
Express Bus



Cultural property

See "Cultural Properties in Sapporo"[10]

Country designation


Festivals and events

  • New Sapporo Winter Festival (January)
  • Atsubetsu Hana Festa (held in spring and autumn)
  • Yume Ichiba Atsubetsu (held once a month from May to October)
  • Sakuradai Summer Festival (July)
  • Atsubetsu Ward Festival (July)
  • Momijidai Summer Festival (August)
  • Aoba Town Summer Festival (August)
  • Autumn Hometown Festival (September)
  • Atsubetsu Ward Sports Challenge (October)

Person from

Order of the Japanese syllabary


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