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🍴 | This satisfaction is amazing with 1 calories per sheet!The gentle taste of "healthy cookies" is just right when you're hungry!

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This satisfaction is amazing with 1 calories per sheet!The gentle taste of "healthy cookies" is just right when you're hungry!

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To eat deliciously until the end, it is recommended to store it using a zip lock or a tool that can be sealed.

"Okara cookie" is highly recommended to accompany remote work! Contains 3g of 700 different flavors ... → Continue reading

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Zip lock

Zip lock(English: Ziploc) IsSC JohnsonManufactured and sold byfastenerWithPlastic bag.Food storage bagWidely used as.in JapanAsahi Kasei Home ProductsIs for sale.

History in the United States

Founded in 1951, Flexigrip, Inc. uses Borge Madison's technology to create plastic fasteners, primarily loose-leaf binders.BriefcaseIt was developed and sold for the contents.After that, I noticed that there was a lot of demand for bags to wrap products, and in 1961 Japan's production company (Seinichi) [1] Obtained manufacturing and sales rights for Minigrip type plastic fasteners in the United States from Minigrip[2] Was established. In 1964, MinigripDow ChemicalFor companies and groceries (supermarketFor) productsUSMonopolyOflicenseIt was a great success when it was manufactured and sold in Japan.

In 1968, the Ziploc brand was launched andTest marketWas done[3]..Dow Chemical has since improved the speed of production of plastic bags to offer cheaper materials.

In 1978, Minigrip announced Signode, Inc.[4] Was bought by and became its subsidiary. In 1986, Signode and Dow Chemical were Zip-Pak.[5] Established. In 1991, ITWCompany (Illinois Tool Works) Bought a stake in Dow Chemical's Zip-Pak, making Zip-Pak a wholly owned subsidiary of ITW.

1997 years,SC JohnsonHas acquired Dow Brands, including Dow Chemical's Ziploc, to this day.The buy price is said to be $ 13- $ 17 billion[6].

in Japan

Initially in JapanLionHad the right to sell, but in 1996Asahi KaseiSales rights have been transferred to, and nowAsahi Kasei Home ProductsIs for sale.Trademark rights in Japan are shared by SC Johnson and Asahi Kasei Home Products (registered trademark No. 2203799, etc.).


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