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🍜 | On a ramen-like day, "Niboshi Soba" is 830 yen.The same price for Omori!Kitahama "Niboshi-Chuka Soba Koreino Flying"

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On days when you feel like ramen, "Niboshi Shimaze Soba" is 830 yen.The same price for Omori!Kitahama "Niboshi-Chuka Soba Koreino Flying"

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The counter seats are separated by an acrylic board to ensure your own space.

<From Osaka> A 2-minute walk from Kitahama Station on the Keihan Main Line.A sardine ramen shop founded in 11 near Kitahama Korai Bridge. … → Continue reading

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Acrylic plate

Acrylic plate(Acrylic ban) isacrylic resinIt is a board made of[1][2]..It is similar to a glass plate in that it is a highly transparent plate, but its use is different.Aquariums, especially large aquariums, are made of acrylic plates because they are transparent enough to withstand water pressure.On the other hand, it is not used as a substitute for window glass (outside the building) due to its poor heat resistance.


High transparency[1][3]..The light transmittance of the acrylic plate is 93%, and the light transmittance is 92%.ガ ラ スSurpass[1][3][4][5].

Easy to cut, drill, bend, chamfer, polish, etc.[1][3]..You can also engrave and print.[4].

Strong, hard to break, debris does not scatter even if broken[3][5][6]..Excellent impact resistance[1]..Surface hardness is similar to aluminum[7].

Excellent weather resistance[1]..Durable[3]..Extremely low decrease in transparency and strength[5].

If it is a shallow scratch, it can be refinished with an abrasive.[7].

Easy to be charged with static electricity and easy to get dust[7].


Extruded board

Acrylic board made by extruding clay-like melted acrylic resin with a roller[3][8]..The thickness of the board can be made up to 20 mm[3]..The thickness of the board is constant[4]..Cheaper than cast board[2][4][5][8].

Coarse molecular weight[4], The molecular weight of the extruded plate is 1/15 of the cell cast plate[7]..Easy to stick when cut[4]..Therefore, it is suitable for use as a board.[4]..In addition, the heated part is easy to melt and is not suitable for high-speed cutting.[8].

Easily soluble in solvents[8][7]..Suitable for solvent bonding[3][8][7]..Easy to bend by applying heat[3].

Sensitive to chemicals[4]..Cracks with solvents and chemicals[Note 1]Is likely to occur[8].

Lack of durability[2]..Sensitive to changes in temperature and environment[3]..Sensitive to heat[3], Thermal deformation temperature is low and softens early[7]..Easy to crack[3]..Fine cracks may occur on the surface depending on the type of solvent.[7].

Cast board

Acrylic plate made by stacking two upper and lower glasses, pouring acrylic raw material between them and curing[3][8]..Higher hardness than extruded material[3][4][8], Hard to warp[3][8]Suitable for machining[4][5],expensive[2][4][5][8]There are features such as.It is also possible to make a large board.[2]..Due to the manufacturing method, there are variations in the thickness of the board.[4][8]..Acrylic color boards are mostly cast boards[4].

Fine molecular weight[4]..Therefore, it is difficult to dissolve in a solvent when adhering.[4][8]..Solvent adhesion process takes time and adhesion is weak[3], Also low strength[8]..Suitable for high speed cutting[8].

FX board

A type of cast board[5]..Fewer binding molecules than regular cast boards[5]..Therefore, processing such as solvent bonding, polishing, cutting, and drilling is easy.[5]..Suitable for solvent bonding[5].

Less deterioration over time like extruded plates[5].


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  1. ^ Fine cracks on the surface


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Counter (interior)

counter(British: counter, countertop) IsInteriorHorizontal stand inテ ー ル) Name[1].partitionAlso plays the role ofServicesFace-to-face between the side doing and the side receiving[Note 1]It becomes a format to do.

bank-The office OfWindowMay point to[1]. Also,Shop(retail store)ofcheckout counterAnd空港Check-in counter ・Hotel OffrontIncluding etcService counterThere is also the word.


bar(A bar)Counter barIt is also used in.Counters are often tall, and the high-legged stools that match them have the common name of "perch".[2]. WesternAnd so onglassYou can also see the sight of sliding on the counter and handing it to the customer[3].

In recent years, there has been a subdivision called "U-shaped bar" based on its shape.[4]..The wooden counter is a part of the tasteCherry BlossomsSome use a single plate.Standing drinkIn the case of (some stores do not have chairs), it is simplestainlessThere is also a counter made of.


Counter seatJust insidekitchenIf it is, freshly madeMealThere is a merit that you can receive as it is[5]..Box seats and small risesZashiki-Private roomSome stores have such items[Note 2]..In the case of U-shaped counter seats, the position of the chairs is devised so that the eyes of the customers do not match.

TeppanyakiYatempuraIn shops, etc., there may be a vertical transparent partition in front of the cooking zone to prevent oil splashing on customers.右 利 きWith peopleleft handedPeople can be next to each other.

Ramen shop

Ramen shopThen.Counter seatIs often seen.SubstituteYou can also order smoothly.A table for the clerk to put tableware on may be installed at a higher position just in front of the customer's meal counter.

セ ル フ サ ー ビ ス


Counter kitchen(Japanglish: counter + kitchen)[1]Kind of kitchen (kitchen) Exists.Island kitchen style (sinkとFurnaceThewall(Those that are not placed along)1970 eraWas already born in[6].. in Japan1978 ToCleanupIt is said that it became the prototype of "Clean Lady"Counter kitchenWas released[7]..It is basically a face-to-face type, and it is possible to cook and clean up while watching TV, talking with family members, watching over the elderly and small children.[8]The advantages are also pointed out.

On the contraryKitchen counter(British English: Kitchen Worktop) Sometimes refers to a small table with a certain height that is placed in the kitchen.Some also serve as storage.


Crime preventionAbove, some financial institutions have vertical transparent partitions.


There are also various service counters.


  1. ^ On the other hand, hamburger shopsconvenience store OfEat inCounter seats such as corners basically face windows and walls.
  2. ^ family restaurantHowever, some stores have counter seats.

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