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🍴 | Full of fruits! FamilyMart releases "5 kinds of mixed fruit sandwiches"


Full of fruits! FamilyMart releases "5 kinds of mixed fruit sandwiches"

If you write the contents roughly
FamilyMart will continue to expand its fruit sandwich lineup.

FamilyMart will release "9 kinds of mixed fruit sandwiches" (21 yen) on September 5st.This time, Fami ... → Continue reading

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FamilyMart(FamilyMart)JapanOf originconvenience store (CVS).Known as "Famima".Here, we specialize in describing FamilyMart as a store brand, and for the corporation itself.FamilyMart (company)Described in.


1973 ,Saison Group(Formerly Saison Group)General supermarket(GMS) Has been in charge of businessSeiyu Store Co., Ltd.(CurrentJoint company Seiyu)ButSaitamaSayamaOpened a CVS experimental store inside.1976 Named the CVS business as FamilyMartFCRecruitment of owners started. In 1978ChibaFunabashiThe first FC store will open within. And in 1, became independent from Seiyu Store Co., Ltd. (then)Familymart Inc.Was established. About 100 employees were all from Seiyu Store[1].. Since the store was very small, he has been focusing on developing an ordering system, and in 1980 Seibu Information Center (currently:Saison Information Systems),FujitsuWas built withOnline systemA family line that is up and running[2].. In December 1987,Saison GroupAs the fifth company to go publicTSE First SectionListed on the market (changed to the first section in 1989)[3].

Saison GroupWas the president ofSeiji TsutsumiInitially, the intention was to “do not enter the convenience store business because it is not possible to crush small businesses,” but it is said that the convenience store business has been pushed forward by the internal boost.

At the time of establishment, FamilyMart emphasized the originality of the store at the owner's discretion, such as allowing the name of the store prior to its membership to be added and allowing the purchase of products from other companies in the same industry.

FamilyMart is a partnership with leading local companiesJoint ventureTake responsibility for sales[4], Actively promoting the area franchise underpinnedBubble economyContinued to grow steadily after the collapse[5]In the mid-1990sSeven-Eleven,LawsonIt was the third largest in the industry after[6].

米 国Unlike Seven-Eleven, etc., which was launched in partnership with a company, we developed our own chain system.[7]Since it launched the CVS business, it has no restrictions on the expansion of its sales area, and has been relatively early in joint ventures with local companies in Asian countries. Previously not CVSFranchiseHe was also developing a new business format.

It was the parent company in 1994Seiyu OfNon-bankWas a subsidiaryTokyo City FinanceIn order to generate liquidation funds for the reconstruction of, the release of Famima shares owned by Seiyu to overseas funds etc., and in February 1998,Noriyuki WatanabeFrom President Seiyu (at that time)Uichiro NiwaITOCHU CorporationRequested Vice President (at that time) to purchase Famima stock[8], ITOCHU accepted it. Seiyu sells Famima shares to Family Corporation, a group company of the same companyTransferThen Seiyu retired from Famima's management[9].. Currently belongs to the ITOCHU Group, and is engaged in business with the cooperation of ITOCHU Corporation such as advice and support for the product supply system.[10].. Former president of the first corporationShoichiro OkiIncluding the Seiyu subsidiary era, all the former presidents of the old corporation were from the same company (the first corporation changed the company name,Uni Family Mart HoldingsInherited this flow. The current corporation may have been temporarily enrolled in ITOCHU even if the company name was changed to FamilyMartTakashi SawadaWas just appointed, there is no president dispatched from ITOCHU). Even after becoming a member of the ITOCHU Group,MujiOld saleSaison GroupCertain relationships with constituent companies were maintained[11]However, sales ended on January 2019, 1. Also, the former Saison GroupSeibu GroupIt is the one that has been split fromSeibu HoldingsBothSeibu RailwayIn partnership with Seibu Line, the convenience store business in the stationTOMONYThere is a certain relationship such as developing (Tomony).

All of JapanPrefecturesThere are 16,426 stores (2019 No. 4 in the industry as of April 30).Kagoshima-OkinawaNo. 1 share.

2007 May 7First in the convenience store industryiD, Edy (current:Rakuten Edy) The shared terminal can now be used. The convenience stores that Edy can use at all stores are oldam / pm, OldCircle K Thanks,Poplar groupThe fourth company after.

In addition, the product priceCredit cardPayment with is a FamilyMart membership card for a long timeFamima T CardOnly possible, but2011 (23)May 11We changed the system so that credit cards issued by other companies can be used. The "TSUTAYA W Card" issued by Famima Credit (issuer of Famima T Card) can also be used at Famima stores after November 2011, 11.[Note 1].. As mentioned earlier, you can use electronic money iD or Rakuten Edy to make payments, so use a credit card with an iD function, an iD linked to a credit card, or Rakuten Edy charged with a credit card. So any credit card issued by any company could be used practically.

In the past, the logo was a pop-like font and used the symbol mark called "Smile Star and Sun" using the sun and stars,1992 (Paul's design is1998 Changed to the current logo mark (however, "Smile Star and Sun" is still affixed to the window next to the entrance[Note 2]). The current logo isDentsuSusumu HaradaIt was designed by and has undergone a minor change during the integration with Uni in 2016.

2015 March 3th, in the same industryCircle K,thanksOperated in JapanTokai regionBased onUNY Group HoldingsAnnounced that it will start discussions with[12][13][14], Next day2016 On January 1, "The company was merged with UNY Group HD on September 27, the same year.Absorption mergerdo itHolding company"Uni Family Mart HoldingsCo., Ltd., the CVS business will be transferred to Circle K Sunkus by absorption-type split, and the company name of Circle K Sunkus will be changed to FamilyMart. From there, over the course of three years, the stores in Circle K and Sunkus will be sequentially switched to Famima. Was announced[15][16].. With this integration, FamilyMart's FamilyMart,Circle K,thanksThe total number of stores of these three brands is close to 3, which isSeven-Eleven JapanOne of Japan's largest convenience store chain groups will be born. Before that, FamilyMartam / pmIn addition, the Tokai region is the ground CVS on March 2015, 3Cocostore OfAcquisitionIt is also said that the final adjustment was made for[17][18], Invested 10 billion yen and acquired all shares of Cocostore, making it a wholly owned subsidiary[19].. Cocostore was merged with Famima on December 12st.DissolutionNext[20]Established "Cocosta Business and Integration Headquarters" in Famima. Also,Every OneThe name of the store is by August 2016, 8, just before the merger with Circle K Sunkus.CocostoreBy October 10st of the same yearMitsuurokoExcept for the transfer, it was converted to "Family Mart" and the official website was closed[21].. As of September 2019, 9, FamilyMart willUni Family Mart HoldingsAfter being merged into the company, UNY FamilyMart Holdings changed its company name to "FamilyMartChange to ".

Most stores are open 24 hours a day,Kintetsu,JR KyushuShops on the station premises, which connect franchises with others, university campuses, corporate in-store shops, etc. do not open all day, but operate for a limited time.

In addition, there are some that operate as Tobu shops. (Becomes a Tobu Group from 2012)


1970 era

  • 1972 (Showa47) September-CorporationSeiyu Store(CurrentSeiyu) Has set up a small store manager in the in-house planning room.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) September-As an experimental storeSaitamaSayamaOpened the first Sayama store (now Iriso store) in Mizuno.[22].
  • 1975 (Showa 50) May-Fourth experimental store opens in Kiyose, Tokyo (Akitsu store)
  • 1976 (51) --Named the store name FamilyMart and started recruiting franchise owners.
  • 1978 (53)
    • September-corporationSeiyu StoreEstablished FamilyMart Division within the company.
    • April-Start the business by changing the first experimental store to a franchise store.
    • August-Open CallFranchiseThe first store, Daikaku Sanzan store (Chiba PrefectureFunabashi)Opened (opposite the current Funabashi Miyama XNUMXchome store)

1980 era

  • 1980 (55) April-Ordering system (Family Line) with computer and ordering ledger with bar code started operation
  • 1981 (56)
  • 1987 (62) February-Achieved 2 stores in Japan.
  • 1988 (63)-Started expansion into Taiwan[23].

1990 era

2000 era

  • 2000 (12)
    • May 10 - Famima dot comStarted the service.
    • May 12 -Opened Yamato-cho XNUMX-chome store and opened a store in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • 2001 (13)
  • 2002 (14)May 5 -Launch of Yupi Card service at some stores in Tokyo.
  • 2003 (15)May 12 -Matsuyama Sanbancho XNUMX-chome store opened,EhimeStarted opening stores.
  • 2004 (16)
  • 2005 (17)
    • May 5 -Opened Matsue Eshima Ohashi store and opened a store in Shimane Prefecture.
    • May 5 -Opened Suwa Minami Inter Store and opened a store in Nagano Prefecture.
    • May 6 -Started handling Kuroneko Mail.
    • May 8 -Started opening stores in Niigata Prefecture[24].
    • May 10 -Yamato Transport's "Takkyubin Same-Day Service" service started at 477 stores in Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima, and Niigata prefectures.
    • May 10 -Started handling Suica payments at 23 stores in 221 wards.
    • May 12 -Opened the Akita Goshonoyu Main Store and opened a store in Akita Prefecture.
  • 2006 (18)
    • May 5 -Opened Hachinohe Aoba XNUMX-chome store and opened a store in Aomori Prefecture[25].
    • May 7 - HokkaidoArea franchisor: Opened Sapporo Honmachi 1-jo store by Hokkaido Family Mart. Achieved opening all prefectures with this[26].
  • 2007 (19)
  • 2009 (21)
    • May 3 -Introduced Kitaca electronic money to approximately 30 stores in the Sapporo area along the JR Hokkaido line.
    • May 5 -JR West area Kansai 2 prefectures and stores in Okayama and Hiroshima areas (initially about 4 stores, some stores only)ICOCAIntroduced electronic money.
    • May 10 -Introduced electronic money "WAON" developed by Aeon to all stores (Seibu Railway(Except for "TOMONY" which is co-developed with).

2010 era

  • 2010 (22)May 6 -At all stores in Fukuoka and some stores in Saga,SUGOCAAdd electronic money.
  • 2011 (23)
    • May 3 -JR TokaiTOICAElectronic money is introduced at a total of 118 stores in parts of Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures.
    • May 6 -Started converting from some am/pm stores in Kansai area to Family Mart.
    • May 7 - Kinki Nippon RailwayAgres to convert 6 am / pm stores operated in the station to FamilyMart.
    • May 11 -Opened the flagship shop "Family Mart Daikanyama Store" of the Adult Convenience Store Research Institute.
    • May 11 -JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club can be used at FamilyMarts nationwide.
    • May 12 - am / pmClosed all stores and switched to FamilyMart[27].
  • 2012 (24)
    • May 4 -Started opening a store in Hangzhou, China.
    • May 6 -Started opening stores in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
    • After June-Names in Korea are changed to "CU With Family MartWill be changed.
    • May 9 -Total number of stores in China reached 1000.
    • May 10 -Started opening a store in Indonesia.
  • 2013 (25)
    • May 3 -Announced conversion of Kinki Nippon Railway station shop to Family Mart[28].
    • May 4 -Started opening a store in the Philippines.
    • May 10 -Opening a total of 4 stores on the same day in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, etc., in the Japanese CVS industrySeven-Eleven Japan,LawsonAchieved 3 stores in Japan, the third company after[29].
  • 2014 (26)
  • 2015 (27)
  • 2016 (28)
    • August 4- MalaysiaWith QL Resources, a food processing company inlicenseAnnounced to conclude a contract and start deployment in the country[38].
    • August 4- JA ZennoThe first integrated store with a large-scale agricultural direct sales store inEhimeToon CityOpen to.
    • August 8- Every OneClosed all stores, switched to FamilyMart[39].
    • September 9-Change of management body (from the first family mart)2nd generation/Family MartThe logo mark has been changed for the first time in 24 years in accordance with ()), and there is a small white between the conventional green and light blue.
    • August 10- CocostoreClosed all stores and switched to FamilyMart[Note 3][40].
  • 2018 (30)
    • May 3 --As a new formatCoin laundry OfFamilyMart Laundry(Famima Laundry) Opened[41], Will be added to or integrated with a convenience store[41].
    • May 4 - Electronic moneyunikoStart using[42].
    • August 11- Circle KthanksClosed all stores and switched to FamilyMart. At the time of business integration, it was planned to be abolished by February 2019, but it is possible that it may be pushed ahead of the plan.[43]However, due to strong sales at the converted stores, the parent company, Uni Family Mart Holdings Co., Ltd., announced in April 2017 that it will be pushed forward by about half a year in the medium-term management plan.[44].. However, it was revised downward by 4 months in the news release on April 19th.[45].
  • 2019 (31ReiwaFirst year)
    • May 1 - MujiNo longer available[46].
    • May 9 -Operating company reorganized (2nd generation) from FamilyMart(3rd generation) FamilyMart(Former: First Family Mart).
    • May 11 -While discussing the issue of 24-hour business review, establish a policy to allow business owners to shorten business hours (shorter hours) in principle if they wish[47].
    • May 11 - Rakuten points-d pointStarted handling[48].. As a result, the former Circle K and Sunkus stores have switched to T-points due to the business integration with FamilyMart and have changed brands.[49], Will be compatible with Rakuten points for the first time in about two years[50].

2020 era


Since its founding, shirt-type uniforms have not been established for a long time, and it is known that it has adopted a policy of wearing only predetermined aprons for individual plain clothes. From the 3st generation to the 4rd generation, the apron is "plain clothes + apron", and from the XNUMXth generation, it is the same shirt type as other convenience stores.

  • First generation (apron)-August 1978-October 8. A dark blue jeans-type apron, with a red smiley mark and a yellow star drawn in the center of the chest, and the word "Family Mart" in red below it.
  • 2nd generation (apron)-November 1982-June 11. There are two types, viridian green and orange. Viridian green is for men and orange is for women. The outline of "Family Mart" is written on the chest. The smile mark and the star were drawn large.
  • 3th generation (apron)-July 1990-December 7. There are two types, viridian green and red. Viridian green is for men and red is for women. The smile mark and star design were abolished, and there was only an outline of "Family Mart" on the chest.
  • 4th generation (shirt)-January 2000-May 1. There are two types, one is light blue/white/green and the other is orange/white/green. The upper light blue is for men, and the orange one is for women. From this generation, it changed to the shirt type similar to other convenience stores, and the men's uniform of this generation had a design that imitated the current signboard color.
  • 5th generation (shirts and polo shirts)-June 2005-6. A black work wear shirt.Registered sellerA special uniform was also prepared, and the item for registered sellers was the same type of blue. Separately, a black short-sleeved polo shirt was introduced for the first time for summer use, and it is still used as of 2018, but it is up to the store to decide whether or not to introduce it.
  • 6th generation (shirt)-2016 to present. A shirt type with a color that mixes gray and navy blue, and the central zipper is blue. Originally long sleeves, but the part beyond the elbow is a fastener that can be separated. Shops that do not use the polo shirt type, which is one of the 05th generation uniforms, use short-sleeved shirts with their elbows and tips removed as summer clothes.

In addition, there are cases where overseas stores use uniforms with a different design from Japan.


Store development in Japan

There are stores in all prefectures of Japan[26]Again in 2016Circle K ThanksDue to the management integration,2019 3nd in the industry with 16,619 stores as of the end of March[55]..No. 1 in Iwate prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Nara prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, Okinawa prefecture[55].

In Japan, the area franchiseeSouth Kyushu Family MartHas 315 stores,Okinawa Family MartIs a franchisee from the am/pm era in addition to 221 storesJR Kyushu RetailThere are 117 stores.[Source required]2016 Until then, he ran FamilyMart in Hokkaido,Hokkaido Family Mart TheSeicomartCo., Ltd., a subsidiary ofMaruyo Nishio(Current:Seiko Fresh Foods) Was segregated from Seiko Mart because it was established as a joint venture with[Note 4].[Original research?]

In addition, Minamikyushu Family Mart is the number one store in the Kagoshima area. Even within the area, there are many competing stores within a short distance, so we are implementing a number of differentiating strategies ahead of the main body.[Source required]

In addition to this, there are blank areas in some areas,IwamiThere are no stores on the Sea of ​​Japan side in the region or Yamaguchi Prefecture, and in Kochi Prefecture as well.KochiOpened only in Chubu, in Niigata PrefectureItoigawaThere is only one store in the Takada area in Joetsu City, and no store in the center of Joetsu City.[Source required]

Highwayservice area-Parking areaActively opening stores, the number of highway stores nationwide has reached 50, and FamilyMart holds the top share on highways. In addition, stores on expressways and general toll roads are the same as other convenience stores.Drunk drivingNo alcohol is sold for prevention.[Source required]

West Japan Expressway(NEXCO West Japan) Jurisdiction store[Note 5]Will switch to Seven-Eleven at the end of the contract period at the end of March 2018[56].

  • Now[When?]Japan's northernmost store: Takigawa Koganecho store (Takigawa City, Hokkaido)
  • Now[When?]Eastmost store in Japan: Akabira store (Akahira city, Hokkaido)
  • Now[When?]Westernmost store in Japan: Makira Ishigaki store (Ishigaki, Okinawa)
  • Now[When?]Japan's southernmost store: Ishigaki Yashima store (Ishigaki, Okinawa)

Operation reduction

Ahead of other major chains,Lack of laborWe continue to review our work and rules to alleviate problems and reduce the burden of part-time jobs. XNUMX% of promotional materials[57]Abolishes POS cashier button for the first time in major CVS in August 2017[58], April 2018, the first major CVS chain to abolish inspection (actually selectable by store)[59]In June 2018, the clothing standards were relaxed.Brown hairBut OK, abolish "Please come again" greeting[60]Introduces New Coffee Machine Directly Connected to Water Supply/Drainage in September 2018[61]Announces extension of sales dates for side dishes to reduce opportunity loss and waste loss[62], In January 2019Self checkoutAnnounced the introduction of 1,000 units[63]In August 2019, we will extend the sales time of Chinese buns and oden by 8 hour to reduce waste loss[64]Announces range-up oden[65]Efforts are underway to improve the workability of staff. For time-saving and labor-saving experiments, time-saving sales experiments for up to 700 stores[66],Face recognitionLabor-saving store development by[67]Etc. are underway.

Store type

The image colors used on store signs are green, white, and blue.[Note 6]Combination of. In many stores, for visitor notificationchimeAs from the former Matsushita Electric Works eraPanasonic Electric Works(Current:Panasonic) Melody sign made by is adopted.

Most stores are named “Family Mart”, but as a recent store format, from October 2003, the store design and product lineup have been changed within the specific facility according to the concept of that facility.Famima!!There are stores (mainly in Kanto and Kansai). Also,West Japan Expressway20 stores in the (NEXCO West Japan) area (Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu)Re SPOT'' is used, but this store group will beWest Japan Expressway Service HoldingsHas expired the franchise contract,Seven-ElevenHas been revealed to be rebranded to[68].

Seibu RailwayStation premises store "TOMONYIs a store based on a business tie-up between Seibu Railway and FamilyMart. Also, from September 2012,Osaka Metro ServiceIn partnership withOsaka Municipal SubwayStations in the southern part of the city (Honcho Station"Ekifami" was developed by converting some stores that were located inpoplar, But the franchise contract has ended in March 2017.[Note 7].

Kinki Nippon RailwaySince (Kintetsu) was an am/pm area franchisee (am/pm Kintetsu), am/pm was deployed along the line. am/pm KintetsuKappa CreateIt became out of affiliated (am/pm Kansai) due to the transfer toKintetsu Retail ServiceEntrusted to). The am/pm stores that Kintetsu was operating were converted to Family Mart due to the absorption of am/pm to Family Mart.[Note 8]Will be converted to Family Mart (nicknamed "Kintetsu Ekifami").

またJR KyushuGroup ofJR Kyushu RetailAn in-house convenience store operated byLife trainAs with Kintetsu, it was a franchise of am/pm, but now it is all converted to Famima.

The Nagoya Railroad operates Family Mart through a franchise by Meitetsu Sangyo, but the store name is Family Mart Estació.

Coin laundry from 2018FamilyMart LaundryIs being developed as a convenience store with FamilyMart or as an integrated store.[41].

Characteristic store

Educational institution

Industry-academia collaborationI will write about the stores that do.


Only those with a characteristic as a store opening form are described.

Stores in government offices

Harbor/Market store

  • Store in harbor

Port storeExists.MoreFamilyMart (Company) #Franchisees notedSee.

In-house store

A store opened as an in-house store. Many stores are not subject to store searches, and many stores are restricted from being used by ordinary customers.

  • Hiwa Service Hitachi Office Maritime Store (IbarakiHitachi City)- Hitachi, Ltd.There is a store on the premises of the Hitachi Works Kaigan Factory as a welfare facility (store) for employees and related people working at (not available to other parties). Weather service (Hitachi Group) Operated by.
  • Hiyori Service Omika Office Store (Hitachi City, Ibaraki)-There is a store on the premises of Omika Office of Hitachi, Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Company (not available to non-related parties). Operated by Hiwa Service (Hitachi Group).
  • Hiwa Service Hitachi High-Tech Store (Ibaraki PrefectureHitachinaka City)-There is a store on the premises of the Nissan Naka Factory (not available to anyone other than those involved). Operated by Hiwa Service (Hitachi Group).
  • Ginza Mitsukoshi Store (TokyoChuo-ku)-GinzaMitsukoshiIt is located in the employee's rest room on the 4th basement floor.
  • Shiodome Media TowerStore (TokyoMinato-ku)- Kyodo NewsThere is a store on the second basement floor of the building. (Available for general customers)
  • Nippon Television TowerStore (Minato-ku, Tokyo)- Nippon TVThere is a store on the 16th floor of the Shiodome company indoors (only available to those concerned).
  • Yokogawa Electric Store (TokyoMusashino)- YokogawaThere is a store on the premises of the head office. Opened by converting the stand that was operated independently (only for those concerned).
  • Nissan Motor NTC Store (Kanagawa PrefectureAtsugi)- Nissan MotorLocated in the Technical Center (not available to anyone other than the parties concerned).
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. NATC store (Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture)-Located in the Nissan Motor Advanced Technology Development Center (only available to those involved).
  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store (Nagoya CityNaka-ku)- MatsuzakayaNext to the employee break room on the 2nd floor of the main building (not available to anyone other than the parties concerned). Opened in June 2010.
  • Kawashige Hyogo Factory Store (HyogoKobe City)- Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesHyogo Factory Co., Ltd. The first CVS store in Hyogo opened in the factory. (Available only to related parties)
  • Tsuneishi Store (Hiroshima PrefectureFukuyama City)-The first store in a large shipyard.Tsuneishi ShipbuildingThere is a main store on the premises of Tsuneishi factory and a satellite store on the first floor cafeteria of the second factory (available to general customers). The satellite store also sells work items such as helmets, protective glasses and work shoes.Tsuneishi HoldingsOperated by Tsuneishi C Values, an affiliated company.
  • Imabari Shipbuilding Hiroshima Factory Store (Hiroshima PrefectureMihara)- Koyo Fun DockThere is a store on the premises of the head office factory as a welfare facility (store) for employees and related people working at We also sell work supplies such as helmets, protective glasses and work shoes. Operated by Apollo.
  • Imabari Shipbuilding Saijo Factory Store (Ehime PrefectureSaijo City)- Imabari ShipbuildingThere is a store on the premises of the employee dormitory as a welfare facility (store) for employees and related people who work at. Now there is a contact bulletin board for people involved in manufacturing,helmet・We also sell work supplies such as protective glasses and work shoes (available to general customers)[Note 10].
  • AEON MALL WakayamaStore (Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture)-Store for employees in the AEON MALL store (only available to related parties)
  • AEON MALL Okayamashop(OkayamaOkayama City)-Employee stores in AEON MALL stores (only available to related parties)
  • AEON MALL Okinawa RycomStore (Okinawa PrefectureKitanakagusuku Village)-AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom has two satellite stores, one for employees and one for general customers.AEON MALLThis is the third store to open, but it is the first FamilyMart store in AEON MALL that can be used by general customers.However, the stores that can be used by general customers were closed in April 3.
    • As a convenience store chain of the AEON GroupMINI STOPHowever, all three prefectures where the above three stores are located are unopened prefectures.
  • Famima!!Grand Front OsakaStore-Located on the 9th floor of the Grand Front Osaka South Building. It is in the security gate and can only be used by office employees.
  • Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo Head Office (TokyoShinjuku ward)- Yoshimoto KogyoTokyo Head OfficeThere is a store in the building (old) (only available to those involved).

Other stores

Stores with unique location
  • Iriso store (Sayama city, Saitama prefecture)- First FamilyMart storeExtant as. The store name at the time of opening was "Sayama store". The location is Mizuno, Sayama CitywordTsukimino 434-19[77].
  • Narahacho Kamishigeoka store (FukushimaFutabaNaraha Town)-Opened January 2015, 1.Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentReopened a store that was suspended due to an accident in the evacuation order cancellation preparation area.It is the first convenience store in the evacuation order cancellation preparation area to be open 24 hours a day.[78].
  • Universior Academy Hill Store (TokyoMachida-shi)-LargeApartmentThis is a resident-only store in the entrance of "Universior Gakuen no Oka" and converted from am/pm. Store search is not possible. Closed September 2016, 9.
A store with a distinctive appearance
  • Ehime Prefectural Office (Ehime PrefectureMatsuyama City)-The signboard is white so as not to damage the landscape.
  • RetroMojiko StationFront store (FukuokaKitakyushuMoji Ward)- 1927 (2) Completion of "Moji Yusen Building" (Mojiko StationMove in). In order not to spoil the scenery of the Mojiko retro district, the store signs are colored white and brown instead of the usual Famima colors (green and blue).
  • Takeo Onsen Ekimae-dori Store (Saga PrefectureTakeo City)-Opened August 2012, 8. Takeo CityLandscape regulationsBased on the above, brown tiles are used for the pitched roof to prevent damage to the landscape, and dark brown vertical plank boards are used for the outer walls. The signboards of the stores are also sepia-colored instead of the usual Famima colors (green and blue), and the green and blue lines on the pole signs are changed to a calm color with a toned tone.
  • Sakurajima store (KagoshimaKagoshima)- SakurajimaIn order not to spoil the landscape of, the store signs are colored white and brown instead of the usual Famima colors (green and blue). Since December 2007, 12Kagoshima BankAn ATM was added.
  • Hiraizumi south store (IwateNishiiwai DistrictHiraizumi Town)-ExLittle starStore. Although the signboard has the same design as a general Famima, the signboards are white and green, and the green part is a darker green color than usual stores.
Event venue/collaboration store
  • Aichi Expo Store (Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture)- Aichi Expo-NagakuteIt was at Global Common 1 on the premises of the venue. Limited-time store.
  • Niigata Kawagishicho 2009-chome store (Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)-Opened August 8, 22. In the adjacent sectionBroadcasting System of NiigataSince there is a head office/studio, there was a "BSN goods shop" inside the store, and the company's characters and program goods were displayed. Closed in 2015.
  • In front of Nagoya Dome (Higashi-ku, Nagoya)- Circle KAt a convertible store fromChunichi DragonsIs the home ofNagoya DomeSince it is close to, it is a support store with illustrations of the team's mascot etc. drawn in the store.
  • Harajuku Takeshitaguchi store (TokyoShibuya Ward)- SanrioCollaborationThe store that did.Hello KittyThere are many large dolls and limited items.
Joint store with other stores
  • Family Mart x Izumiya (Osaka)- IzumiyaJoint store with.
  • JAShimojo store[79](NaganoShimojo Village)-JA Store in collaboration with Minami Shinshu. It also has the character of a JA purchasing store in a depopulated area. Similar collaborative storesJA KamiinaBut unfold[80].
  • Family mart +A CorpIyo shop (Ehime prefectureIyo City)- JA group OfA Corp West JapanA FamilyMart franchise store operated by. Local fresh foods and daily products, JA original products (Whole farmThe first integrated store with a wide assortment of products including brands and ACOPE mark products)[81].. There are "Family Mart + A Coop Shinjuku" and "Family Mart + A Coop Kobu" as the 2nd and 3rd stores (both Shimane Prefecture).Matsue[82][83].
  • FamilyMart + COOP Shichikashuku store (Miyagi prefecture)Shichikashuku Town) ・ FamilyMart + COOP Tsurugaya store (Miyagi prefecture)Sendai city)- Miyagi Consumer CooperativeAn integrated store operated by.Handles fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and meat as co-op products[84] [85].
  • Haratoku Bookstore Yonezawa Store (YamagataYonezawa) --A store integrated with a bookstore.Handles books, stationery, etc.
  • Palette Tottori store (TottoriTottori City)-Family Mart franchise store operated by Tottori Hontonori shopping district promotion association. Since we opened a store on the site of a commercial supermarket, we also handle local fresh food[86][87].
  • Hirosaki Apps Store (Aomori PrefectureHirosaki)- Hirosaki Station Building AppsOn the 1 floorthanksConvertible store from. Local souvenirs are sold 24 hours a day because of the location. It can be used from the outside for 24 hours, but from the inside of the station building only between 10:20 and XNUMX:XNUMX.
  • Miyazaki Tachibana-dori Store (MiyazakiMiyazaki City)-Opened November 2015, 11.Miyazaki BankA store in the Tachibana-dori branch. You can come and go to the Miyazaki Bank Tachibana-dori branch using elevators, escalators, and stairs.
  • Hanami Rest House Store (Kanagawa PrefectureHiratsuka) - originallyBeachAlthough it was a rest facility, it was renovated into a convenience store due to its deterioration. Since the Kanagawa tourism association that I own has taken the form of entrusting the operation to Famima, the characters on the signboard are written as "Hanamizu Rest House Management/Family Mart" in the Famima normal design.Hakone EkidenIt is also "Hiratsuka Relay Station". Store search is not possible. It was announced by Kanagawa prefecture that the operation of the rest house will end on March 2012, 3.[88].
A store with unique equipment and products
  • JimboStore (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)-In the storeTable tennisIt had a hall (closed).
  • Kamata South Exit Station (Tokyo)Ota-ku)-Opened April 2014, 4. "Family Mart + KaraokeMADAs Kamata south exit station front store",karaokeRoom is attached.
  • Nanko East XNUMX-chome store (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)Suminoe Ward)- Enex fleetOperated bygas station(Car enex/ Enexfleet Osaka Nanko SS). There is a shower room for the driver.
  • Kashii Park Port Store (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)Higashi Ward)-Gas station operated by Enexfleet (ENEOS/ Inside the Enexfleet Kashii Park Port SS). For the driverCoin laundry・Has a bathroom.
  • Otsuka XNUMX-chome store (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)-With a clothing store.
  • oldPlanetariumStreet shop (Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)- BakeryFreshly baked as Bakery FamimaBreadWas being sold. Closed in June 2009.
Drugstore integrated store
  • FamilyMart + Miyamoto Drug-Miyamoto Pharmacy (Headquarters: TokyoItabashi kuIncrease[89]Operated byDrug storeAn integrated store.The Miyamoto Pharmacy website states that it has expanded to the 4th store, but only the Onarimon store (Minato-ku) in Tokyo still exists.The Minamiikebukuro store (Toshima-ku) was transferred to another company in March 2021 and converted to FamilyMart, which does not sell pharmaceuticals, and the Kitasenzoku store (Ota-ku, Tokyo) and Hoya store (Nerima-ku) were closed.
  • Future friendly drug Atago store (Minato-ku, Tokyo)-Store with drug store. A short-term store with business hours between 7am and 23pm.
  • FamilyMart + Drug eleven -Both are JR Kyushu subsidiariesJR Kyushu Retail(Fukuoka CityHakata Ward) And drug eleven ()FukuokaOnojo City) Jointly operated by a drug store. According to the website of Drug Eleven, Shiobara store in Fukuoka (FukuokaSouth wardShiobara), Shimen store (Fukuoka Prefecture)Kasuya-gunShimen TownNanri), Beppu store (Fukuoka cityJonan WardBeppu), Northern store (Fukuoka Prefecture)KitakyushuOgura Minami Wardnorth), 5 stores in the Kamiyacho store (Kamiyacho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City), Tamana store in Kumamoto prefecture (KumamotoTamana CityOne store in Ryuganji. Both stores are open 1 hours a day, but the drug sales hours are from 24:9 to 23:XNUMX.
  • FamilyMart + Oga Pharmacy -An integrated drug store operated by Oga Pharmacy (Headquarters: Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture). According to the Oga pharmacy website, Umi store (Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture)Umi TownKosho-ji), store shop (Fukuoka city, Hakata-ku store shop), wild grass shop (Fukuoka city)Sawara WardWe have 3 stores in the field.

Store gallery

Overseas stores

Outside Japan, except for South Korea, which will be described later, Taiwan has the largest number of 3,056 stores (operated by the local subsidiary Zenya Convenience Store Co., Ltd.). Other destinationsThailand,People's Republic of China,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Malaysia,フィリピン.. As of January 2017, there are 1 stores in China.

South Korea

South KoreaAs for the company, the local subsidiary Fukou FamilyMart operated and had 7,267 stores, but at the end of July 2012, the license agreement was canceled and the company name changed toBGF retail, And brand nameCU"(CVS for YOU (=U))[92].. March 2014, because of the regulations for a 3-hour business, announced that it would withdraw from South Korea to sell all the BGF retail shares held by the prospect of May the same year[93].. However, the Korean market is promising and there is a possibility of re-entry.[94].. For three years after the withdrawal, another company has signed a contract with the company that the brand FamilyMart cannot be used.[95].

There used to be a counterfeit store called "Funny Mart" in Korea, but it has nothing to do with Family Mart.

またDPR KoreaInside, it operated a Gaesong Industrial Park store and a Mt. Kongouzan store, but due to the suspension of Mt. Kongouzan tourism and the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Park, the store is closed due to CU.


In 2004ShanghaiAdvance to. afterwards,Guangzhou,Suzhou,HangzhouIt is also being deployed.


Taiwanese companyChinese Automobile Co., Ltd.As a partner,Whole house convenient storeCo., Ltd.Was established on August 1988, 8[96]Opened the first store in front of Taipei Station in front of the station[97].. As of January 2018, there are 1 stores[96].

Sensor chime

The sound of entering the store at FamilyMart was from 1978 to 1979.Matsushita Electric WorksWas released by, and as of 2018Panasonic(OldPanasonic Electric Works) Is on saleA door phoneThe sensor chime is used for general households, shops, and other convenience stores that do not have the same sound to enter the store, and it is not a FamilyMart song.Yasushi InadaThe song "Melody Chime NO.1 in D major, Op. 17" "" was composed by the image of a European church bell.[98].. In addition, there are stores that are not used, such as stores converted from Circle K and Sunkus.

South Kyushu Family MartIt was a general entry tone that was not used at the operating store at the beginning,Every OneThe above-mentioned sensor chime has come to be used mainly in stores opened after the second half of 2016, such as stores converted from.

LikewiseOkinawa Family MartDoes not use the above sensor chime but uses a general store entry sound. This was already deployed in Okinawa at the time of opening the storeHot sparBecause I used it as a store entry sound, I used a chime with a different sound[99].

From 2017 (when "Fami Tiki Senpai" appeared), it has been arranged and used as a commercial song. Also introduced from July 2019QR code payment serviceIt was also used for a while as a payment sound for "FamiPay".

As an unusual use example,Masashi SadaAlbum released in July 2018Reborn ~ Freshly Born Masashi Sada ~There is "Great success-Masashi Sasa's freshness" recorded in the book. This is a yearly broadcast on New Year's day just after the beginning of the yearNHK general TVof"Masashi Sada at the beginning of the yearIn the postcard posted in, there was an introduction that there was an elementary school student who sang "Masashi Sada Masaki" in tune with this sensor chime.Festival HallThe song that was actually sung was recorded with the consent of the composer Inada and the right-owned Panasonic.[100].

Professional baseball championship sale

OnceSaison GroupI'm from the same group becauseSeibu RailwayProfessional baseball teamSeibu LionsThere was a time when the championship or support sale was held around October every year.[Note 11].. It has been a rival chain since 2008.Seven-Eleven(Department storeSeibuRunSogo/Seibu Seven & i HoldingsThe Seibu Lions championship sale is being held.


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注 釈

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Related item

  • Familymart Inc. --Our operating company.
  • TOMONY --A FamilyMart convenience store developed under a double name.
  • Port store ――Convenience store developed in partnership with several brands including FamilyMart.
  • am / pm ――A convenience store where all stores in Japan have been converted to FamilyMart by 2011.
  • Cocostore --A convenience store where all stores have been converted to FamilyMart by 2016.
  • Every One --A convenience store where all stores have been converted to FamilyMart by 2016.
  • Circle K ――A convenience store where all stores in Japan have been converted to FamilyMart by 2018.
  • thanks --A convenience store where all stores have been converted to FamilyMart by 2018.
  • Convenience store member Union --Convenience store union.
  • If you listen -Appeared at the beginning of the play and a meeting with Yuko Harada. Become a modelKeio Electric Railway-Seisho Sakuragaoka Station"Family Mart Seiseki Sakuragaoka store" actually existed in the front, and was named after the work.Stamp RallyAre doing.
  • Automatic Super Delice --Vending machine convenience store.
  • Mitsukoshi ――We are working together to sell gifts.
  • FamilyMart Sweets Party -A program offered by sales promotion of the sweets brand "Sweets+" that has been launched since May 2006, 5.

外部 リンク

List of sandwiches

This itemList of sandwiches(Ichiran of sandwiches).

sandwichSliced ​​2 or moreBreadIt is a dish with ingredients sandwiched between[1][2][3]..もしくは、1枚のスライスパンに具を乗せたOr put the ingredients on one slice of breadOpen sandwichThere is also.There are various types of sandwiches depending on the ingredients used.The etymology of sandwich is British politician,John Montagu (4th Earl of Sandwich)But he did not invent it.


Bacon sandwichBaconbutty.jpgBritish foodOften eaten with ketchup or brown sauce.
Egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.jpgAmerican foodWhen eaten as breakfast, it's usuallyFried eggorScrambled eggsIs used.
(English editionBaked bean sandwich.jpgAmericaIn a canBaked beansThe white bread,Black breadA sandwich topped with.Apply butter for a while.
Vine Me[4]Bánh mì thịt nướng.pngVietnamese foodSandwich with meat, sardine, tofu, pate, etc. sandwiched between baguettes with many holes, along with pickled carrots, coriander, and peppers.
BBQ sandwich[5][6][7]Mmm ... home made bbq sauce (5778277654) .jpgAmericaChopped (sometimes sliced ​​or finely chopped)Pulled porkChicken, beef and hamburger buns.coleslawIs sometimes used as a topping.
(English editionBarros jarpa 01.jpgChilean foodHam and cheese (usually(English edition Similar to buttery) Sandwich
(English editionBarros luco 01.jpgチリThickly sliced ​​and baked beef and cheese sandwich
BauruBauru português.jpgBrazilian foodWith melted cheeseroast beef, Tomato and cucumber pickles, pierced insideBread rollWhat I put in.
Beef on WeckSmall --Beef on Weck.jpgAmerican foodRoast beef roasted with Coomerweck roll (sprinkled with crude salt and caraway)Kaiser Roll) Sandwich.
BLT sandwichBLT sandwich (1) .jpgAmericabacon(B) ・lettuce(L) ・TomatoIn sandwiches with (T) sandwiched, it is common to apply mayonnaise to thinly sliced ​​toasted bread and then sandwich the ingredients.
Bolgona sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with thinly sliced ​​bologna sausage (sometimes baked) sandwiched between white bread and ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.
Bosna2174 --Salzburg --Bosna.JPGオーストリアOn baked white breadBratwurstAnd onions, seasoned with tomato ketchup, mustard and curry powder.
(English editionBreakfast roll 1.jpgUnited Kingdom, IrelandSausage or bacon, (orBlack pudding), Mushrooms, tomatoes,Hash browns, A fried egg and other breakfast dishes seasoned with ketchup or brown sauce and sandwiched between breads.
(English editionBreakfast sandwich.jpgAmericaScrambled eggs or fried eggs and cheese,(English editionThis is a breakfast dish sandwiched between biscuits and English muffins.
British railway sandwichThe United KingdomBritish RailwaysIt was a sandwich sold at, and it was so bad that it is now used as a term for an old sandwich when the British Rail was dismantled.
Broche CrockettBroodje kroket.jpg NetherlandsWith stewed dishesCroquetSeasoned with mustard,Kaiser RollWhat is sandwiched between.
(English editionKebab bun 01.jpgPakistani foodFried spicy patties, onions, andChutneyorlighterIn a hamburger or hot dog bun.
ButterbrotCaviar butterbrot.jpgGermanyBread with butter.上に具材を載せPut the ingredients on topOpen sandwichIt is sometimes called butterbrot.
(English editionCemitaSandwich2.JPGMexican foodSliced ​​avocado, meat, white cheese and "Red sauceA sandwich sandwiched between fluffy sesame-flavored buns with a red sauce called ".PueblaIs said to be the birthplace.
(English editionChacarero 01.jpgチリA sandwich of thinly sliced ​​chorizo ​​or lomito pork, tomatoes, green beans and green peppers sandwiched between round buns.
Cheese sandwichGrilled cheese with soup.jpgMade with one or more types of cheese.焼いたときはWhen bakedGrilled cheeseCalled a sandwich.
Cheese and pickle sandwichThe United KingdomA sandwich with sliced ​​cheese (mainly cheddar cheese) and pickles sandwiched between two pieces of bread.
Cheese steakPatsCheesesteak.jpgAmerica (PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia)Place thinly sliced ​​steak and melted cheese in a long roll.Also known as Philadelphia or Philly Cheesesteak.
(English editionChickFilA-ChickenSandwich.jpgA sandwich sandwiched with chicken, there are various ways to cook chicken.In the United States, roasted chicken breast and fried chicken breast are used.
Chicken salad sandwichChicken salad sandwich 01.jpgTo the ingredientsChicken saladSandwich with.
Chicken cutletAustralia
(English edition[8][9]Chickpea salad sandwich --01.jpgAmericaCrushedChickpeasUsing the saladVeganSandwich for.Tuna may enter[10].
(English editionChili burger.jpgAmericaOn puttyChili con carneA hamburger topped with.
Chip butty[11][12][13][14]ChipButtysmall.jpgThe United KingdomFor thin bread (or bread rolls)French friesSandwich sandwiched between[15]..Salt, vinegar, or tomato ketchup is mainly used for seasoning.
Chip to beefChippedbeefontoast.jpgU.S. military cuisineChip to beef is a thin slice of compression-molded salted dried meat.White sauceIt is common to cook with toast.
ChivitoChivito1.jpgEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(English editionA sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, bacon, olives (green or black), hard-boiled eggs (or fried eggs) and ham, seasoned with mayonnaise.
Chori breadChoripan.jpgSouth America, Caribbean foodBake and salsa seasonings (egPebre, (English edition, Chimichurri) SeasonedChorizoA sandwich sandwiched between hard-skinned bread.Morsipan with black pudding or blood sausage instead of chorizo ​​as a derivativeMorcipán).
Charmen sandwichNathanschowmeinsandwich.jpgAmericaHamburger buns seasoned with gravy sauce炒 麺Sandwich sandwiched between.
ChurrascoChurrasco 01.jpgチリThickly sliced ​​steak sandwiched between toasted buns.If you use ingredients other than meat, it will be "Churrasco XX" (Example: churrasco palta = avocado churrasco).
American clubhouse sandwichClub-sandwich.jpgAmericaA three-ply sandwich sandwiched between sliced ​​chicken (or turkey), bacon, tomatoes and lettuce, and mayonnaise is often used for seasoning.
Corned beef sandwichKatzs deli corned beef.jpgA general term for sandwiches made with corned beef, pickles and mustard are used as toppings.
Crisp sandwichPotato chip sandwich.jpgUnited Kingdom and Ireland[16]On white breadCrispA sandwich with pickles (sometimes with pickles).
Clock monsieurCroque monsieur.jpgFrench cuisineHamcheese(In generalEmmental cheeseOrGruyere cheese) And baked sandwich.Bechamel sauce,Mornay sauceMay be painted.
Clock MadamCroque Madame 1.jpgFrench cuisineSame as croque monsieur, but on topFried eggPut on.
Cuban sandwichCuban mix.jpgAmerica(FloridaTampa)[17],キ ュ ー バWith ham and roast porkSwiss cheesePickled cucumberA sandwich that is sandwiched between Cuban bread, seasoned with mustard, and baked in a sandwich press called a plancha.Genoa salami may be used in some areas.
Cucumber sandwichFlickr bitboy 204619671--Cucumber sandwiches with tea.jpgThe United KingdomA white bread with cut ears and a little butter, sandwiched between peeled and sliced ​​cucumbers like paper.
(English editionイタリアA sandwich of spicy Italian sausage sandwiched between mozzarella cheese and tomatoes in a long, hard bread.ミシガン州のMichiganUpper PeninsulaIt was spread to the United States by Italian immigrants who emigrated to the surrounding area.
(English editionDagwood sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with various meats and seasonings added in layers, the cartoon "Blondie](English editionNamed after.
Deli sandwichDeli Sandwiches.jpgdelicatessenIt is a sandwich sandwiched between various ingredients.
(English editionDenver sandwich.jpgAmerica(English editionSandwich sandwiched between.
Doner kebabDöner kebab.jpgTurkish food
(English edition[Annotation 1]Donkey burger.jpgChinese cuisineA sandwich sandwiched between thinly sliced ​​and seasoned donkey meat.Baoding City,HejianIn addition to being popular as street food, you can also eat at high-end restaurants.
Doubles 01.jpgRepublic of Trinidad and TobagoA sandwich with curry-flavored chickpeas sandwiched between fried bread.
dynamiteDynamite sandwich --01.jpgAmerica (Rhode IslandWoonsocket)A sandwich seasoned with minced meat, tomato sauce, onions and pepper.It is often served in large numbers at family meetings and fundraising parties.
(English editionIda Davidsen --Dyrlægens Natmad.jpgデンマークApply liver paste to black rye bread and salt beefaspicThe toppings are sliced ​​raw onions and watercress.
(English editionAB Sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with peanut butter, banana and bacon.エ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ーIt is said that it was a favorite food of.
Egg sandwichÆggemadder (4907661843) .jpgEgg salad sandwich --cropping.jpgEggs Benedict.jpgworldwideA general term for sandwiches with egg dishes.Hard boiled eggsEgg salad(MincedBoiled egg(A mixture of mayonnaise and mayonnaise) is often used,Fried egg,Scrambled eggsIs used as a toppingKalles KaviarMay be used.Also, as a derivative type, put eggs and meat on the English muffin,Hollandaise sauceAppliedeggs BenedictExists.
(English editionFairy Bread.jpgAustralia, New ZealandOn white bread with butter(English editionSprinkled with.Often cut into squares and triangles.
FalafelPita felafel.jpgMiddle EastChickpea croquette pocket-shapedPita breadRaw vegetables, hot sauce, tahini sauce, and pickled vegetables are used as toppings.
(English editionFischbroetchen 01 (fcm) .jpgGermanyOf hard skinBread rollAnd fish (the most common isBismarck(Pickled herring)Harling) And a sandwich with onions.
(English editionFool's Gold Loaf (8720348111) .jpgAmericaColoradoA sandwich made by applying a bottle of peanut butter and jam to a hollowed-out bread, stuffing it with bacon, and fried.[19]. In 1976Elvis PresleyAnd there is an anecdote that their entourage flew to Denver to eat this sandwich.[20][19].
FluffernutterFluffernutter before (white background) .jpgAmericapeanut butter(English editionSandwich.
FrancezinhaFrancesinhacaseira.JPGPortuguese foodHam cured with salt water,Linguiça, Raw sausage (chipolata), steak, and other roasted meat sandwiched in bread, sprinkled with melt cheese, and sprinkled with hot and thick tomato and beer sauce.
(English editionPortugal
French dipFrench dip.jpgAmericaSlicedroast beefThebaguetteA warm sandwich with roast beef gravy as a dip sauce.
(English editionBrain sandwiches.jpgAmericaFor sliced ​​bread(English editionSandwich sandwiched between.
Fruit sandwichFruits Sandwich.jpgworldwideA general term for sandwiches sandwiched between fruits.The United States of AmericaThen,banana,FIG,pineappleWithmayonnaiseIt is generally seasoned with.
Fitera[21][22]マルタMaltese traditional foodWith a sandwich[23], Tomato paste, tuna, capers, and red onions are sandwiched between rounded fitness lapin.
Root44 3 cropped.jpgA deli-type sandwich similar to hoggy, often sandwiched with french fries, and other ingredients such as masala-seasoned or charcoal-grilled meat (chicken, etc.)Bologna sausageThere are seafood such as polonies, wiener sausages, and squids.
(English editionSt. Louis, MO (4171227988) .jpgAmericaSt. Louis
(English editionGuajolota.jpgMexico(Mexico City)
GyropitaPita giros.JPGGreek food
Harhersleror(English editionBolletje met chocoladevlokken.jpg NetherlandsPlace chocolate sprinkles or flakes in buttered bread.
Ham sandwichKanapki (1) .JPGServe with cheese or salad.As a condiment, add mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.
Ham cheese sandwichGrilled ham and cheese 014.JPGHam and sliced ​​cheese are used.Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise will be added.
Ham & cheese & lettuce sandwichLettuce sandwich with smoked ham & sliced ​​cheeze IMGP7261sml2.jpgJapanconvenience storeIt is sold at each store of.Lettuce is grown outdoors or in a house,Plant factorySome are made of.
(English editionChinesepastry HamandEgg.jpgHong Kong food(Chinese versionPlace a sheet of sliced ​​canned ham and roasted egg in a van.
HamburgerNCI Visuals Food Hamburger.jpgGermany(Hamburg)A sandwich with minced beef patties sandwiched between round breads, often with vegetables and sauces, and recipes other than minced beef.
AustraliaA hot dog with fried beef patty, served with chili con carne, french fries and fried egg.
(English editionRealHorseshoesandwich.jpgAmericaIllinoisSpring field
(English editionHot Brown Kurtz.jpgAmerica (Kentucky)[24]Place turkey or bacon on a piece of bread Mornay sauceA sandwich that is heated after being sprinkled with.
Hot chicken sandwichHotChickenwFries.jpgカナダQuebecRoughly sliced ​​chicken sandwiched between two slices of bread and sprinkled with gravy.
Hot dogNCI Visuals Food Hot Dog.jpgAmericaFrankfurt sausage in two oval rolls or bunsRelishSandwiches with scissors, ketchup and mustard.
Hot turkey[25][26][27]Dinner at Friendlys Restaurant Hot open turkey sandwich.jpgAmericaIt is a sandwich with sliced ​​turkey on white bread soaked in turkey gravy, and is often served with mashed potatoes.(English editionMay be served in a formal restaurant.
(English editionIceCreamSandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between thin chocolate biscuits (which may be cookies or cakes).
Italian beefItalianBeef.jpgAmerica (IllinoisChicago)Thinly sliced ​​flavorroast beef Sandwiches sandwiched between Italian rolls, often pickled peppers such as Giardiniera and sweetPeperonciniIs used
[28]Italiano sandwich 01.jpgチリIt is a kind of sandwich topping combination, and is likened to the Italian flag with tomato, mayonnaise and avocado.
(English editionFig jam.jpgBritish foodA sandwich with buttered bread and jam (traditional one is strawberry jam).Light meals, snacks, breakfastHigh teaIt can be eaten at that time.
(French versionBaguette sandwich.jpgFranceAlso known as Parisien ("Parisien").Ham sandwiched between buttered French bread, the most popular sandwich in France.
JibaritoJibarito.jpgAmerican foodMeat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes seasoned with garlic-flavored mayonnaise, flattened and friedPlantainIt is sandwiched between (a kind of banana).
Juicy lucyJucyLucyMatt's Minneapolis.jpgAmerica (MinnesotaMinneapolis)A variant of cheeseburger with cheese inside the meat patties.
Katsu sandwichKatsuSando6515.jpgJapanTonkatsuSandwich sandwiched between.
KokoretsiKokoreç (6377124455) .jpgUse cooked offal such as sheep and goat intestines.
(English edition2018-10-25-Kottenbutter-1064.jpgGermanyRoasted pork sausage (Kottenwurst),onion ring, Mustard sandwiched over buttered brown bread.
Lever case semmelLeberkäses emmel.jpgGermanyBavariaMinced meat and spices were mixed and heatedLevercaseA sandwich sandwiched between Kaiser rolls.
(English editionShanghai lettuce wraps from Auburn Alehouse.JPGA sandwich with only lettuce.It may also indicate a sandwich that uses lettuce instead of buns.[29]..Similar to the latter,Mos BurgerThere is a product called "Moss's vegetable picking"[30].
Cheese limburger edit.jpgrye breadLimburgerSandwich using.
(English editionLobster Roll at the Lobster Claw, Bar Harbor.jpgNortheastern United StatesSandwich sandwiched between lobster-baked bread and buns for heated hot dogs[31]..日本のスポーツ紙・Japanese sports newspaperNikkan Sportsaccording to,(English editionSeasoning with mayonnaise is said to have originated in Maine, while the store in Milford, Connecticut was started in 1929.[31].
Rocks sandwichLox sandwich --01.jpgAmericabagelToRocksCream cheese, Sliced ​​onion, tomato and caper.
Luther BurgerPerfect luther burger.JPGAmericaBunsGlaze instead ofdonutHamburgers and cheeseburgers made in.
MarmiteMarmite Jars.jpgThe United KingdomMade from brewer's yeastMarmiteSandwich with spread.
Martino[32]Belgian foodA sandwich using steak tartare with Worcestershire sauce, pickles, onions, peppers, and Martino sauce as ingredients.
meatballMmm ... Meatball sammich with asiago cheese (5193796566) .jpgAmericaA sandwich of meatballs seasoned with marinara sauce and melted Parmesan cheese sandwiched between long breads.
(English editionSandwich de Medianoche.jpgキ ュ ー バA sandwich of sweet bread with roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese and dill pickles.
(English editionMitraillette.JPGベルギーFrench fries and fried meat with sauce and sandwiched between Demi baguettes.
Melt sandwichTuna melt sandwich with fries.jpgAmericaA general term for sandwiches in which cheese is placed on top of stuffing, sandwiched, and baked or fried until the cheese melts.
Mett brochenMettbroetchen.jpgGermanyOn sliced ​​breadMetIn sandwiches, raw onions that are sliced ​​into slices or cut into dice are often used as a garnish.
(English editionMollete.jpgSpain, MexicoIn Mexico, it is a sandwich made by adding salsa, ham, bacon, etc. to melted cheese and beans.
Montarito[33][34]Montadito de Salmón.jpgスペイン
Monte Cristo SandwichMonte Cristo Sandwich.jpgAmericaSliced ​​ham and cheese (EmmentalorGruyere cheeseIs often used)French toastA sandwich baked with butter on top of it.In some areas, it is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jelly or jam.In New England, it is served flavored with sugar grains and French mustard.
(English editionSchwartz smoked meat montreal.JPGCanadian foodA sandwich of smoked brisket with mustard.Rye bread is usually used for buns.
(English editionMortadella sandwich 01.jpgItalian thick sausageMortadellaA sandwich with (Bologna sausage) sandwiched between them.
(English editionMother-in-Law Sandwich 01.jpgAmericaChicago style hot dog bunsTamaleA sandwich with chili sandwiched between them.
MuffulettaMuffaletta At Central Grocery, New Orleans.jpgAmericaMeat, cheese and olive salad sandwiched between round breadsNew OrleansIt is inItalian americanCommunity is said to be the birthplace.
Nan sandwichNaan burger, vegetarian.jpgPakistani foodIn NanbeefSandwiched between.
Open face sandwich[35][36]Open faced tuna sandwich with cherry tomato and guacamole spread.jpgNordicpizzaA sandwich with ingredients on a piece of bread.
(English editionPambazosDF.JPGMexican foodFill the special bread with potatoes and chorizo,GuajilloSandwich with sauce.
(English editionPan-bagnat 1.jpgFrench cuisineRound bread (or(English edition) And nice salad (Nicoise salad) Sandwich[37].
PaniniItalian Sandwich.jpegイタリアイタリアThen.sandwichIs a term for sandwiches made from whole bread, and Italians say sliced ​​bread sandwichessandwichI call it.アメリカ合衆国とWith the United StatesThe United KingdomカナダThen,sandwichesThe word means "panini presses", which refers to sandwiches that have been pressed for a long time and baked.
Pastrami on ryePastrami-Sandwich.JPGAmericaJewish style in New YorkdelicatessenA representative dish.rye breadToPastramiSpicy brownmustardTurn on.
(English editionFlickr pointnshoot 642959103--Patty melt.jpgAmericaA sandwich with hamburger patties, cooked onions and cheddar cheese (or Swiss cheese) sandwiched between two pieces of bread.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich(PB & J)Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with peanut butter and jam (jelly).
(English editionEl pebete de jamón y queso con tomate que desayuné esta mañana. (10102847543) .jpgアルゼンチンAn Argentinean sandwich stuffed with cheese, meat, tomatoes and mayonnaise.Pebete in the narrow sense refers to the round buns used in this sandwich.
Pimento cheeseSouthern United States
(English editionAmerican food
(English editionPljeskavica sandwich.jpgBalkan PeninsulaPljeskavica is common in the BalkanshamburgerIt's a dish, a sandwich with pieskavica sandwiched between bread.
(English editionPloughmans lunch.jpgBritish food
PoboyShrimppoboy.jpgAmericaFried seafood or roast beef sandwiched between hard crust bread.
(English editionPolish boy.jpgAmerica (OhioCleveland)(English edition(Polish sausage), french fries,BBQ sauce(Or hot sauce),coleslawIs sandwiched between buns.
(English editionPorilainen.jpgフィンランドA sandwich of white bread with half-inch thick sausages, usually red or sweet onion squares, pickled slices, ketchup, mustard, and sometimes mayonnaise.
(English editionPorkchopbun.jpgChina(Macau)Very crispy on the outside and very soft on the insideBunsFreshly fried(English editionIs sandwiched between.A popular dish in Macau.
Pork tenderloin sandwich.JPGAmericaA sandwich sandwiched between fried thin pork tenderloin.
(English editionPrawn roll.jpgAustralian foodShrimp sandwich.
Primanti Bros at PNC Park.jpgPennsylvania, USAPittsburghA sandwich with meat, french fries, coleslaw, tomatoes, etc. sandwiched between Italian breads.
Hot Brown Kurtz.jpgAmerica (St. Louis)Ham or turkey meat on bread and melted cheese.Bacon and tomatoes may be attached.
Puzzy pie[38]America
Pulled porkPulled pork BBQ sandwich.jpgSouthern United States豚 肉Slowly cooked at low temperature until it becomes easy to loosen (unravel = pull)barbecueA type of food.Depending on the regionBBQ saucevinegarOrmayonnaiseMixed withcoleslawAfter topping, put it in bread.
Rice burgerMOS rice burger (cropped) .JPGJapanA hamburger that uses rice for the buns.
Reuben sandwichKatz's Deli --Lunch.jpgAmericaSandwich corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese in rye bread,Russian dressingAnd Thousand Island dressing topped and grilled.
Roast beef sandwichArbysbeefandfries.JPGGlobalroast beefAs an ingredient.There are many types depending on the region.
Roti johnRoti John --served.jpgMalaysian foodThe basic ingredients are eggs, chopped onions,Sambar, Salt and pepper.Cover the omelet that cannot be cooked with bread and bake it.There are many types such as canned sardines, chicken, beef, and mutton.Serve with mayonnaise, chili sauce and cheese.
Rou Jia MoRoujiamo.jpgChugokuBoiled pork wrapped in mo (steamed white bread), also known as a Chinese hamburger.
LanzaRunza 01.jpgAmericaMinced meat and cabbage wrapped in bread dough and baked in the oven.RussianPiroshkiIs the prototype.NebraskaSpecialty.
(English edition2015 0629 Sailor at NYD.jpgAmerica (VirginiaRichmond)BakedPastrami(English editionA sandwich sandwiched between live red and Swiss cheese melted in (a type of sausage) and hot mustard.[39].
Salmon burgerSalmon burger.jpgAmericaPattysalmonHamburger using
(English editionSandwichLoaf4.jpgAmerica
(English editionSandwiches de Miga.jpgアルゼンチン
Salt beef bagelSalt beef bagel.jpgThe United Kingdom
Sausage sandwichItalian Sausage Sandwich.jpgUnited Kingdom, GermanyA sandwich with sausage sandwiched between them.
ShawarmaFlickr --cyclonebill --Shawarma (1) .jpgLevernt regionBeef, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, on flat breadShiba hemp sauceA sandwich wrapped in and baked.
SchucoEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
sliderDungeness crab and shrimp cake sliders (Los Gatos Brewing Company) .jpgAmericaA mini hamburger with a diameter of about 3 cm.
Sloppy joeSloppy Joe "homemade" .jpgAmericaRound buns with minced meat (mainly beef) and tomato sauce.
(English editionMillburn Deli Sloppy Joes.jpgAmericaMeat such as turkey, ham, pastrami and corned beef, Swiss cheese and coleslaw seasoned with Russian dressing sandwiched between rye bread.
SmobroSmørrebrød at Kastrup IMG 8275 C.JPGデンマークAn open sandwich with buttered black rye bread topped with cold cuts, meat, fish, cheese and spreads.
Sun above GudhjemSlonce nad Gudhjem --Sol over Gudhjem.jpgデンマーク
SouvlakiSouvlaki sandwich.jpgGreece
Speedy sandwichChicken Spiedie.jpgAmericaA sandwich made by skewering seasoned meat and sandwiching it in bread.Chicken, pork, mutton, beef (or veal), venison, etc. are used as meat.
St. Paul SandwichSTP Sandwich 004.jpgSt. LouisChinese style with chopped bean sprouts and onionsOmelette(Omelette), Dill pickles, white onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and sandwiched between mayonnaise-coated bread.
Steak bombAmerica
Steak burgerSteak burger with cheese and onion rings.jpgA hamburger-style sandwich using steak.For meat, cut steak is placed on it, or rough meat is molded into the shape of a steak and used by baking.The composition is similar to a hamburger, but the seasoning is often steak-like with gravy sauce.Fried onions and french fries that accompany the steak may also be sandwiched.
(English editionCheese steak sandwich.jpgAmericaA classic menu from American diners.It is sandwiched between cut and sliced ​​grilled steak and bread with grilled onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.If you like, you can add cheese or pickled green pepper and season with gravy sauce.
(English editionHoagie Hero Sub Sandwich.jpgAmericaA general term for sandwiches sandwiched between French bread or Italian rolls, with a wide variety of ingredients.ファーストフードチェーン店・Fast food chain storeSubwayMakes this type of sandwich its main product.
(English editionMaid-Rite loose meat sandwich.jpgAmericaUnseasoned(English editionSauteA sandwich made from a mixture of fresh onions and sandwiched between buns, sometimes with pickles, ketchup and mustard.Common in Iowa.
(English editionFlickr bitboy 204619671--Cucumber sandwiches with tea.jpgThe United KingdomSharpened ears, slightly buttered bread, cream cheese (or mixture with mayonnaise), radishes, cucumbers, asparagus orWatercressBread sandwiched between.Ham with pimento cheese and mustard,smoked salmon, Fruit jam, chicken-flavored curry, and egg salad are sometimes used as ingredients.
TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato)[40][41][42]TLT sandwich.jpgAmericaTempeh is used instead of bacon, which is a vegan version of BLT.
Toast sandwichAn image of a toast sandwich, shot from the side.jpgThe United KingdomTwo thinly sliced ​​toasts coated with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
(English editionToast Hawaii RZ.jpgGermanyPlace thinly sliced ​​ham on toast, and cheese, pineapple, on top.Maraschino cherryPut on.
ToastyToastie-cut-and-seal.jpgー ッ ト サ ン ド ド メ ー カ ーToast baked in.
Tofu sandwich[43][44]Tofu sandwich.jpgAmericaInstead of meattofuSandwich sandwiched between.
Tan toastBeef tongue and eggs.jpgSauteedOx tongueScrambled eggsOpen sandwich on bread[45][46].
Torta (CakeTortamex.jpgメキシコMayonnaise on bread such as bolilloRefried BeansSliced ​​meat and cheese, vegetables (mostly tomatoes, onions and avocados), jalapeno and chipotle pickles.It may be sprinkled instead of sandwiched, or it may be baked with butter that has both sides melted while sandwiched.
(English editionTorta ahogada.jpgGuadalajara (Mexico)BolilloBread called Birote, which is similar toCommon bean, Sandwich with cheese etc.パンは辛いトマトやBread is spicy tomatoesArbolIt is often eaten by dipping it in a sauce made from, and sliced ​​onion pickles are used as toppings.
(English editionTramezzino 01.jpgイタリアA sandwich with tuna, olives, prosciutto, etc. sandwiched between white bread that has been cut into triangles with its ears sharpened.Often served at bars.
Triplet[47][48][49]プ エ ル ト リ コbeef(ChurrascoorDice steak) And pork (en: pernil) And other three meat sandwiches[50]..There are many varieties, and the toppings are fried potatoes, thinly sliced ​​cabbage and lettuce, onions, tomatoes, etc.Pickled cucumber, Swiss cheese, etc., and seasoningsmustardIn addition to ketchup, mayonnaise, etc., there are also "secret sauces" that differ depending on the creator.
Tuna sandwichTuna olive and avocado sandwich.jpgAmericaTuna saladSandwich with ingredients.Variants include tuna boat and tuna melt.
Vada pavJumbo Vada Pav (dodged) .jpgIndian cuisineChickpeaSandwich with potatoes fried in powder[51]
VegemiteVegemiteontoast large.jpgAustralian foodBeer yeastSpread made fromVegemiteIs spread on bread and sandwiched with vegetables and spices.ベジマイトはサンドイッチ以外にもBesides sandwiches, vegemiteToast,Crumpet,cracker, May be used as a stuffing for confectionery.
Vegetable sandwichVegetable sandwich.jpgVegetablesA general term for sandwiches that use as an ingredient.
Welsh rarebitJielbeaumadier welsh 2010.jpgBritish foodIt is a dish in which hot melted cheese sauce is placed on thinly sliced ​​toast (sometimes cut into small pieces and baked without slicing), and is sometimes called cheese toast.Hot cheese sauce may be served in a separate bowl from the toast.
Wrap20111012-FNCS-LSC-0225 --Flickr --USDAgov.jpgFlat breadIt is a sandwich with the ingredients wrapped tightly with (Matahatrtilla) and the bottom folded, and the ingredients are various.
Bratwurst (Sausage bread)Sandwich wurstbrot-wurstbroetchen 2871.JPGGerman foodA sandwich with thinly sliced ​​lunch meat and sausage, which is common in Germany.It may also be buttered.
Yakisoba breadYakisoba sandwich by kaex0r.jpgJapanHot dog bunToFried noodlesThe one that sandwiches.Cucumberpickles,Red pickled gingerAnd mayonnaise may be topped.
(English editionZapiekanka 3..jpgポーランドBread such as baguettes halved with mushrooms, cheese, ham and other meats, and vegetables.


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