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🧁 | Chocolate lovers must-see 3 “excellent gateau chocolates” that you can buy on Amazon right now


A must-see for chocolate lovers 3 "excellent gateau chocolates" that you can buy on Amazon right now

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An assortment of gateau chocolates randomly studded with fragrant homemade ganache chocolate.

September 9st is Gateau Chocolate Day. Introducing Amazon's recommended gateau chocolate.The heat was harsh until a while ago ... → Continue reading


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Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake(English: chocolate cake) Isチ ョ コ レ ー トorcocoa powderIs included in the main materialscakeIs. Basically, mix the dough of the cake with cocoa powder and bake, and then add chocolate.creamPainted, chocolate surfacecoatingThere are various ways to make things such as those that you made. Even if the material contains chocolate, using a small amount as a decoration is not a chocolate cake (however, sprinkling cocoa powder on the surface may be used as a finish). Generally, the entire cake is chocolate in color due to the color of the ingredients. Chocolate cakeDessertFromBirthday cake,Christmas cakeUp to various demands.French"Chocolate cakeComes fromGateau au chocolatAlso known as (Gato O Chocolat).


CacaoIs of major originCentral americaOnce used as a drink, it was never used for food such as cakes. Cacao16st centuryToEuropeIt was only used as a drink and medicine for a while after being introduced to.

On record, the first chocolate cake appears18st century.1719 In the cooking notebook left by the aristocrat Conrad Hugger, who is known for his culinary research, "ChocolateTorte"ofRecipesIs recorded[1].. 1774,ベルギー Ofブ リ ュ ッ セ ルPublished in Munon (Menon) Cookbook "Bourgeois woman cook (La Cuisinière Bourgeoise)” (First edition 1746,France[2]Some of the "chocolateBiscuitIs introduced. this is,Wheat flourMix the same amount of finely crushed chocolate withmeringueIt is a baked confectionery similar to Biscuit a la Cuyère that is inflated by adding.A small cake molded with a spoon (Cuillère) like Biscuit a la Cuillère, and a round manke type[3]It is also said to be a type of cake that is cut into pieces using. These are also the first examples of chocolate being used in a confectionery ingredient.[4].

19st centuryEntered in 1832オーストリア OfViennaMade inSachertorteThere is. Sachertorte was so well received that it would have been well received all over Vienna the next day.[5].. Sachertorte is still called the "King of Cakes"[6].

Since then, various types of chocolate cake have been produced all over the world.


There are various ways to make chocolate cake, but there are the following roughly classified according to how to use cacao. Instead of using only one method, they are often combined to make one type of cake.

  • A method in which cocoa powder is mixed with the dough of grain flour such as flour and baked. With the basic method that has been used since ancient times,Butter cake(en) Andsponge cakeAnd variations. Steam and heat instead of bakingSteamed cakeThere is also.
  • Fine solid chocolate (Chocolate chips) Is mixed with the dough.
  • Chocolate cream (Ganache) How to paint and fill.
  • How to coat the surface with chocolate. Grasage au chocolate(Icing au chocolat). Don't just melt and sprinkle chocolatesugarHow to use a sugar solution that has been boiled down in hot water withCacao massThe(English editionThere is also a method of coating with chocolate fondant added to (sugar solution kneaded for sugar coating).
  • How to sprinkle cocoa powder on the surface. Used as a finish.

The chocolate used as a material for cakes is for confectionery that is slightly different from the solid chocolate that is eaten as it is. In generalSugarIs less,Cacao minutesIs high in content. Especially for fondant and fillingCouverture chocolateLow in sugar calledCocoa butterThere are many standards, which isMelting pointIs characterized by low[7].. In general, each family has its own recipe, and it is popularly known as a "grandmother's cake" to Parisians.[8].

Types of chocolate cake

Various kinds of chocolate cakes are made mainly in Europe and America. The following are typical examples. Even if there is no other special name,chiffon cake,Frank Full Turkrants,KugulovAs a variation, there are many chocolate-flavored ones (However, even if the material contains chocolate, just using a small amount as a decoration is not a chocolate cake). In addition,JapanGateau au chocolat (French : Chocolate cake) Is sometimes used like the type name of chocolate cake[By whom?], In the original French, it is not a word for a particular type of cake. "Cake"Is baked goods and cakes,"au(a+le)” means “...”, “...de”, etc.chocolate"" means chocolate (chocolate), and is a term that refers to baked chocolate confectionery and chocolate cakes in general.JapaneseThen, it may be used as a generic term for French traditional chocolate cake.[9].. It is also sometimes referred to by the more accented "Japanese French" name, "gateau chocolate."

The United States of America







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