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🍴 | Is this visual okay? "In the middle of the toilet" ... Actually, it's a special dish!The middle species is designed with CAD, advanced toilet bowl ...

It's real depending on how you look at the photo (Image courtesy of Tatsuro Sakai)

Is this visual okay? "In the middle of the toilet" ... Actually, it's a special dish!The middle species is designed with CAD, advanced toilet bowl ...

If you write the contents roughly
We will refrain from pre-order sales until production stabilizes, and online sales will start as soon as production stabilizes. "

It has been talked about that the shape of Japanese sweets developed as a souvenir for factory tours is unique.The shape is realistically reproduced ... → Continue reading

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Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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Reservation sale

Reservation sale(Yayaku Hanbai) isCompanyA type of product sales form taken by.Products,ProductTheSaleSales form in which all or part of the consideration is paid in advance when doing.

Corporate accountingThen, the price of reservation sale is expressed as advance payment or advance payment of reservation sale.

"Reservation" in reservation sale isCivil lawupperReservationIs a different concept (described later).


It is a form of sales that is widely used, from expensive items such as cars to relatively low-priced items such as games.

The seller accepts the reservation before the sale date or the delivery date of the product, etc., and the purchaser pays the full amount or a part of the consideration for the reservation, and the seller delivers it on the release date or the delivery date ( There is also a form of shipping).

Booking sales in this form are different from bookings under civil law. In the case of reservation under the civil law, the sales contract is not concluded at the time of reservation, while at the time of reservation sale it is alreadyBuying and sellingAgreementIs established and the purchaser sideRepaymentBecause they are doing.

The legal nature of pre-sale is that the purchaser pays the full amount at the time of the reservation, only the seller's debt is later.Repayment periodDifferentBuying and sellingIt's a contract. In addition, if a part of the price is paid at the time of booking, if the purchaser can claim a refund for the payment when canceling the reservation, the purchaser will only partially pay the purchase contract first, if notWith handIt means that the sales contract was paid.

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