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☕ | Hida Marinoki | A cafe restaurant where you can feel the warmth of wood opens in Tsunetake-cho, Higashi-ku!


Hida Marinoki | A cafe restaurant that feels the warmth of wood opens in Tsunetake-cho, Higashi-ku!

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The gravy sauce with mango goes well with the rich beef!

A cafe restaurant by a chef who has many years of experience in French restaurants will open in Tsunetake, Higashi-ku on July 7st! … → Continue reading


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Gravy sauce

Gravy sauce(British: gravy) Was cookedmeatGravy from (jus de viande) Based onソ ー ス.

gravyIs primarily the gravy itself[1][2].gravy sauceThe expressionEnglish-speaking countriesBut you can see[3]But,gravy"Meat juice (gravy) Made from)[1].

Manufacturing method

18st century OfBritish foodThe text about introduces gravy as a basic source, but saysonion,spicesStir fry until brownWheat flourWed"To add and simmer"Brown sauceWas like[4].

The most common gravy sauce today isRoasted,SauteAfter making the, etc., take out the remaining gravy once and burn itpot,A frying panToWine,Wed,beer,stockAdd and degrasse. Fried lightly thereWheat flour(Roux) Andpotato starchAnd gradually return the gravy, and mix slowly and firmly to make it smooth. For smoothermilk,Fresh cream,in additionVegetable juiceMay be added. We also return cooked meat, chopped into small pieces, to enhance the flavor of the sauce. The gravy sauce is made just before eating, so it doesn't simmer for too long[5].

Japan OfWestern foodInsteak,hamburger,roast beefFor drip such astomato ketchup,Worcestershire sauceThere are often examples of using a combination of the above as a source, but these are not gravy sources.Domiglas sauceOften recognized as a simplified version of.

Used dishes

Mashed potatoesThe one with gravy sauce isAmerican foodIt is a standard item.steak,meatloafAlso often used for. Also American styleBiscuit,York sharpding,Roast chicken,TurkeyStuffing,Loco MocoYou can eat it.カナダIn cooking,French friesToCheese curdAnd gravy saucePoutineIs famous.

Normal,chickenWhite white gravy is used for cooking, and brown brown gravy is used for red meat.VegetablesReady-made using onlyVegGravy sauce is also on sale.


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