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🍴 | Chef Tsujiguchi and Chef Yoroizuka supervise!I'm curious about the luxurious "choco pie".


Supervised by Chef Tsujiguchi and Chef Yoroizuka!I'm curious about the luxurious "choco pie".

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The choco pie and custard cake, which are made by two world-famous pastry chefs, are a must-try!

Lotte was supervised by Chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi and Chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka, who are world-famous pastry chefs, on September 2021, 9. → Continue reading

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Chocolate pie

Chocolate pieIs a moist doughmarshmalloworcreamAcrossチ ョ コ レ ー トTwo layers coated withpieSimilar toConfectionery,softcakeConfectionery, snack cake.


Originally from 1917Southern United StatesIt goes back to.TennesseeChattanoogaChattanooga Bakery in the local coal mineWorkerTo graham crackers formarshmallowSandwiched betweenMoon pieManufactured[1].

JapanThen.Second World WarLater, the confectionery became popular because it was brought in by American soldiers. 1958,Morinaga ConfectioneryWith marshmallows in biscuitsチ ョ コ レ ー トThe angel mark "" coated withAngel pieIs on sale.[2] [3].1983 ToLotteStarted selling "choco pie" with cream sandwiched between cake dough.

Species / Variation

  • Pie dough
pieChoco pies made from dough are sandwiched between pie crusts and baked in the oven.Confectionery using pie crustDessertIt is popular as one of the variations of cooking.
  • Soft cake
Soft cake choco pie in 1917, United StatesTennessee Of Chatanooga Bakeries The originator is a moon pie with marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers sold to local coal mine workers, and it is a popular confectionery in the southern United States. (But in AmericaNorth-Western part-eastregionalConvenience store,supermarketNow, I don't see much).
This moon pie is a country song released in 1951, "Gimmee (= give me) an RC Cola and a Moon PieThere is also a hit,ColaAccepted as a snack for American manual workers to eat with, and is similar after World War IIBiscuitWith marshmallowsjam"(English edition)"But,Australia,カナダ,The United KingdomSince it was released in other countries, it became popular in countries other than the United States.

Choco pie from each country

  • In Japan, Morinaga released the Angel Pie (1958 pieces) in 2.Lotte also released a choco pie containing 1983 pieces in 6. In 1984, Morinaga also released 6 pieces, and in 1993, he released "Gateau Chocolat" without marshmallows.
  • South KoreaOrion Choco Pie, a product similar to Toyo Confectionery, was released in 1974. Around 1973, the Oriental R & D teamGeorgiaWhen I visited the hotelHotel OfRestaurantsInspired by the chocolate-coated confectionery served in.Returned to South Korea and started trial production of chocolate biscuits and cakes, which were manufactured as chocolate pies.[4]..Since the company launched Orion Choco Pie, the name Choco Pie has spread in South Korea and has been popular with children and adults due to the taste of marshmallows and the low price.Toyo Confectionery is popular with Orion choco pie,2003 Company nameOrionChanged to. 1979,Lotte confectionery Has also started selling similar products.When Lotte Choco Pie from Lotte Confectionery hit the marketHangulで쵸코 파이I made the characters different from Toyo Confectionery.HeteとCrown confectioneryAlso released choco pies. In 1999, Toyo Confectionery used the name "choco pie"Lotte Confectionery Was sued.However, the ruling dismissed "choco pie" as a common noun.[5].
  • north koreaThen,2004 ToKaesong Industrial ComplexOrion's choco pie is banned from cash payments to workers in North KoreaovertimeAlternativeRemunerationWhen it was provided as, it quickly became popular[6][7],North Korean won"Second" to replacecurrency'[8]The North Korean authorities have banned direct payments to workers due to the fact that they are distributed as[6]..In response to this, North Korean state-owned enterprisesPeople's Republic of ChinaImporting raw materials from Japan to domestically produce choco pies[9].


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