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🍽 | Yogurt won't separate-frozen tricks and 5 recipes to use!


Yogurt won't separate-frozen tricks and 5 recipes to use!

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[How to make]
① Put plain yogurt, ketchup, grated garlic and ginger, curry powder, olive oil, and salt and pepper in a plastic bag and mix.

Yogurt does not retain its deliciousness even if it is frozen as it is, but if you hold down the point, it is a food that can be stored frozen.blood… → Continue reading

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Curry powder

Curry powder(Curry and curry powder:English: Curry powder) IscurryUsed in cookingMixed spices(mixtureSpices).

Turmeric,Red pepperIt is made by blending dozens of different materials.IndiaThen it is made by each household,JapanReady-made products are sold in bottles and cans.


Curry powder18st centuryFrom India aroundThe United KingdomWas introduced in[1], BritishCross and blackwellIt was first developed and commercialized by the company. The company is a company that undertakes cooking for parties of aristocrats,ColonyWhen making Indian food, there are many typesspicesWas mixed to save labor.When this mixed spice was named "C & B Curry Powder" and sold to the general public, it became very popular and became one of the British home-cooked dishes.curryBecame more popular.1810 ToOxford English DictionaryThe word "curry powder" appears in[2]..Curry powder was not the main product of Crosse & Blackwell at that time, which boasted a wide variety of items, so it is not currently produced and no recipes or materials remain.However, curry powder is still widely used all over the world.

British style using this curry powderCurry and rice TheMeiji EraIt was introduced to Japan and became a popular dish that is said to be a national dish.

History in Japan

  • 1905 ToBee foodThe predecessor (Yamatoya) started manufacturing and selling[3].
  • 1923 ToSb foodPredecessor (Higashiya) started manufacturing and sales.The company claims that this is the first domestically produced curry powder to compete with "C & B" products.[4].

Western restaurants that used "C & B" curry powder until then were afraid that the taste would change, so it was difficult to switch to these domestic products.The spread of domestic curry powder was triggered by the forgery of imported goods in 1931.[5]This, in turn, resulted in an increase in the evaluation of domestic products.

To make curry rice in JapanA frying panでWheat flourAnd stir-fry the curry powderCurry rouxAnd make thisDashiThe soup was mixed with ingredients such as meat and vegetables boiled in a pan to make curry. Therefore, curry powder was an essential material for curry,1960 eraInstantly made by adding oil, wheat flour and umami seasoning to curry powder in advanceCurry rouxWas developed. Instant roux has become very popular because it is easy to curry by simply boiling the ingredients in water and then dropping the roux to drop the curry powder itself. HoweverDry curryAnd currypilafThere is a certain demand for seasonings for other curry-flavored dishes, and it remains a long-selling product.[4].


The Japanese curry industry isHouse foodNo. XNUMX is an oligopoly, but the curry powder market is "S & B red canHolds more than 80% market share. The leading spice sellerGABANAlso sells curry powder, but the company has a tie-up with House Foods, and the company's curry powder is a house-based product. In addition to large corporations, long-established independent Indian curry powder and Indera curry powder, both long-established independent companies that were founded after the prewar period, have also been sold as long-selling products.

In addition, several companies that are affiliated with the Japan Curry Industry Cooperative (Curry Union), which are made by companies related to curry manufacturing, sell curry powder under their own brand.


Multiple spices aboveRoastThen,powderWest,MixedAnd mature. Blends vary by manufacturer.

Curry powder is just a mixed spice, and it comes from salt and dashi (from seafood and animal meat).taste) Is not included. Therefore, it is necessary to add salt and dashi components during cooking (commercial curry roux products already have salt and dashi components).


MoistureoxygenThe principle is to use up as soon as possible because the flavor components will be lost due to this, but when storing, it is recommended to dry and cool.Refrigerator Then, use a glass bottle that does not easily transfer the scent to other foods. Note thatplastic bagIs not suitable for storage because it cannot block oxygen and moisture. If you leave it indoorsTick,JinsanshibamushiMay be eaten by food pests such as.

Curry powder from various places

IndianFoodThe manufacturer produces curry powder that suits the taste of Indians and sells it domestically and internationally.[6] The consumption of curry powder is said to be the largest in the world (the second largest in the world is Japan). The prototype of curry powder was IndianMasalaIt is also said that Masala mixes each chef/housewife with a unique composition according to taste, tradition of the shop/house, and compatibility of ingredients to cook. Therefore, curry powder, which is an already prepared spice mix, is considered different from masala. On the other hand, due to the influence of curry powder, even in the original Indian Masala, the already prepared one has been put on the market. These are recognized as simple seasonings, and traditionalIndian cuisineIs not used in.
タ イ 料理 OfGaneIs a dish that is often called "Thai curry" overseas, but it is a dish that has nothing to do with Indian so-called curry (Kari),Red peppers,lemongrass,GingerMixed with other plantsGaen pasteUse a mixed seasoning called ". However, nowadays, when using curry powder for seasoning (Gane Gully) Recipes also exist.
19st centuryPharmacist Goss has developed a mixed seasoning called "kari gosse" and provided it to restaurants in France. Heyday1930 eraToベルギー,モロッコWas also exported toSecond World WarThere is a factory insideBrittanyBecame scorched soil, and now it is only sent to restaurants from a very small factory.[7].
sausageLight meal usingCurry wurstCurry powder is used for.
Hong Kong
BritishColonyMetHong KongThen curry powder (Cantonese"Curry rice" (curry and rice), "Kurashi fish cake" (TsumireBoiled curry), "Beef noodles"(Beef curry noodles), "Hoshisu fried rice flour" (curry roast)Rice noodles)etcTea and rice agencyA snack bar calledA stallCan be eaten at Although imported products from Britain and Japan are also sold, curry powder prepared in Hong Kong, such as Guangyakki Food Factory and original spice specialty stores, is still very popular. In Hong Kong, a paste seasoning called “Yurakaku”, which is a mixture of vegetable oil and curry powder, is also made and sold in glass bottles. Hong Kong curry powder is nearbyMacauYou can also buy it.


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