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🍽 | Yuichi Nakamaru and Koichi Domoto confessed to the past that they were "insanely angry" Masayuki Sakamoto showed off his cooking skills


Yuichi Nakamaru and Koichi Domoto confess their past "insanely angry" Masayuki Sakamoto shows off his cooking skills

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In addition, Nakamaru will welcome Yoshio Inoue & Mone Kamishiraishi, who are co-starring with KinKi Kids Koichi Domoto in the musical "Knights Taylor Knights".

Masayuki Sakamoto of idol group V6, Atsuko Maeda of actress, Atsushi Tamura of comedy duo London boots No. 1 and No. 2 are coming ... → Continue reading

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Koichi Domoto

Koichi Domoto(How about Koichi,1979 <Showa 54>May 1 -) isJapan OfIdol,singer,An actor,talentAnd the idol duoKinKi KidsMembers of. Same real name[5].

HyogoAshiyaBackground[2][3].Johnny's OfficeBelongs. Height 168cm[6].Blood TypeIs B type.

CompanionDomoto TsuyoshiIt has the same surname as, but has no blood relationship.


* Described mainly for solo activities.KinKi Kids,J-FRIENDSPlease refer to each page for activities.


1979 Born as the eldest son of the Domoto family[7]. With a weight of 2900 g,Reciprocal childMet[7]. The origin of the name is "I want to be the best at everything".[7]"I got a letter from my father[5][7]"Since I was born on January 1st around 1am,LightThatThere seems to be various things such as "in turn", and the person himself is not clear[5]. My sister is 3 above[7].

When I was bornNaganoMatsumotoWas[8]Shortly afterwards, my father gave me a transfer appointment and moved to Chiba Prefecture.1982 ,ChibaFunabashiI entered Nishifuna Kindergarten in Japan, but soon after I moved to Hyogo's company housing again, I moved to Ashiya City Asahigaoka Kindergarten.[7].1985 Enrolled in Ashiya City Asahigaoka Elementary School,1991 ,Ashiya City Yamate Junior High SchoolAdvanced to[7][Annotation 1]. Entertainment life has also become hectic1994 , Enrolled in high school. It took 5 years at a credit/correspondence school, but successfully graduated[9]. Since it was work on the day of the graduation ceremony, the graduation ceremony was held alone on the other day in the principal's room[10].

Entered Johnny's Office

When I was in 6th grade,Boy corpsThe resume resumed by the fan's sisterJohnny's OfficePresident ofJanie KitagawaCaught in the eyes of[7][11], Direct telephone was used in Kobe at that timeLight genjiBe invited to a concert[7]. Until then, due to my sister's influence,PLAYZONE'89 AgainAnd 'PLAYZONE'90 MASKI was watching musicals such as ", but he was not particularly interested.[7]. However, while I was watching this concert, I started to think, "Cool, let's do it."Yokohama ArenaI decided to enter the office on the spot I saw it[7]. The mother told me in an interview that she couldn't forget her bowing at the time, saying just one word to the president.[11].

その1991 May 5First met at Yokohama Arena[12], Decided to enter the office in the same wayDomoto TsuyoshiTogether with going to junior high school on weekdays and on weekendsShinkansenI will continue my days going to lessons at an office in Tokyo for a while. Transferred to the third year of middle school and moved to Tokyo[11][13]. This time, it will be a round trip between the training camp and the workplace. By the way, with Tsuyoshi who lived in the camp these daysTomoya Nagase,Yoshihiko InoharaThere was about one more person, but I was glad that I could make a real companion with the same work and circumstances and values[11]. at that timeJohnny's Jr.There are only about 10 people called ``,'' and everyone is always in the dance lesson.[11]. The lessons were hard, but dancing was more fun than studying, and after returning to the training camp, I repeatedly reviewed in front of the mirror.[11].

First stage at the concert of Hikari Genji[11]After that, mainly optical GENJI andSMAPContinued to dance as a back dancer. From the beginning, Tsuyoshi, who has the same family name, often works together[14], "W Domoto" "KANZAfter being called "AI BOYA" etc.1993 May 4,Did you kiss? SMAPFor the first timeKinKi KidsGroup name was announced[7].


1992 Actor debut in the movie "200X Year Sho" released to the public[7]. The first appearance in the TV drama was "Drama City '93".Love, don't sleep""soMasahiro NakaiIt was a work that appeared, but there was no scene of co-starring[15].

1994 In the audition that hundreds of dozens received, rather than the intention of the office, shooting the role of “Ruka Kageyama” with the ability,Humans/Disqualification-For example, if I dieWill appear in "(Takeshi plays "Makoto Oba" role)[16]. He played the role of bullying Makoto because he loved him.[7]. Although the drama is said to be a shocking problem due to its content, it recorded a high audience rating, and the two became nationwide at once[7]. After that, the same social phenomenon at that timeHomeless childWas the leading role in both the movie version and the sequel to the TV drama "Ie Nakidoko 2"Yumi AdachiActing as an opponent of1996 ,Gin wolf mysterious file-boy with two brains-The first starring a TV drama. After that, he appeared in numerous video works and played various roles from the second piece to the third piece, but the person himself became more recognized around the time of "human being disqualified-for example when I die". However, it is impressive that the general public started to say "Oh, a strange girl with a fly in her head," and I felt that the drama had a great influence.[15][17].

2002 ,remote35th in the role of Kozaburo HimuroThe Television Drama Academy AwardBest Supporting Actor[18]& 6thNikkan Sports・Drama Grand Prix Supporting Actor Award[19].2008 ,Silver screen version of Sushi Prince!The first movie starring[20], At this timeRice sushiAlso in charge of the theme song[21].

Variety program, moderator

After appearing in variety shows as an assistant to senior programs, he mainly appears and hosts as KinKi Kids, but from around 1999, he gradually becomes the host of programs and events.There are various genres such as music, discussion, education, and F-1.Tackey & TsubasaCD debut special number "Tetsuko & Koichi's living room] (Also broadcast on September 2002, 9)Tetsuko KuroyanagiServed as. Also,"Domoto Brothers] OrJohnny's Countdown LiveEven when acting as a KinKi Kids chair, Koichi often plays the role of facilitator and talker. "Usually I'm not good at talking to people's eyes instead of talking to people, but I can do it normally when given the role of "moderator".[22]"Tsu is good at spreading the story but not good at summarizing[23]As a result of making the most of each characteristic, it naturally settled into this shape. 『LOVE LOVE I love youWhen I changed to "Domoto Brothers", I tried to use Tsuyoshi as the facilitator in the opposite way, but they both felt uncomfortable and returned.[24].

If you are a guest who is not very good at speaking, you can take the initiative and relax the air. Take a moderator style[22]. Also, I have been associated with them for a long time, such as "LOVE LOVE Aishiteru" and "Domoto Brothers".Kikuchi ShinThe producer commented, "Koichi has specialized as a producer," "After the recording, it's difficult for the guest to talk when in this sitting position," he said, "he's a staff rather than a performer."[25]"The type of person who is strong in production even in the talk of a program that invites guests. Moreover, I do not show that I am making efforts ... I can not show people who are weaving but people like cranes who weave before they know it"[22], He said that he was actively involved in the program making. Other,"Pop jamI worked atNHKKen Tsutsui, chief director of the entertainment program department, said, "When I hand over the script, I quickly look through it before saying, "Is there something I have to do here?", "" (For what) what do I do here?" he asks. "The interpretation of staging is a professional among professionals."[26],GenejanKayo Yamaguchi, who was involved in the discussion program, said, “I'm firmly saying my opinion from the meeting stage.” “I have the ability to speak to other people while making good speakers.”[27]It is highly evaluated among the staff, such as talking to.

Nippon TVVariety "I want to hug Gyu!"KinKi Kids Gyu!" "PikaichiIn the section called "Qualification Getter ☆ Pikaichi" that was continuously broadcast in 3 programs, I tried to acquire various qualifications each time, and finally acquired 20 types of qualifications.[28][29]. After acquisition, there are many things that can not be managed and have expired or expired, but first gradeSmall ship pilotIt was also a goal because I started this cornerDomestic A-class licenseConsciously keep updating[30].


As a big reason for thinking to enter the office, there was actually an admiration for musicals, and when I was 15,Humans/Disqualification-For example, if I die-When I was asked about my dream for the future in the video privilege interview, I said, "I want to do a musical that includes all songs, dances and plays."[4].. 1993,SMAPDebuted on the stage "ANOTHER". After "kyotokyo" in 1997, first starred in "MASK" in 1999.

2000 ,MILLENNIUM SHOCK"soImperial TheaterSelected as the youngest chairman (21 years old at that time),Noriyuki Higashiyama,Akasaka Akira(OriginalLight genji),Tsubasa Imai(at that timeJohnny's Jr.) Quartet ("Johnny's Shitenno" and "Andalusian unit"Also called" and challenged 1 performances in a month[31], To succeed successfully. About 7 tickets were flooded with 80 applications by lottery method, those sold by face-to-face method were sold out immediately in 15 minutes, the competition rate was 11.4 times[31][32]. In addition, the coverage including international media has attracted a great deal of attention, with over 70 people from 200 companies, and it was the first result in the history of the Imperial Theater 89 years.[31]. The Imperial Theater will spend seven months of the year in 2011Johnny's OfficeIt became a theater with a lot of involvement, because the stage of the talent to which it belongs might occupy.[33]In the beginning of 2000, Koichi recalled that there were many harsh opinions regarding the advancement of Johnny's office because it was a venerable theater.[34][35].. However, I would like you to make a series for the magnitude of this reaction.TohoThere is an offer from the side[32]After that, the "SHOCK" series will be starred by Koichi and continue every year.

2004 of"Shocking SHOCKAfter that, Koichi proposed, "I want to evolve into a work that emphasizes the story",Janie KitagawaAs the GO sign came out saying, "Isn't it okay to make something like Koichi's shock?", the script is recreated from scratch and the story and composition are changed significantly[34][36].. The name is alsoEndless SHOCK』, Koichi participated fully in all the script, direction and music,2005 More new SHOCK has started[34][36].2008 April, the "Endless SHOCK" is the 4rdKikuta Kazuo Theater AwardAward[37][Annotation 2].. It was given to all the staff and performers for the high stage performance, but at the interview Koichi said, "I was able to get it with the help of everyone. I have always valued to be one. I'm really happy to have received such an award on this stage that we have created together."[37][39].2011 May 3, "Endless SHOCK" was still on the day the Imperial Theater celebrated its 100th anniversary[40].. I was afraid about standing on the stage on a memorial day, "Is it really good for "SHOCK"?", but he said, "One third of my life was involved in Teigeki,The place that formed your personalityIt is not an exaggeration to say. Congratulations!"[40].2013 May 3, "SHOCK" series has achieved 1000 performances[41].. Achieved 12 years and 5 months after the premiere, it will be the fastest stage in the domestic drama as a single starring stage in the same performance[41].

In the long history of SHOCK, we have experienced various injuries and troubles. Tear muscle rupture during the 2000 premiere "MILLENNIUM SHOCK" performance, June 2002Show drama/SHOCKOn the first day ofLigament injuryWas injured[36][42].. Both performances were completed with a supporter and splint for a month, but he said, ``I am sorry for the customers and staff who visited, the cast, the regret for myself who can not move, and deliver it with all my strength. ``I was full of feelings that I had to do it,'' and said, “I am sorry because I was injured by my carelessness and could not show the full-scale show,” shed tears at the curtain call on the first day.[42][43].. In a later interview, “From the day I was injured, Mr. Toho-san,” I think that there are many ways to attract someone else even if they have a leg injury. "It was saved and helped me."[36].. Although I did not reveal it at the time, in February 2004, I failed to land during flying during rehearsal and fell from my head and I was hospitalized for about a week, during which I went to a Teigeki from the hospital.[44][45], In 2006Acute GastroenteritisI have also stood on the stage while suffering from.Because of these things, I'm not a test-taker during the performance, but if something happens on the stage, I don't make an escape for myself, so I wake up before the performance starts → enter the theater → eat → stretch & warm up → bath → I try not to break the routine work of make-up → standing on the stage[4][36][46].. By the way, canceled in 2008 due to a failure of the stage mechanism → Transfer[47], 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeCanceled by[48]Canceled due to injury to movable LED panel in 2015[49]Has experienced, but has never canceled the performance due to his own physical condition or injury.[50].

As an unchanging theme that runs through the series"Show Must Go On"There is a spirit of (the show must continue no matter what)[42][51], This is the title of Koichi's series on Johnny's Office's mobile site "Johnny's web".

The "SHOCK" series has been performed every year for 2000 consecutive years from the premiere of 2019 to 20.[52], Koichi's life work is now[53][54].. Tickets are sold out on the same day as the pre-sale start date even if it exceeds 15 years from the premiere[55]The success is well-known as "the stage where it is hard to get the best ticket in Japan"[53][56][57].. Due to issues such as ceiling height, auctions, and stage width, it has only been performed at the Imperial Theater for a long time.[13]After renovating the theater, in 2012 in FukuokaHakatazaThe first local performance in[53], In 2013 in the local KansaiUmeda Arts TheaterAlso advanced to[13].. With 2019 performances at the Imperial Theater on March 3, 31, the total number of mobilization was about 1700 million people[58].

The 2020th in recognition of the achievements in leading the "SHOCK" series for 2000 years from the first performance in 20, in 45Kikuta Kazuo Theater AwardIndividuals receive the grand prize[59][60]. The 41-year-old won the award in 2016ElisabethWas awarded the grand prizeFlowerIs the youngest in history to beat the record of 43 years old[61]Won the first award at Johnny's Office[60].


The influence of the mother during childhoodTOTO,Eric Clapton,EaglesI listen to a lot of Western music[62], To the artists that I like even after I grow upBon JoviAre listed[63]. The first CD I boughtKazumasa Odaof"Love story suddenly"so,"LOVE LOVE I love youThe session was realized when Oda made a guest appearance in the special. Other things I often list as my favorite songsAkira Kushidaof"Space Detective Gavan. "

"LOVE LOVE I love you"Takuro YoshidaMeet first-class musicians such as and learn the guitar. And the first time I was asked by Takuro Yoshida in the program,[64],MY WISHI made a song. When I showed this song to Takuro Yoshida for the first time, he said, "I made it well" without denying it. Can't[64]. And he recalls that the events of that time were the catalyst for continuing to write and compose lyrics.[64]. By the way, when I first heard this virgin work on a demo tape, I was a program producer.Kikuchi ShinSaid, "Suddenly at a high level... it's like a professional composer's job!"[22].

After that, he continued to write lyrics, and the songs were recorded on KinKi Kids singles, albums, and stage soundtracks.2002 "K. Dino" because I want you to listen to the song without prejudice that "Koichi Domoto wrote the lyrics"[Annotation 3]KinKi Kids' single "without revealing its identity using the pen name"solitude ~Sayonara of Truth~"announced.

2001 , Event "OdaibaIt was formed for ``It gets crowded!''Johnny's Jr.Limited time unit☆☆I★N★G★ progressiveTo "LOVE together"[65]Beginning to write lyrics, he will also be involved in providing music and producing to juniors.Nippon TVVariety "Japan WalkerIn the corner "Koichi plan" in J-Support (KKKity) To ``Private Hearts''[Annotation 4],Hideaki TakizawaThe stage ofDREAM BOY』I wrote a song with the same name[66].. Other,NHK BS2Music program ofThe Shonen ClubThe ending song "LOVE & DREAM" (composition) from October 2002.In 10KAT-TUN"Change", which was presented as an original song by the song program and concert, was originally performed by Koichi himself at the 1999 KinKi Kids winter concert.

Domoto Tsuyoshi 2002 Since he had already made a solo debut, there was a voice from early on that Koichi wanted to make a solo debut, but he said, "I wonder if it will come out soon.[67]I was thinking about that. However, as the protagonist, Thor (adolescent)Fuji Television Network, IncSeries animeBeast starFirst challenge to a voice actor[68]When I decided to do it and "Deep in your heart" that I composed was decided as the theme song, I had to make it into a form2006 May 7, Both sides A single "Deep in your heart / + MILLION but -LOVEWill be released as He finally made his solo CD debut at the age of 27.[Annotation 5]Sold 22.1 copies in the first week and reached No. 1 in the Oricon weekly ranking[69].

I like songs with minor chords, and I often make them myself[70]. In composition, there is a strong desire to make music that moves people's emotions with the help of melody.[14][22]. The type of music that is often stocked is deadline[70]. Also, when writing both lyrics and songs, basically write the song first and then add the lyrics[22][70]. However, since 2006 when I made my solo debut, "I'm looking forward to what kind of lyrics the lyricist will add to my song.[71]"There are many people in the world who write only lyrics, but I've never heard the opposite.[72]"I don't think I have the talent to write lyrics, and I'm not good at writing lyrics[73]"I'm not good at talking, and I don't have the desire to say "I'm this kind of person"[74]Because of this, I moved away from my songwriting activities and focused only on composing. Almost all the songs on the solo single album are composed only[Annotation 6]. And2010 "I don't know if I'll have a chance to write (words) in the future, but I basically don't write anymore."[73]", which was released in the same year.Family-to be one"Tears" (lyrics: Koichi Domoto, composer: Tsuyoshi Domoto) from "Tears" has not been announced.[Annotation 7].

For both solo CDs and group CDs, he is in charge of chorus song insertion, mix, track down, etc., and often makes it while discussing with the staff every day until morning during the production & recording period.[14][75]. Music criticKotaro Aso"I've never heard of such an idol. Koichi is no longer a producer who can't wait until he manages the exit of the work."[75].

Solo concert, direction, video editing

Before the debutKinKi KidsMost of the dance numbers were when I performed solo at the concert.Masahiko KondoThe songNoriyuki HigashiyamaThe solo number "Longing for AndalusiaTake over[51], KinKi Kids joint composition "a bunch of love"I also danced when I performed as a solo. 『Pop jam], while being the moderator,2001 May 9From the broadcast, there is a section called "Koichi Domoto SUPER STAGE"[76][Annotation 8],Michael jackson"LITTLE SUSIE" "2 BAD" andStray CatsShe performed dance every week such as "ROCK THIS TOWN".

The first solo concert is faster than the solo CD debut,2004 Spring. After two years of planning, Koichi himself realized all the composition and production.[12]. With the comprehensive contents up to that point, it became a "fascinating stage" like Koichi, an entertainer.[12], "1/2"[Annotation 9]As the meaning of "KinKi Kids is two" in the title[78], KinKi Kids andTsuyoshiTo show off the song[79], "I'm okay" I asked Go to write it myself[80]It was a content that I was still aware of being one of the group, such as sending a message with a title of several lines to the monitor. However2006 The song of KinKi Kids was sealed in the second solo tour performed inmirror19 songs out of 18 songs composed mainly by the song[81]It was developed in the complete Koichi Domoto solo world. Koichi himself is in charge of the composition, production and comprehensive production of all the subsequent tours, and is involved in all the detailed meetings including dance and lighting.[82][83].Johnny's OfficeSince there is no specialized staff to think about the composition of the concert, "I usually thought about it myself since I was 15 years old, and everyone has done so." "On the contrary, I understand my musicality from myself. There is no human being, but I don't understand the feeling that others think about the composition," he said.[14][74]. At concerts, we mainly visualize music so that you can enjoy sounds and spaces that you would not normally hear.[14][84], 9% do what they want to do, but the rest try to put in productions that please the fans[82], Like Koichi who loves to dance, and is more focused on dancing than when he was a group[85].. We have a feeling that lighting is the most important thing in stage production,PIGIThe latest lighting and projection equipment of the time, such as images and dot images, were imported from overseas and quickly adopted.[83][86].. I don't like outdoor performances that are difficult to produce with light and are influenced by the weather and time.[86][87], Solo concerts have never been held outdoors.

Regarding MC, at first, I was confused by the lack of Tsuyoshi[79]I was not good at it, so I made a statement saying that I should not do it anymore, but in recent yearsDo SA prince character, like lifting and dropping it, and hugging itTsundereTalk[88]Hated mouth and tongue[85](However, follow-up is always required), etc. is becoming a staple, and there is a strong side with a gap different from the performance of the main part.[89].

We are also involved in detailed production and editing of all video works such as concert DVDs and promotional videos that are made into software.[5][14][90].. However, even if you show the back side, the reaction of the customer does not have to change, it does not matter (the difficulty of the creator), "I want you to accept what I got from it" Originally from the production process and behind the scenes I don’t like to show[4][56], I'm not involved in "Document of Endless SHOCK 2012 -Tomorrow's Stage-" because I don't want to look back on the past despite taking the next step.[91].. Originally, I was pretty enthusiastic about making things, and I don't think that I should stick to the details and do not leave it to everyone, I admit that such a figure is "Otaku's world (laugh)".[14].


A work person who recognizes himself and others[54].. Work is my hobby in my life and all my life[74]I think that Koichi Domoto, such as the way of thinking and the character of things, is now assembled from what he got from his work, so when he takes work from Koichi Domoto, nothing remains.” It's not Koichi Domoto."[92][93].. I don’t like to set goals or plan ahead[73][74], I never say or choose to do this at work,[54][73], "I always have a sense of responsibility for the work in front of me, and if I put all my strength into what I have and face it, I'll be connected."[73]I think that it is more important to live as hard as possible and move forward without looking back on the past[93].. In addition, I say that I do not have any stress because I like to work.[94][95].. Such a figure is stoic[96], Professional, perfectionist[42]There are many people who are evaluated as[73], He denied, "Simply I can't stand on stage because I'm scared unless I do it."[46].. As of August 2012Myojo] 1st appearance on the cover[97]Although I often take professional patterns, I am not good at photography. In interviews and interviews, I have not talked a lot or provided lip service, and my speech has remained stable for many years.[83].
From its appearance to fans and media for a long time"princeIs often referred to as "[22],OriconIt has also been ranked number one in the Hakuba Prince ranking[98].. He also called himself a prince.Mitsuhiro OikawaHe said, "The only Japanese prince is Koichi, you are the only one."[99],Yukihiko TsutsumiIs a drama based on the idea of ​​"Koichi is the Prince"Sushi Prince!Koichi was selected as the protagonist of[96].. The name is not limited to Japan,2011 On the Solo Asia Tour South KoreaWhen I went toM! Countdown"so"Asian Lovely PrinceWas introduced[100].. There is a movement to change into a "king" as he gets older.[101], The name is still strong[83]. By the way, the person himself says that "I have been talking about it for quite some time".[22].
I like sportsbaseballThen, in the old days, baseball was in 1st place and 2ndMotor sportsWas listed[63]. In professional baseball巨人フ ァ ン[102]And above allTatsunori HaraDirectorKawasaki MasahiroFan of[103][104]. When I was going to kindergarten at Ashiya, I was walking around with my mother while I was in the neighborhood.Takezono HotelSadaharu OhWhen I encountered the director, I got a sign and got the word "If you grow up, come to the giant army"[7],2000 Of the giant I met at the recording siteKoji UeharaTo playersstraightI was also taught how to throw[105]. Since he had declared that he was a baseball lover and a giant fan, he sometimes asked each sports newspaper to comment on something in the baseball world.[102][106], My favorite player has retired,2007 By the time, "I don't know about recent professional baseball circumstances."[107]The number of baseball talks decreased, and the proportion of F1 talks gradually increased.
Not only watching baseball, I play it myself, and it has a long history since I was in elementary school.[103].. Originallyhigh school baseballHe started playing baseball under the influence of his father who was a giant fan of[108]Enter the Little League[103]Protected shorts and thirds[109]. Even after starting workJohnny's Large Athletic Meet (baseball tournament)And served as pitcher 4,1998 Also won the MVP[110]. In the same 1998Johnny's EntertainmentStaff and grass baseball team are also formed[111]. After I hurt my shoulder, I started to go first, but in my private life, I continued to play grass baseball for a while. In publicSilver screen version of Sushi Prince!』As part of the promotion of the opening ball ceremony[105][Annotation 10],2009 May 12At the Tokyo DomeJohnny's Large Athletic MeetOr only participate in baseball[113],2011 May 5Made inMarching JCharity baseball tournament and[114],2016 May 4Is playing at the Johnny's Baseball Tournament[115].
I started to love cars from a young age because of the influence of people like my brother who lived in my neighborhood, and my dream for the future was to be a taxi driver.[93]. Eventually that interestF1Also spreads. The first player I likeSatoshi Nakajima[116], The first Japanese F1 pilotLotusI've been watching all the games since I was running[117]. Above all, in 1989Australian GP("Rain Nakajima"[116],1991 Same asAustralian GPI listed Last Run as a memorable race[118], "Japanese driver pioneer[116]"" A big presence that led me to F1[118]” Besides, of F1 world championship world championAyrton SennaWhen,Michael SchumacherIs also listed as a special entity[119]. Within the F1 teamFerrariI love everything and even the cars I ownFerrariSo in my book "When I Become a Fan",430 ScuderiaHas also published[120].
Also known as a F1 fan of the entertainment world[121]F1 says himself is "best entertainment and ultimate entertainment" for himself[122]. I have also experienced many F1 related jobs in 2000.[123]And 2002[124]ToFuji TV F1 relayMade a guest appearance in. In 2007BridgestoneF1 Japan GP Press meeting facilitator[125], In January 2009Suzuka CircuitMade in2009 Japan Grand PrixToInternational Automobile Federation (FIA)Invited as the only official VIP guest and appeared in the eve of the festival event and Fuji TV F1 relay[126]. Privately in September 2005Belgian Grand PrixIn 2011SuzukaJapan Grand PrixI'm watching a local game. Every year from 2007 to 2012Tokyo Chunichi SportsF1In addition to the serialization of the column "Light speed CORNER", the magazine "2006-2015"GRAND PRIX SPECIAL(F1 Grand Prix)” (Sony Magazines) Was serialized "F1 Hymn". Also, if the experts are surprisingly familiar with F1, the production side can make a white arrow,2014 F1 movie "Rush Pride and Friendship"soJames HuntVoice actor appeared as a role[121]In addition, in 2019, the movie ``Ford vs FerrariWas appointed as a movie support ambassador[127].
Motorsport journalistKazuhito KawaiIs 2000Italian GP OfMonzaFrom the first meeting at[128]. When watching live broadcasts on TV, have Kawai send me data such as data and reports for the race by email.[128], I usually watch my lap time with my computer open.
My favorite food is peach[63]Fruits such as fruits and strawberries[107], Octopus, squid,Mozuku, Pig'sGingerThe foods I don't like are eggplant, offal-based dishes,Coriander, Rice balls, etc. Especially, I am not good at sweets such as fresh cream and red bean paste, and Daifuku and Taiyaki can eat only the outer skin. Basically, I'm not very interested in food[129][130], I forget about the act of eating when there are other things I get hooked on. Sometimes people suddenly have a surprising appetite, but usually they often say that they are just eating to live.[129].. HoweverColaI love[131], The more you say, "If you don't, you'll die"[129]. I like to put ice and drink[63]. In 2003Coca ColaI was pretty happy when the commercial for[131].
Games digital
I love games, especiallyFinal FantasyIncluding series (FF)Role playing gamesPrefer system[130].. 『Final fantasy x"soVodkaThe voice actor who played the roleKazuya NakaiWhen"Beast starI was very happy when I co-starred in[132]After that, Nakai was in charge of the narration for the CM of his live DVD "KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2006 mirror ~ The Music Mirrors My Feeling ~". Released in 2002, "Final Fantasy XI』Continued to play for 7 years, total play time exceeded 900 days[133]..Koichi's FF series fans are working on the "Final Fantasy" seriesニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エBut famous, the company's presidentYosuke MatsudaThe album "" scheduled to be released in 2021 was triggered by the fact thatPLAYFULIt was decided to collaborate with Square Enix in the visual production of "V" and the production and production of the short movie "V".[134].online gameThen also co-star in "Endless SHOCK"Uekusa KatsuhideDeepen interaction with[135].
It was bright for digital, loved mechanics, and when I was a kid I quickly disassembled anything and was often angry.[23]. PC oriPhoneEtc.MacSect,ASCII Media WorksMacintosh issued byAppleProfessionalPC magazineAppeared on the cover of[136]. With mobile appFO-YUExchange emails with juniors[95], Analyze data and create music when watching F1 on PC[136].
My favorite subjects are science and science. Sometimes "Johnny's No. XNUMX Science Geek"[137][138]It seems to be interested in being called,Theory of relativityIt's not uncommon for people to talk about MCs at concerts. I am interested in things that exist in everyday life, such as water, light refraction, and the ultimate circle, and I am skeptical about the things and phenomena that are commonplace. It's not commonplaceSpaceI've always liked it since I was a kid[139],NHKMars-related programs, science lovers have become more interested in science program "Chocot Science"[137]He also acted as the host of “Koichi Domoto's NEWS LABO”.
He has been proclaiming “I like cats but has allergies to cats” for many years, and has tended to be a cat faction, such as having cats named “uni” and “Yuzu” in the past, and I hate that I die before myself. That's why I said I wouldn't have a pet anymore[71],2009 5[140]Suddenly femaleLong coat chihuahua[82]Surprised the fans and the surroundings when I started to buy "bread"[141]. After that, I will appear in my own solo concerts and programs[142][143], Showing off images and videos as a privilege of solo music release works, shows that they are stupid to accept both themselves and others[144]. By the way, I love animals for a long time, not just dogs and cats.[141].


  1. August 1998, 3,Compaction machine (roller) operation businessSpecial educationCompletion (unlimited)
  2. August 1998, 6,soft ballClass 3 official recognitionUmpire
  3. July 1998, 7, Level 13Small ship pilot
  4. August 1998, 9,ChainsawCompleted special training for felling work
  5. August 1998, 11,Food Sanitation Officer
  8. August 1999, 4,Operation of small vehicle construction machinery (leveling, transportation, loading and excavation)Completed special education (frame weight less than 3t)
  9. July 1999, 7, Official Referee of the Japan Tug of War Federation (Single A)
  10. November 1999, 11, first gradeSmall ship pilot
  11. August 1999, 11,Boiler handlingSkill trainingCompletion (small boiler)
  12. August 1999, 12,Forklift driving businessCompleted special education (maximum load less than 1t)
  13. January 2000, 1, Wrapping Coordinator
  14. August 2000, 4,Business such as arc weldingCompletion of special education
  15. May 2000, 5, JapanDodgeballAssociation certified C classUmpire
  16. August 2000, 6,Large special vehiclelicense
  17. Qualified as a soba noodle expert on July 2000, 7
  18. August 2000, 8, SWIFTWATER RESCUE First Respond
  19. August 2000, 10,Vehicle-based construction machinery (for leveling, transportation, loading and excavation) operationCompletion of skill training (machine weight 3 t or more)
  20. August 2001, 1,Arm wrestlingDomestic Level 3 Referee
  • I have used my qualifications and demonstrated a forklift operation at a concert venue[145].
  • A Christmas tree that has been cut down using the chainsaw logging qualification was released at the dockyard garden of Minato Mirai 21 Landmark Tower in Yokohama.
  • Utilizing the qualification of arc welding,USJWelded the fin part of the shark object installed in front of the attraction "JAWS"[29].


KinKi KidsSee also the item.


Koichi Domoto

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
1October 2006th, 7Deep in your heart / + MILLION but -LOVE CD + DVDJECN-0102 (Limited Edition A)1 bit[69]
CD + DVDJECN-0104 (Limited Edition B)
CDJECN-0106 (regular edition)
2October 2009th, 7 Youth ~Ayakashi~ CD + DVDJECN-0198 (First Press Limited Edition)1 bit[146]
CDJECN-0200 (Regular Edition First Press)
CDJECN-0201 (regular edition)

Rice sushi name

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
1October 2008th, 4No more CD + DVDJECN-0164 (First Press Limited Edition)1 bit[21]
CDJECN-0166 (regular edition)

DVD & Blu-ray single

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
1October 2015th, 6INTERACTIONAL / SHOW ME UR MONSTER DVDJEBN-0190 (Type A)1 bit[147]
JEBN-0191 (Type B)
Blu-rayJEXN-0038 (Type A)
JEXN-0039 (Type B)


Release datetitleHighest rank
1October 2006th, 9 mirror 1 bit[148]
2October 2010th, 9BPM2 bit
3October 2012th, 10Gravity1 bit[149]
4October 2015th, 7Spiral2 bit
5October 2021th, 6PLAYFUL1 bit[150]


Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1October 2006th, 1 KOICHI DOMOTO Endless SHOCK Original Sound Track 1 bit[151]First ever to win first place with musical soundtrack[151].
2October 2017th, 4 KOICHI DOMOTO "Endless SHOCK" Original Sound Track 2 1 bit[152]

Video work

Release datetitleSale formHighest rankRemarks
1October 2002th, 6KOICHI DOMOTO SHOCK DIGESTVHS / DVDVHS overall: 1st[42]
DVD overall: 1st[42]
2October 2003th, 1Koichi Domoto SHOCKDVD overall: 2st
3October 2004th, 10KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2004 1/2[Annotation 9]DVD overall: 1st[153]First week sales are 4th in music DVD history[153].
4October 2006th, 2Endless SHOCKDVDDVD overall: 1st[154]
5October 2007th, 5KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2006 mirror
~ The Music Mirrors My Feeling ~
DVD overall: 1st
6October 2008th, 10Endless SHOCK 2008DVD overall: 1st[155]
7October 2011th, 3KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2010 BPMDVDDVD overall: 1st
October 2012th, 10BDBD overall: 8th[156]
8October 2013th, 2Document of Endless SHOCK 2012 -Tomorrow's Stage-DVDDVD overall: 1st[157]Since it is a documentary that shows the back side of the production, Koichi is the only video work that is not involved in editing.[91].
October 2013th, 7BD
9October 2013th, 7KOICHI DOMOTO Concert Tour 2012 “Gravity”DVDDVD overall: 1st[158]
October 2014th, 2BDBD overall: 9th
10October 2013th, 9Endless SHOCK 2012DVD / BDDVD overall: 2st
(DVD music: 2nd place)
BD overall: 1th[156]
Limited preorder limited sales. First overall BD ranking as a male solo artist.[156]
11October 2014th, 9Endless SHOCK 1000th Performance AnniversaryDVD overall: 1st[159]
(DVD music: 1nd place)
BD overall: 1th[159]
Achieved the first overall simultaneous lead position on DVD and BD[159].
12October 2016th, 5KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2015 SpiralDVD overall: 1st[160]
BD overall: 1th[160]
Overall Music Video Ranking: 1st[160]

Concert Events

Performance scheduleformtitlePerformance scaleVenueRemarks
3 July-29 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2004 1/2[Annotation 9]6 performances at 16 locations for 27 days
30 mobilized[12]
Osaka Castle Hall/Hiroshima Green Arena/Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center/Sendai City Gymnasium/Marine Messe Fukuoka/Yokohama ArenaIt is composed of the contents that summarize the past and present as "the culmination of Koichi Domoto". A fountain, which is the first in the history of Yokohama Arena, was installed in the center of the stage, and 1 tons of water was used in one performance.[79]other,projection mappingIs the predecessor ofPIGIWas incorporated into the production[86].. The costume changed 14 times, and I also tried "SHOCK" songs and flying.[79].Hideaki Takizawa"DREAM BOY" written for the stageDomoto Tsuyoshiof"Doting logic," In Our Dreams," which has not been made into a CD[79].
May 11
Events KOICHI DOMOTO Presents IT LOOKS BACK UPON 1/2[Annotation 9]1 performances at 1 locations for 1 daysShibuya Public HallDVD "KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2004 1/2" release event
9 July-13 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2006 "mirror" ~The Music Mirrors My Feeling~7 performances at 19 locations for 27 days[161]
Mobilized 33 people
(Including 3 additional performances)
Nagoya Rainbow Hall/Marine Messe Fukuoka/Sun Dome Fukui/Osaka Castle Hall/Makomanai Ice Arena/Miyagi Sports Park General Gymnasium/Yokohama ArenaStart from Nagoya, where Koichi couldn't go on the last tour because of hope[81][162].. The Fukuoka performance, which started at 9:17 on September 18, was transferred to the performance at 10:3 on October 18, due to the effect of a typhoon.[163].. The content is the first solo album "mirror"SHOCK" and other songs from "SHOCK"[161].. 19 of the 18 songs performed were composed by Koichi[81].. We carefully focused on "how to show" by incorporating the elements of "Japanese" such as a production using 6 mirrors like a kaleidoscope, a newly shot video of a samurai figure, and an umbrella.[81].Cheering fanSelf-restraint of the[162], The KD mark appeared for the first time in goods.
8 July-15 September
Tour Koichi Domoto CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music[Annotation 11]5 performances at 16 locations for 25 days
30 mobilized[164]
(Including 10 additional performances)
Marine Messe Fukuoka/Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Hall/Osaka Castle Hall/Yokohama Arena/Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
(Yokohama Arena is divided into two performances in September and October)
Showcased the world's first luxurious production by gathering all the state-of-the-art stage equipment “( )” developed in Japan and capable of showing only 27 lights in the world in three dimensions.[164].. At the Yokohama Arena night performance on October 10, the dog dog bread was put on stage for the first time, and there was also one act to show it to the fans.[142].
9 July-11 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2010 BPM9 performances at 22 locations for 28 days
Mobilized 29 people[143]
(Including 3 additional performances)
Okinawa Convention Center Exhibition Hall/Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center/Osaka Castle Hall/Marine Messe Fukuoka/Yokohama Arena/Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall/Sendai Sekisui Heim Super Arena/Oita Beacon Plaza Convention Hall/Kobe World Memorial HallOriginal solo album for the first time in 4 years "BPM10 songs in more than 18 kinds of costumes[143][165].. We are particular about lighting, and increased the number of ".image" used last year to 81 units this year.[166].. In addition, with the advice of Janie Kitagawa, the dog dog bread appeared in the interlude of "Bounce up" in the latter half of the live on the last day of the Yokohama Arena performance, and it was the first announcement to the press.[143].
9 July-9 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO 2011 BPM Seoul/Taipei Performance2 performances at 5 locations for 6 days
2 mobilized[167]
(Including 3 additional performances)
South Korea-Seoul Olympic Park-Olympic Hall/Taiwan-Taipei Nangang 101The Korean agent who watched the BPM tour in 2010 offered an offer saying "I want you to do this kind of stage in Korea", and the first Korean performance was realized.[168].. Visited South Korea for promotion in the second week of August before the performance, and held a press conference to commemorate the performance in Korea at the Hongon-dong Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul[169].. Tickets sold out in 1 seconds even though Korea was originally scheduled for 30 performance[170]Because of this, 2 performances were added, the Taiwan performance, which is the first time in 10 years since KinKi Kids' overseas tour, was sold out in 30 minutes[171]As a result, 1 performance was added. The performance content is the same as the BPM tour in Japan in 2010[169].
9 July-23 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO 2012 “Gravity”[Annotation 12]18 performances
Over 20 mobilization[172]
North Sea/Kobe World Memorial Hall/Yokohama Arena/Nagano Big Hat/Sendai Sekisui Heim Super Arena/Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall/Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall No. 4/Marine Messe Fukuoka/Osaka Castle Hall(Special performance)Two performances scheduled for September 9th at the Kobe World Memorial Hall were canceled due to the effect of typhoon No. 30, and transferred to the Osaka Castle Hall performance on December 2th.[85].. The third solo album "Gravity”, performed 21 songs with intense dance, and introduced the state-of-the-art stage mechanism “” imported from the United States, and made a flower path of about 100 meters in the air.Janie KitagawaWas praised for the first time in 21 years since he entered the office saying "There is no love for the composition and MC".[173][174].
7 July-12 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2015 Spiral5 performances at 12 locations
15 mobilized[84]
North Sea/Osaka Castle Hall/Yokohama Arena/Marine Messe Fukuoka/Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi HallThe fourth solo album "Spiral[88][175].. In June 2015Music Station"[176]Being co-starred inKent Mori"SHOCK!", where we were asked to perform choreography for the tour,[175],Travis PayneBy choreographyDanger Zone”Etc., he said, “Gorgeous choreography”[175]Performed for about 23 hours including talk with all 3 songs up to double encore centering on intense dance numbers[88][177].. A cross-shaped aerial flower path that has a height of 80 meters and a width of 70 meters and rises to a height of 20 meters has also appeared.[84].
8 July-10 September
EventsMusical "Nights Tail" in Symphonic Concert[178]2 performances at 13 locationsTokyo Performing Arts Theater Concert Hall / Tokyo Opera CityKoichi as a concert version of the musical ``Knights Tale-Knight Story'' performed in 2018Yoshio InoueFocusing on 7 main casts including[179],Tokyo Philharmonic OrchestraIn the back of the performance of 2 songs, 33 songs including new songs will be shown including video, dialogue in the play, and talk corner[180].. At the time of the event, thorough measures were taken to prevent new coronavirus infection, and the number of people accommodated was reduced to about half.[181].
6 July-20 September
Tour KOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2021 PLAYFUL[182]5 performances at 11 locationsMakomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena / Nagoya Civic Gymnasium Gaishi Hall / Yokohama Arena / Osaka Castle Hall / Marine Messe Fukuokaalbum"PLAYFUL』Concert[183]..Like the albumニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エIncluding directing to collaborate with[184], "V-Last Forever-" with the theme of "visualizing the sound", including songs not recorded on the CD, all 1 songs will be shown in about 45 hour and 21 minutes[183][185]..To prevent infection, fans are seated and there is no flower path saying "Let's see only long ago"[184]..Adopted a show style in which band members and stringed instrument corps perform live in a space like an orchestra pit[185], Angkor was also canceled[184].. At the Yokohama Arena daytime performance on July 7, he announced the opening of his official Instagram on stage and posted a selfie photo on the spot with the audience seats in the background.[186]..It was also announced that the final performance at Marine Messe Fukuoka on August 8 will be broadcast live.[183].


YearsPerformance scheduletitleVenue: Number of performancesRoleComprehensive productionRemarks
1993 8 July-6 SeptemberANOTHERArt sphere
KoichiJanie KitagawaFirst stage (13 years old at the time). StarringSMAP.. There were about 3 lines, but it was hard to remember[15].
1997 8 July-9 SeptemberKokeri Special Performance Johnny's Fantasy kyotokyo theater 1200Kyoto Theater 1200: All 23 performancesJanie KitagawaA special performance of Kokera from the theater "Theater 1997" which was born in the Kyoto Station Building in the summer of 1200.
1999 1 July-6 SeptemberSHOW drama '99 MASKNissay Theater: All 37 performances
4 million 8840 people[187]
Janie KitagawaFirst star musical (20 years old at the time)[187].. Tickets are sold out the same day[187].. In the pastBoy corps,Hideaki TakizawaJanie Kitagawa has arranged the stage "MASK" that he has performed as Koichi version[187].
2000 11 July-2 SeptemberMILLENNIUM SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 38 performances
7 million 72 people[4]
Janie KitagawaFirst Johnny's performance in the history of Teigeki and the youngest chairman (21 years old at that time)[31].. The first flying of the Imperial Theater was introduced[53].
2001-02 year12 July-1 SeptemberShow drama/SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 114 people[4]
Janie KitagawaThe schedule was set up except the year-end and New Year holidays.
1 July-3 September
2002 6 July-4 SeptemberShow drama/SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 38 performances
7 million 72 people[4]
Janie KitagawaDecember 2001-Replay of performances performed until January 12. Production of 2002 steps of stairs starts[55].
2003 1 July-8 SeptemberSHOCK is Real SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Janie KitagawaA production that gives off scent from the stage.
2004 2 July-6 SeptemberShocking SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 38 performances
7 million 72 people[4]
Janie KitagawaThe drama is selected daily from "Hamlet", "Richard III" and "Movidick".
2005 1 July-8 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Koichi DomotoKoichi himself became fully involved in screenwriting, music and direction, and renewed the content such as story, composition, performance[34][Annotation 13].. "Blast!" is the only Japanese memberNao IshikawaWelcomed to the company and tried percussion for the first time[4].. In addition, a ladder flying, which relies on one wire for four ladders installed at a height of 15 meters above the seats, was also added, and we visited the theater.Jackie ChanAlso surprised[188].. This year, Koichi's new songs were "So Feel It Coming", "Don't Look Back", "Why Don't You Dance with Me?" and "Yoru-no-umi".
2006 2 July-6 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Koichi DomotoAt the production announcement of this performance, it was announced that the "SHOCK" series will be the last this year, and from next year Koichi will perform a new work that will be the director, composition and starring, but about 14 million cases for about 208 people The application flooded, and fans continued to say, "I haven't seen it yet." Jani Kitagawa withdrew the announcement that "I want to perform a new work, but it is also important to respond to the voices of the fans" because of too much reaction. The SHOCK re-performance of next year was decided early and announced though it is still performing.[189]
2007 1 July-6 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 81 performances
14 million 9364 people[4][161]
Koichi DomotoThe February performance has been greatly increased from 2 performances, which had been maintained until now, to 1 performances, achieving the record number of performances in the past.[161].. On February 2, 17 performances in total, mobilizing more than 434 people[190].. In the ladder flying, the first stage landing on the second floor seat has been added[190].
2008 1 July-6 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Koichi DomotoSeven years and two months have passed since the premiere, and the total number of performances has reached 7 on the first day performance on January 2th.In the play, a statue of Koichi made in commemoration of Odai appeared and Mitsuko Mori at the special curtain call. Received a blessing from a bouquet[191].. The daytime performance on January 1rd caused a malfunction in the computer control of the stage equipment immediately after the start of the performance, and for the sake of ensuring safety, SHOCK's first performance was canceled → Transferred on February 23th[47][192].. Koichi apologized directly to the 1844 spectators and, with the members of the company, saw them off the stage until the last one left the theater.[192].. In 2008, the "Endless SHOCK" performers and staff will be at the 33rd timeKikuta Kazuo Theater AwardAward[193].. Koichi at the award ceremony held on April 4,Yara Asayuki,Tadayoshi Okura3 people attended[37], A prize of 100 million yen was awarded[39].
2009 2 July-5 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Koichi DomotoThere was a happening that the public stage lesson for the media was interrupted for 15 minutes due to acoustic trouble.[135][194], The first Japanese turn opened safely. The evening performance on March 3th reached 12 times,Playing the violin on the roof"soMorishige HisayaRenewed the record of the number of single-starring performances established over 19 years at the fastest speed in the history of the drama of 8 years and 5 months for the first time in 23 years[195].Uekusa KatsuhideAppeared as the owner for the first time[135][194], Koichi wrote the new song "Yes We Can!"[196].
2010 2 July-14 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 63 performancesstarring
Koichi Domoto2002 The first 6 performances a year including the summer performances since June[56].. The solo starring more than 100 performances a year will be Hisashiya Morishige from "Violin on the Roof".Elisabeth"ofMaki Ichiji3rd person following[57].May 3Achieved 700 performances in daytime performances[197].. In the special curtain call after the performanceMasahiko Kondo,Noriyuki HigashiyamaI was in SHOCK in the pastRyo NishikidoVideo messages from[197].. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, a photo book "DOCUMENT." supervised by Koichi himself was released for Teigeki only.[198].. At the performance, the product made in Japan, wearing a golden costume and flying a height of 8 meters with a Japanese umbrella in handMary Poppins] Just like the new flying was debuted[57].
7 July-4 SeptemberImperial Theater: All 37 performances
February, March, July performances
All together
18 million 4400 people[4]
2010 August 11-20KANSAI SUPER SHOW Seven SamuraiAriake Coliseum: All 4 performances
3 million 2000 people
Koichi Domoto[199]
Kansai YamamotoKansai Yamamoto, a designer and event producer,Akira KurosawaDirector's movie "Seven Samurai”Was the motif, and the show was made over 3 years in planning and preparation, and served as director and general commander.[200].. This will be Koichi's first external leading stage[199].. Koichi wears a costume designed by Yamamoto that is said to cost 1 million yen.[200]On the stage of a huge pool of 30m x 20m x depth of about 20cm, a height of 18m was wrapped around the body with a white cloth without a lifeline and was flown for 60m.[201].. Other,Riisa NakaAppeared in a gondola that combines two rings with two people to express the Tanabata legend's weaving princess and chick star, and also challenged the battle scene while the water in the pool sprays like a cannon[201].
2011 2 July-5 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 48 performances
8 million 8512 people[4]
Koichi DomotoThere is a special curtain call at the March 100 performance (3 times) when the Teigeki celebrates its 1th anniversary[40].. At a memorial party held that nightHideaki Takizawa,Kamenashi KazuyaAttended with[202].. Between the 800st and 3nd act of the 11th performance, the daytime performance on March 1thGreat East Japan EarthquakeOccurred and the performance stopped. After that, we repeatedly considered whether to continue the performance, and there were times when we were prepared to put an audience in the theater.[203]After all, it was announced that the remaining 3 performances until March 31st will be canceled[48][204].
2012 1 July-7 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Hakataza: All 34 performances
4 million 7600 people[4]
Koichi DomotoAfter a thorough meeting with local staff and a ceiling repair of 5000 million yen, the first local performance was realized in Hakataza, Fukuoka, and the phantom 800 performances that were canceled due to the earthquake were restarted.[53].. At the public rehearsal & press conference held on February 2,Mori MitsukoSent a photo and ale of Mori himself taken on January 1 holding a "SHOCK" poster with a smile[204][Annotation 14].. Late in the play songMichael jacksonKnown as a choreographerTravis PayneRequested by Koichi himself in November 2011Los AngelesA new song "Higher" that was choreographed and added[53][204].
2 July-8 SeptemberImperial Theater : All 105 performances
19 million 3620 people[4]
2013 2 July-4 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances
14 million 144 people[4]
Koichi DomotoKansai TVFirst performance at Umeda Arts Theater realized as part of the 55th anniversary project[13].. As the first female ownerMinami MaedaWas appointed[207]I've been performing until last yearTakeshi YonehanaShingo MachidaThe script was recreated mainly by Koichi and the Teigeki producer.[208].. New song "DEAD or ALIVE" "Mugen" added to act 2[209].. Achieved 2013 performances on March 3, 21[41].. Achieved 12 years and 5 months after the first performance, it is the fastest stage in a domestic drama as a single starring stage in the same performance[41].. The 1000th performance commemorative shock bear was sold in Teigeki[210].
4 July-8 SeptemberHakataza: All 29 performances
4 million 600 people[4]
9 July-2 SeptemberUmeda Arts Theater: All 35 performances
6 million 2965 people[211]
2014 2 July-4 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theater: All 76 performances[212]
14 million 144 people[211]
Koichi DomotoOf dancers who have appeared together in all performances[213]Performed 1078 times at the last Umeda Arts Theater Senjaku[214]Since graduating in, only Koichi will appear in all performances of the "SHOCK" series. The last number "CONTINUE" was arranged for the first time in 9 years, and it became a digest-like production that looks back from the beginning to the second half with songs and images.[212].. According to Janie Kitagawa, "Koichi's first "changing ball""[212].. Achieved 2 times in the afternoon performance on February 20[212].. In the evening performance on October 10thKoshiro Matsumotoof"La Mancha Man’, 1207 times, and became the number one performer in Japan[215][216].
9 July-8 SeptemberUmeda Arts Theater: All 30 performances
5 million 3970 people[211]
10 July-8 SeptemberHakataza: All 30 performances
4 million 2000 people[211]
2015 2 July-3 SeptemberEndless SHOCK 15th Anniversary Imperial Theater: All 73 performances[217]
13 million 4612 people[218]
Koichi DomotoSince it was a 15th anniversary performance of the series, the production announcement was made in the first ever fan participation type format[219].. The content is also a pattern of sword fighting with the idea of ​​Koichi[220]Changed its first song on On Broadway to a new song "Dancing On Broadway", and the scene where Koichi and his rivals collide in the dressing room is now represented by the new song "Missing Heart" instead of the dialogue.[221].. Two LED panels collapsed during the lunch performance on March 3, causing an accident that injured five performers and one staff member[49].. Two performances on the 19th were canceled, but Koichi explained and apologized the circumstances of the accident before the performance, and restarted with some changes from the performance on the night of the following day.[222].
9 July-8 SeptemberUmeda Arts Theater: 30 performances
5 million 3970 people[218]
10 July-7 SeptemberHakataza: All 30 performances
4 million 2000 people[218]
2016 2 July-4 SeptemberEndless SHOCKImperial Theater: All 75 performancesstarring
Koichi DomotoThe "Limited Entertainer" venue limited edition was sold early in the Imperial Theater[223].. Recorded 3 performances on the evening of March 14thMasachika IchimuraSurprised and blessed[224].. Achieved at the age of 2000 years and 16 years since the first performance in 37 (The number of independent stars in the same stage is 2017 performances.Wanderlust』Is the starringMori MitsukoReached 79 times at the age of 1400), and the cumulative mobilization exceeded 250 million.[225].
2017 2 July-1 SeptemberEndless SHOCKImperial Theater: All 78 performancesstarring
Koichi DomotoPerforming physical remodeling and attending the performance[226]Achieves 3 performances on March 31 at Chiaki Music[227].. 16 years and 5 months from the premiere[228]The number of mobilized people was 270 million, and the stairs fell a total of 3 steps.[229].Yomiuri Shimbun"Yomiuri Shimbun/Hokkaido Shimbun "SHOCK" Article Exhibition 2-1" will be held at Tokyo Headquarters Building from February 2000st[230], A special issue was issued on March 3st[231].
9 July-8 SeptemberUmeda Arts Theater: 30 performances
10 July-8 SeptemberHakataza: All 30 performances
2018 2 July-1 SeptemberEndless SHOCKImperial Theater: All 70 performancesstarring
Koichi DomotoAs a rivalNakayama YumaThe ownerAyako KunoMain cast[232]Including the ensemble cast[233]Performance at a new company with half of the dancers replaced[234].. Overture is also new[235].. The number of performances reached 3 times on March 6th[236].
7 July-27 September
(Preview performance: July 7th and 26th)
Knights Tale -Knight Story-[237]Imperial Theaterstarring
Earth sight
John CairdGiovanni Bocaccio"Teseida",Jeffrey Chaucer"Knight's story",John Fletcher / William Shakespeareof"Two noble childrenThe original dance musical created and written by John Caird[238].
9 July-18 SeptemberUmeda Arts Theater
2019 2 July-4 SeptemberEndless SHOCK Imperial Theaterstarring
Koichi DomotoWith Koichi's idea, change the orchestra pit and some productions[239].. At the performance on March 3, Mitsuko Mori became the second person in history and achieved 31 single stars.[240].
9 July-11 September[241]Umeda Arts Theater
2020 2 July-4 September[Annotation 15]Endless SHOCK 20th Anniversary Imperial Theater: All 71 performancesstarring
Koichi DomotoJanie Kitagawa, whose name was previously described as "Director", is now "Eternal Producer"[244].. The official Instagram of the stage was also opened[245], As a rivalTatsuya UedaIn addition to being selected for the first time, the cast of the ensemble will also be changed by 8%[246].New coronavirusDue to the spread of infection, the performance will be canceled from February 2[242].. The cancellation period was initially until March 3th, but after that the extension was repeated and finally all performances up to Chiaki music were canceled.[243].. March 3, live streaming of Instagram live[247].
9 July-15 SeptemberEndless SHOCK -Eternal-[248]Umeda Arts Theater: 31 performancesstarring
Koichi Domoto
2021 2 July-4 SeptemberEndless SHOCK -Eternal- Imperial Theaterstarring
Koichi Domoto
May 9[Annotation 16] -December 9Knights Tale -Knight Story-[250][251]Umeda Arts Theaterstarring
Earth sight
John CairdIt will be re-performed for the first time in three years, including new songs that were newly unveiled in the 2020 concert version, and will be premiered in Fukuoka as well.[252]..Since the stage staff confirmed that the new coronavirus was positive, it started 6 days later than originally planned.[253]..Co-star after the first dayYoshio Inoue,Sound laurel,Shang Baishi Meng YinAn instagram was also held with[254].
10 July-6 SeptemberImperial Theater
11 July-13 SeptemberHakataza


TV drama

TV variety

* In charge of moderator and facilitator.


One-time, irregular

  • Viewer-only TV Koichi Domoto's Mischief!! (May 2005, 5, TV Asahi)
    • Viewer-only TV Koichi Domoto's Mischief!! II (October 2005, 10)
  • Koichi Domoto's Unlucky Laboratory(October 2008, 10-January 25, 2012 [all 1 times] NTV)
  • Koichi Domoto PRESENTS 10 Things You Want to Know Before You Die: Shirigami's Gimon Council (November 2008, 11, NTV)
  • Koichi Domoto Everything for the Stage-Ultimate Entertainment "SHOCK"-(August 2010, 8, NHK General)[56][198]
  • Koichi Domoto's NEWS LABO (August 2012, 8, NHK General)
  • Mars Great Adventure!-Discover Extraterrestrial Life-(September 2012, 9,NHK BS Premium)-MC[139]
  • Mars Great Adventure Is There Life? (October 2012, 10, NHK General)-MC
  • Little science(December 2012, 12-March 27, 2014 (3 times in total), NHK)-MC[137][138][264]


Online delivery

  • Hikari-chan, why don't you try this? (June 2018, 6-July 8, 2018 [all 7 times],GYAO![267]

Voice actor

Television Animation
  • Beast star Episode 6[68] -Episode 11 (April 2006, 4-June 13, 6, Fuji TV series "NoitaminaFrame)-leading role, Thor (adolescent) role
  • Crayon Shin-chan"Sushi Prince! Dazo" (April 2008, 4, TV Asahi)-Koichi Domoto (person)[268]






  • Sony Magazines "GRAND PRIX SPECIAL" "F1 Hymn" (February 2006-January 2)
  • "Tokyo Chunichi Sports"Light Corner" (2007-December 2012, 12, 1[277]
  • Pia"Susumer! Pia" "Endless Days-Koichi Domoto's Owaranai Days" (February 2010-December 2)
  • Nikkei BP "Nikkei Entertainment!" "Conditions for Entertainer" (September 2013 issue -)[278]
  • Shueisha"Weekly playboy』"Koichi Domoto Commas 2016 second ecstasy" (October 10 -) * serialized monthly[279]→ Biweekly serialization[280]


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注 釈

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外部 リンク

Shang Baishi Meng Yin

Kami Shiraishi Moe(Mr.1998 (10)May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer.. Same real name[3].

Kagoshima[4][5]Kagoshima[Source required]I'm from My office isToho Performing Arts.. My label isUniversal J.. My sister is an actressMeng Song of Shangbaishi.


ChildhoodKagoshimaKushikino(CurrentIchikikushikino City) After spending time[6], In 2005KagoshimaMove to[7].

I've loved singing and dancing since I was a kid, and since I moved to Kagoshima, I started attending the musical school "Maria Musical Academy" in the city at the recommendation of my mother.[8][9][10]..Recommended by a musical school teacher in the first year of junior high school[11]Taken by2011 7th ofToho "Cinderella" AuditionWith the younger sister, Moka, who won the Grand Prix and won the Jury's Special Award.Toho Performing ArtsBelong to.

Actress activity

As an actress in September 2011HOME MADE familyAppeared on the PV of "Star and Line" along with her sister Moe, and made her first appearance in a video work[12].. Of the same November broadcastNHKTaiga drama"E ~ Princess Warring States ~』Drama debut in the final episode[13].. Next day2012 Is a musicalKing and I』First stage, feature film animation released in the same yearWolf children's rain and snow] Also acted as a voice actor. From junior high school on weekends from KagoshimaTokyoWorked while attending to Tokyo, and moved to Tokyo when he entered a high school for general courses in Tokyo.[14].

A movie released in 2014Maiko is a lady”Was selected from over 800 audition participants,MaikoPlayed the role of an apprentice Haruko, starring in the movie for the first time[15]..At the time of the audition, I was asked if there was a song that I could sing in addition to the assignment song, and on the spotmusical OfLes MiserablesHe performed the song in the movie, which was the decisive factor for his passing.Of the directorSuo MasayukiAlthough he auditions, he didn't intend to shoot a project that had been warmed up for 20 years unless he met the ideal girl, but he met her and made a movie in 20 years of conception, "It was not to wait for the leading girl. "I can't help thinking from the bottom of my heart," "I thought I could shoot the actual performance right away," he praised the performance at the audition, including the singing at that time, and the performance at the time of shooting.Due to high acting ability and singing ability38th Japan Academy Award26th, including the New Actor AwardFumiko Yamaji New Actress Award, 19thJapan Internet Film AwardsHe has won various awards such as the New Face Break Award / Best Impact Award in the Japanese Film Division and the National Film Award for Actress.

In December 2014,Invisible cloud[16], Next day2015 Musical in AugustRedhead annePlayed the main character Anne Shirley[17].

Theatrical animation released in August 2016 "What is your name?』, Play the voice of the main character, Mitsuha Miyamizu[18].. Director'sXin HaichengHighly praises her as a voice actor and a person with a great deal of information in her voice.

In October 2017TBSTV drama series "As long as you have food and rice[19][20].

The number of narration jobs increased from the end of 2016, and it will be the first regular program as a narrator from April 2017.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Mini program "Landscape footprints] Has begun[21].

Published in 2018Sheep and steel forest』And my sisterMeng Song of ShangbaishiAnd the movie first co-star[22].

2020 Broadcast drama "Love will continue forever』First starring the Golden Prime obi series[23]..Due to the good performance in the same work, 2019The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actress[24]Received such awards.

same yearMay 12からTBSsystem"Compared to the world』I serve as a regular MC[25].

Ranked in the Oricon Break Actress Ranking due to her success in the same year (1st in the first half)[26], 3rd place in the year[27]) And the 45thEllandol Award New face award[28]It will be a leap year, such as receiving the award.

In the second half of 2021Continuous tv novel"Come Come Everybody''(NHK) Will star in the morning drama for the first time (Fukatsu Eri,Kawaei RinaTriple starring with)[29].

Singer activity

The movie "Starring himself" released in 2014Maiko is a ladyThe theme song "Maiko wa Lady" was released as a single under the name of "Koharu".[30].

While acting as an actress in movies, theatres, and TV dramas,singerFor the debut, recording of various genres of music was started as a temporary song immediately after the movie "Maiko is Lady"[31],2015 One cut titled "The Favorite Songs"Long rotation,A cappellabyMVOwn formulaYouTubePublish on channel[32], From the same autumn in Tokyolive houseStarted live activities at.

In October 2016, the theatrical anime "Your Name." Theme song "Not anything (movie ver.)A cover mini album that collects the theme song and insertion song of a masterpiece movie such as "petReleased (released on October 10) and made his debut as a singer[33][34][35].

The recording of "chouchou" will take place from December 2015 to August 12.[36], Surprised and performed a live song at the "Movie" Your Name. "Big Hit Thank You Stage Greeting" held on September 2016, 9 after the recording was completed.Yojiro NodaSuddenly proposed to, and sang "Nandemonaiya (movie ver.)" With Noda's guitar accompaniment for the first time in front of the audience.This pattern was taken up in information programs and online news, and its singing ability became a hot topic.[37][38].

Included in the mini album on September 2016, 9366 days”Music video shoot[39]FukushimaYama-gunInawashiroIs a video shooterMichihiko YanaiIs deeply involvedWind and Rock ImonikaiI attended the 2016 KAZETOROCK IMONY WORLD "ACO ONE GRAND-PRIX" as a guest and attended the venue.SuneohairSang "Nothing but a movie (movie ver.)" with a guitar accompaniment[40][41].

On October 2016, 10, the day before the launch of "chouchou", IkebukuroSunshine CityWe held a release live free event at Fountain Square and held release events in various places thereafter.[42][43].

August 2016, 10,Music StationAppeared in. This will be the first appearance on a music program[Note 1].. Since then, in November and December, he continued to appear as a singer on music programs and sang songs recorded in "chouchou".

On December 2016, 12, after the singer's debut, the first paying live concert against the van was held at Aoyama RizM.Makuhari MesseMade inCOUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17”.

In February 2017, the first one-man live ``Live THEATER ~chouchou~'' will be held[44].

From April 2017, 4, the first original song "Confession" is "Mezamashi TV AquaWas aired as a theme song of ", and the music distribution started on April 4.[45].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayRumiko TakahashiOriginal animation "Boundary RINNEIn charge of the ED "Puzzle"[46].

July 2017, 7, the first original album "and ...Was released. For this album, one song was provided to each of the artists who were previously involved, and he was also in charge of writing the three songs.[47].

April 2019, 4, affiliated record companyPony canyonからUniversal JTransfer to[48]Then, on July 7th, as the second original album, "iWas released[49].

August 2020, 8, the first original full album "notes][50].

In September 2020, the first online live "i note" was held.

On June 2021, 6, he released the cover albums "Anouta 23" and "Anouta 70", which are a collection of the gems of the 80's, 90's, and 1's, respectively.

Held a national tour of “yattokosa” in July 2021[51].. (Name of Kamishiraishi himself)

On October 2021, 10, Mone Kamishiraishi's first single CD ("I'll be there" / "Spin" double A side) will be released.[52][53].. "I'll be there" is "King's brunch』(TBS series) will be the theme song from October 10nd[54].

Social contribution activities

Occurred on January 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeI wanted to do something for those who were influenced byToho "Cinderella" AuditionDonated a part of the prize money at.

Occurred on January 2021, 7Heavy rain and landslide disaster centered on Atami City, Shizuoka PrefectureLaunched a support project for victims of the event, raised funds through crowdfunding, and set up an emergency donation box at live venues and pop-up stores.[55].


The name "Mone" was named with the wish "I want you to like music" and grew up in an environment surrounded by music from the time I was in my mother's stomach.[3].. He was quick to learn words, he spoke to Perapera before he was two years old, and he started singing at the same time.[56].


In an interview in 2020, I analyzed my personality as "basically negative" and said, "I'm not confident, so I practice a lot and prepare. That's one of my routines. When you get confident, you lose nothing. It feels like you're not confident. "[57].


ActressMeng Song of ShangbaishiIs my younger sister under the age of two. 2thToho "Cinderella" AuditionMoe won the jury special prize and Moe won the grand prix[58]..My sister, Moka, is more than 10 centimeters taller.Live with Moka[59].

My father is a social studies teacher[13], Mother is a former music teacher and piano teacher[8][14].. FatherメキシコI lived in Mexico for 3 years from 2006rd grade (5) to 2008th grade (3) because I was working at a Japanese school[13].. In a country full of songs and dances in the city, I feel the charm of music and entertainment again, and I like talking to people and building relationships with people in a country where I value connection with people. Said that it had a great influence on the formation[60].

Hobbies & Skills

The official profile states that his hobbies are "reading, listening to music, singing and dancing."[61][62].

I have been learning classical ballet as well as musical since I was a child, and there is also a scene in which ballet is danced in the short movie "Sorairo Monogatari" episode XNUMX "Moe Kamishiroishi-Nike and Snail".[63].

Since the age of 3ピ ア ノI was learning, but when the music played, I wanted to dance and sing, and my body moved freely, so I was frustrated when I was in the first grade of elementary school.After that, when I was in the second year of junior high school, I started to enjoy singing while holding chords, and started playing the piano again.album"pet] In the "Unchangeable" recorded, he is playing and talking. During the recording, I went to a studio with a grand piano every day and practiced[8][64][65].

Although he has no experience in club activities, he was asked to participate as a player when there was a shortage of manpower during the athletics competition season.[66].

My favorite subject in high school was English, and my favorite subject was science.[32].. At university, I belong to an undergraduate school that focuses on English education and spend my days immersed in English.[14].


My favorite foods are meat and mushrooms.The food I hate is beans, some of which are edible and some of which are inedible.[67]..My favorite ramen shop in Kagoshima is the Goro family's miso ramen.[68].

My favorite flower is mimosa.Also, my favorite color is green[69].

Prefer to visit the land where the work was set or the place that became the model alone before shooting a new work[70].

I always sing barefoot in recordings[71].


Qualified as Level 2 in English and Level 6 in Spanish[61][62].

Longing person

NHKContinuous tv novel"SunFrom the timeMao InoueIs an admiration, and will play an active role in a wide range from musicals to movies in the future.Takako Matsu,Takahata MikiAiming to be an actress like[8][32].



  • WOWOW"Arbitrarily Drama Grand Prize 2018" Newcomer Award ("Knights Taylor-Knight Story")[91]
  • KKTV 2020 Nikki Award Best Actress Award[97]
  • TVstation Drama Award 2020 Best Actress Award 1st
  • 45 timesEllandol Award New face award[28]
  • 30th Annual Drama Award for Best Actress
  • 29 timesHashida Prize Newcomer Award ("Love Continues, Everywhere")[98]



TV drama

Delivery drama

Theater animation

Television Animation


Live action

ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

Radio Drama


Performance canceled

Documentary/Liberal Arts Program


Single-shot/short-term series

  • Fall in love with the sea and love the forest-Amami drawn in 4K (2017May 12, NHK Kyushu area / 2018May 1, NHK nationwide)
  • 100 minutes de famous work Montgomery"Redhead anne”(2018May 10 - May 10,NHK E Tele)-Read aloud
  • Reversal Life "Legendary Rock Singer Revival Song" (May 2019, 5, NHK General)
  • Heroes' Choice Special "Ooku Gifts Diary" (June 2019, 6, NHK BS Premium)
  • Bond of hearts! Three-generation family special 2019 ~jijito baabato dad and mom~ (BS Nippon Television
    • First night (September 2019, 9)
    • Second night (September 2019, 9)
  • NHK Tanka title "Mouth" (April 2020, 4, NHKE Tele)
  • Station/Airport/Street Corner Piano Special (June 2020, 6, NHK BS13)-Navigator
  • Passion continent(September 2020, 8, MBS)[180]

Variety, information program





Web advertising

  • ELLE PROMOTION "Tasaki" pearl jewelry Mone Kamishiraishi and the story of white pearls (2020)


  • "Weekly Bunshun" Primary Color Beauty Picture Book (July 2017, 07, Bungei Shunjusha)
  • "Since I got this, good moments have continued." (October 2020, 10)


  • "10 years after his death Hisashi Inoue Exhibition-A person who bridges hope" (2020)[Note 17]

Net video


Voice guide

Music program

  • Music Station(TV Asahi
    • October 2016, 10 "Nandemonaiya"
    • Super Live 2016 December 2016, 12 "Nandemonaiya"
    • April 2019, 4 "Happy End"
  • Shibuya Nooto(NHK General
    • October 2016, 10 "16 days"
  • Utacon(NHK synthesis)
    • "Autumn Song SP! Dramatic Love Masterpiece" November 2016, 11 "From Woman" W's Tragedy ""
    • "Summer masterpieces! To the sea, to the mountains, to the hometown" July 2017, 7 "Confession"
    • "Refreshing heart! Exhilarating song" May 2018, 5 "Hikouki cloud"
    • "Nourishing tonic! Genki Uta" July 2019, 7 "I hate eternity" "Be cheerful"
    • "We have a song!" (17) August 2020, 8 "home" "If you squeeze the dawn"
  • Love music(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • October 2016, 11 "Nandemonaiya"
    • July 2017, 7 "Confession"
    • April 2019, 4 "Happy End"
  • FNS Song Festival(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • 2016 FNS Kayosai 2016st Night December 12, 7 "Nandemonaiya"
    • 2018 FNS Kayosai 2018st Night December 12, 5 "Nagori Snow" "Knight Story (Riprise) Knights Tale Medley" "Era"
    • Emergency live broadcast! FNS Music Special Program Spring is sure to come "Nandemonaiya"
  • MUSIC FAIR(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • July 2019, 7 "Eienwa Kirai" "Rainy Blue" "LOVE IS ALL"
    • March 2017, 3 "16 days"
  • (BS-TBS
    • October 2017, 10 "Storyboard" "You" "On My Own"
    • "Sound Inn S @ HOME" -The best music you can do right now from each place- "Ruriiro no Chikyuu"
    • July 2019, 7 "Eienwa Kirai"


one man live

  1. ``Live THEATER ~chouchou~'' (February 2017, 2, shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, Tokyo / February 10, UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO, Osaka)[204][44]
  2. Moekami Shiraishi LIVE TOUR 2017 "and..." (November 2017, 11, Fukuoka・DRUM Be-2 / November 1, Osaka・BIG CAT / November 11, TokyoMynavi BLITZ Akasaka[205][206]
  3. Mone Kamishiraishi online live "i note" (September 2020, 9, online)[207]
  4. 上白石萌音 『yattokosa』Tour 2021(2021年7月1日、大阪・フェスティバルホール/7月3日、福岡・福岡サンパレスホール/7月4日、鹿児島・宝山ホール/7月16日、愛知・日本特殊陶業市民会館フォレストホール/7月21日、東京・東京ガーデンシアター)

Vs van live

  1. "Hatsushimotsuki no Uta" (October 2015, 10, Tsukimi Aoyama, Le Kimsofu, Tokyo)[208]
  2. "The first cherry blossoms than the blooming peach blossoms" (March 2016, 3, Tsukimi Aoyama Le Kimsofu, Tokyo)[209]
  3. "Girls Pop Collection" (December 2016, 12, Aoyama RizM, Tokyo)[210][211]


Delivery single

  1. Confession (2017May 4, Pony Canyon)[212]
  2. Your voice (2017May 10, Pony Canyon)[213]
  3. Happy ending (2019May 4,Universal J[214]
  4. Forever hate (2019May 6, Universal J)[215]
  5. 縷(2019May 10, Universal J)[216]
  6. From The Seeds (February 2020, 2, Universal J)[217]
  7. After dawning (May 2020, 5, Universal J)[218]


In the name of Mone Kamishiraishi

Release datetitlerecorded musicHighest rankRemarks
1st2021 May 10I'll be there / SpinLimited Edition
I'll be there
Spin * "Friends" of the essay "Various"
White mud studio live ver.
Normal Edition
I'll be there
Spin * "Friends" of the essay "Various"
I'll be there (home karaoke ver.)
Spin (house karaoke ver.)

Other names

  1. Maiko is a lady (July 2014, 7,Pony canyon[Note 18]


Cover album

Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st2016 May 10pet3 bit[Note 19][34] [219]
2ndOctober 2021th, 6That song

Original album

Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st2017 May 7and ...25 bit[220][221]
2nd2019 May 7i12 bit[222][49]
3rd2020 May 8notes3 bit[50]
4thOctober 2020th, 12note book[Note 20]


Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1stOctober 2021th, 3i note[223]

Participating works

  1. Movie "Lady Maiko" Musical Songs & Soundtrack Collection (September 2014, 9, Pony Canyon)
  2. CHANPULU STORY ~HY tribute~ (August 2018, 8,Universal J[Note 21]-Singing song "HAPPY"
  3. Off Course Classics (October 2019, 10,USM JAPAN[224]-Singing song "Goodbye'
  4. Ohashi Trio"NEW WORLD" (March 2021, 3)rhythm zone[225]-Singing song "Milk and Sugar duet with Mone Kamishiraishi"

Music video

  1. Moekami Shiraishi The Favorite Songs vol.1 "Playing(November 2015, 2)[226]
  2. Moekami Shiraishi The Favorite Songs vol.2 "home(November 2015, 9)
  3. From Moekami Shiraishi album "chouchou"366 days(November 2016, 9)[227]
  4. Moekami Shiraishi "Storyboard" (July 2017, 7)[228]
  5. Moekami Shiraishi "Confession" (July 2017, 7)
  6. Moekami Shiraishi ×Takahito Uchizawa(androp) "Happy ending" Aoi version by movie "L♡DK Under one roof, there are two "skis". (April 2019, 4)[229]
  7. Moegami Shiraishi ``Eternity is dislike'' (June 2019, 6)[Note 22]
  8. Moekami Shiraishi "Ichiban" (Collaboration MV of the movie "Rakuen") (October 2019, 10)[Note 23][230][231]
  9. Mone Kamishiraishi "From The Seeds" (February 2020, 2)[232]
  10. Moekami Shiraishi "If you ditch the dawn" (May 2020, 5)[233][234]
  11. Mone Kamishiraishi "Shiroidoro" MV (Short Ver.) (August 2020, 8)[235][236]
  12. Moekami Shiraishi ×Takahito Uchizawa(androp) "Happy End" MV (Short Ver.) (December 2020, 12)[237][Note 24]
  13. Ohashi Trio / Milk and Sugar duet with Moe Shiraishi (February 2021, 2)[238]


titleTie-uprecorded music
Maiko is a ladymovies"Maiko is a lady] Theme song[30][239]Single "Maiko is Lady"
ConfessionInformation program "Mezamashi TV Aqua"Theme song[240]Delivery single "confession"

Album "and..."

パ ズ ルTelevision Animation"Boundary RINNE] 3rd series ending theme[241]Album "and..."
Your voice"NHK Minna no Uta』October-November 2017 On-air song[242]Delivery single "Your voice"
Happy endmovies"L♡DK There are two "skis" under one roof.] Theme song[243]Delivery single "Happy End"

Album "i"

First glancemovies"Paradise] Theme song[244]Delivery single "Ichigane"
From The SeedsAnime"7SEEDS] The 2rd opening theme[217]Distribution single "From The Seeds"
If you dawn at dawn"NHK Minna no Uta』October-November 2020 On-air song[233]

musical"Little zombie girl] Theme song[233]

Delivery single "If you ditch the dawn"
White mudAnime"Major second] 2nd series opening theme[245]Album "note"
I'll be there情报wide-Entertainment shows"King's brunch"Opening theme 



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • BLT(June 2011 issue-irregular,Tokyo News Tsushin) Serialized "girls be ambicious" at Toho Cinderella
  • Radio English Conversation (April 2020 issue-, NHK Publishing) "Journey over the translated letter" Akage no Anne "by Mone Kamishiraishi" serialized

Cover model



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