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🍴 | Katsuya reprints "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartare"


Katsuya reprints "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartar sauce"

If you write the contents roughly
For takeout, "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartare bowl lunch box" (637 yen), "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartare sauce lunch box" (745 yen), "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartare sauce bowl" (529 yen) Is prepared.

Katsuya will release "Chicken cutlet and fried chicken tartare assortment" at Tonkatsu specialty store "Katsuya" on September 9th ... → Continue reading

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Chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet(English: chicken katsu),Chicken cutlets(English: chicken cutlet) OrChicken cutletIschickenToWheat flour, Meltedegg,Bread crumbsSprinkle with a large amount of ediblegreaseUsingFriedcooking. "Pork cutlet"beef cutletThe ingredients of chicken (chicken) AndJapanFood.


豚 肉To usePork cutlet,beefTo useBeef cutletSimilar to the above, "chicken" is cooked by the method of deep frying, which is unique to Japan.

Japanese-style chicken cutletThe United States of America OfHawaiiHas become a popular side dish,Plate lunchIt is popular as a standard menu of.


Edo Period Of1860 (MannobuFirst year)Fukuzawa Yukichi"Expanded Chinese English Language" (Cantonese・For English bilingual vocabularyKatakana(Reading and translation added)[1]Is "Fowl cullets[1]"The word "Feul Corrette" appears, which means chicken cutlet.[2]However, the Japanese translation is not attached. In the same book, in another section, "Kiritsu cutlet cotlet"[2]It is also set up, but there is no mention of using beef or pork.

Meiji EraNow you can eat meat dishes,beefから豚 肉,chickenChicken cutlet was also made as its application spreads. However, from the Meiji era to the early Showa period, the name was not fixed, for example,1931 (6th year of Showa) “For cooks' food”[3]Is a chicken chicken with crushed mochi and fried in oil under the name of "chicken cutlet"[4]It is said that it will be eaten with lemon juice. The name chicken cutlet isSecond World WarIt was later spread.

History of origin and etymologycutletAccording to.


The material of chicken cutlet isThigh meat,Breast meat,SasamiAre used. When the chicken is used, it is called "Chicken cutlet".

There are various seasonings, and the seasoning method can be divided into seasoning before battering and seasoning after battering and frying.

For seasoning before putting on clothes,pepper,nutmeg,Curry powder,BasilicoIncludingspices,HerbsUndergrowth due to types,cheese,Plum meat,PerillaThere are variations depending on the materials added.

Also the sauceWorcestershire sauce,Tonkatsu sauce,Domiglas sauce,Tomato sauce,Tartar sauce,Lemonjuice,Grated radish, salt,pepperThere are variations such as.

In addition to the bread crumbs,Almondslice,White sesameThere is a case to be used in application.

Similar to pork cutlet

It may be the menu of a pork cutlet shop. In addition, it often replaces dishes made with pork cutlet or beef cutlet. Put chicken cutlet on rice and put sauce on it "chickenPork cutlet on riceThere is "Oyako-katsu-don" dish that is bound with eggs.Katsu sandwich,Cutlet currySometimes used for.

Different dishes

Even the same chicken fried in oil,TemplateAnd chickenFried chickenIs another dish.


  1. ^ The fowl cutlet is considered correct.
  2. ^ "Good-luck chicken (Chicken)” is read in Cantonese as “karikai”. CurrentHong KongThen "Yoshi row It is also called "Karikkaiper".
  3. ^ Kennosuke Maeda, "For the Cook's Cook" p675, 1931, Kyoto, Japan Ladies' Cooking Class
  4. ^ The same book says that other meats are fried with bread crumbs.

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