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🍜 | [Tsujido] Takumi Ito is newly opened!I have enjoyed high-class ramen like a restaurant!


[Tsujido] Takumi Ito is newly opened!I have enjoyed high-class ramen like a restaurant!

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Clear and delicious salt ramen ♥
What's more, the clams are topped with tororo kelp and kabosu!

Jo has created a high-class ramen shop that is particular about Tsujido! ??Shonan area where delicious ramen shops are expanding one after another ... → Continue reading

 Jimo Hack Shonan

We will send out information on gourmet, sightseeing and living in the Shonan area (Enoshima, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, etc.)! Currently, it is about XNUMX PV monthly WEB media.

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Tororo kelp

Tororo kelpWhat is (Tororo Konbu, Tororo Kombu, Tororo Kombu)?KombuProcessedFoodstuffThat is.Shaving kelpTomo.vinegarSoaked in and softenedKombuAnd re-silicone are hardened into blocks, and the cross section is thinly cut into threads. Oboro kelpIs not a thread, but a craftsman who cuts the surface of kelp into strips one by one.


The kelp was produced in Hokkaido and transported by Kitamaebune to the processing sites of major ports such as Tsuruga and Sakai.In the Edo period, there was no technology to prevent mold, and mold often occurred in the center of kelp during transportation by Kitamaebune. It is kelp.Even in the modern era where mold can be prevented, the white plate kelp in the center was discarded, but at the suggestion of a sushi restaurant in Osaka, this is also now used as a white plate kelp as a trigger for being used for sushi. There is.Tororo Kombu is a product made by hardening and shaving kelp into blocks, inspired by Oboro Kombu.Therefore, no white kelp remains after the production of tororo kelp.In the past, both were made by hand-shaving, but since Tororo Kombu was later mechanized, Oboro Kombu is now distributed as a luxury item due to the labor of processing.


First, both ends of the kelp are cut off to make the shape uniform.This cut out partEar kelpThat is.Then, I will scrape from the surface, but the black part near the surface of the kelpBlack kelpWill be.And the white part near the coreWhite kelpBecomes (White backgroundAlso called).The last remaining white core is scrapedWhite plate kelpIs.For kelp shaving,planeA device like this or a kelp knife just like a plane is used.These blades are intentionally bent by rubbing the normally sharpened cutting edge with an iron bar (en: Card_scraperSee also), and shave it thinly by hooking it with the hook made by bending it.This technique of bending the cutting edge is called "Akita", and the kelp knives are made in Sakai, Osaka.It is said that until the Taisho era when this technology was possible, Oboro Kombu was not in the long cloth-like form as it is today.


  • Hokuriku regionIn, various types of tororo kelp are sold depending on the raw materials used and the processing method.In particularToyamaThe consumption of kelp is the highest in Japan including tororo kelp (about twice the national average), and dishes using kelp such as tororo kelp rice balls are available.local cuisineIs eaten as much as[1]..In these Hokuriku prefectures, there are also specialty stores (dry food stores) that display various types of tororo kelp in glass cases and sell them by weight.There is also a store that sells while demonstrating the production of Oboro Kombu (similarly, put the made product in a glass case and sell it by weight).
  • Keihanshin,KyusyuThen,UdonOften put in.In Toyama prefectureOdenIt is said that kelp is also added to the kelp, but it is not so common.
  • In Toyama prefectureSoupInstead, soy sauce is added to the tororo kelp in a bowl, chopped green onions, yuzu and seasonings are added, and boiling water is added to taste.
  • In Hokuriku, like a glue lunchBox lunchYou can spread it on the riceOkonomiyakiIt is also used as a topping.Also wrapped in rag kelprice ballIs also famousconvenience storeIt is so popular that it is sold at.In addition, there are many stores near stations in the Hokuriku region that allow you to add tororo kelp as an option.


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  1. ^ Meal balance guide (PDF) - Toyama Prefecture

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