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🍴 | New style of liquor "Slight alcohol" boom in full swing 3 popular brands on Amazon


New style of liquor "Slight alcohol" boom in full swing 3 popular brands on Amazon

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Highballs in general cans are also recommended for people who have too much alcohol to drink.

Beverages with very low alcohol content are appearing one after another.What is the new style "slight alcohol"?Demand in Europe in recent years ... → Continue reading


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Highball What is (Highball)CocktailsName of.whiskyTheSoda waterDivided by (Whiskey soda) Is the originator, but in a broad senseSpirits, Liqueursoda,Tonic waterSuch assoda drinkAnd fresh juice etc.alcoholRefers to all beverages that do not contain.JapanThen.Distilled spirits,vodkaShochu highball with cocktails based onChu-Hi).


There are various theories about the etymology.

  1. Pioneer era OfAmericaAtsteam locomotivebyLong distanceAt the time of movement, when the car was stopped to replenish water on the way, a signal was given by raising a stick with a ball attached to it. At that moment,バ ー ボ ンBecause there was a service of.
  2. LikewiseAmerican railroadso,Ball signalWas commonly used. If the ball is upget on (go), if not upStop (don't go).Station staffIs next tostationBall signaltelescopeIf the ball goes up while you are squeezing bourbon while watching at (when the ball goes high)列車Is coming, soSoda waterBecause I went to the station after putting in and drinking all at once.
  3. The United Kingdom Ofゴ ル フ 場 OfcounterでwhiskyThe person who was drinking was suddenly informed that it was his turn to hit, and he was in a hurry by his side.ChaserWhen I opened the whiskey and drank it, it was very delicious. It happened that there was a highball (launched high)Golf ball) Flew.
  4. Carbonic acid Of泡As the (ball) is lifted up, you can hang it with the ball signal of the train, drink it quickly, finish it, go out, etc.Fashion.

bartenderBartender of birthplace (USA)Training schoolTeaches that the etymology is the "ball signal" mentioned in 1 or 2. on the other hand,SuntoryStates on the official website that 3 of the theories are the most famous[1].


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