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🍴 | I can't stop, I can't stop!Advanced drinkers drink alcohol with beans as a pinch


I can't stop, I can't stop!Advanced drinkers drink alcohol with beans as a pinch

If you write the contents roughly
By the way, when it comes to nuts, I also love the thin almond slices that stick to croissants and other sweet buns.

Actually, I like the "strongest" bean nuts as a snack.Peanuts, chili beans, pistachios and edamame.Persimmon… → Continue reading

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Sweet bread

Bread > Sweet bread

Sweet bread(Kashi bread) is made by adding sweetness to the surface or adding sweet ingredients.ConfectioneryKind of enhanced elements asBread.


this isJapanIn other countriesEastInflated withcakeMany are considered to be a type of.In the old daysThe Ancient GreekBut many similar things were made.When it comes to sweet breadPastryAndFranceSay inViennoiserieHowever, unlike these, the dough does not always have a large amount of oil and fat, and the dough itself is often the same as ordinary bread.

snackAs orLuxury goodsAs orLight mealIt is also a kind of snack food to eat as.Generally high in sugarcalorieSo,breakfastIt may be used as a menu of.Various flavors of sweet bread have been developed and sold, and as bread for general mealsPlain bread,Cooking pan(sandwich,Curry breadEtc.) and have gained the same popularity.

Basic manufacturing method

Bean paste,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,cream,custard cream,jamSweet pasty foods such asSpread) Is used.Wrap it in bread dough and bake it, or inject it into bread with a baked cavity.

Besides,sugarHow to sweeten the dough by adding chocolate or kneading chocolate,Melon breadYou can see how to cover the surface with a sweet material.Dried fruitsFor sweet flavoringliqueur,spicesCan be seen in some cases.In addition to sweetness, many contain elements such as saltiness, sourness and bitterness.

Main sweet bread

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