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🍜 | Ramen fierce battlefield, Susukino for over 25 years!A long-established taste that the second generation manager continues to protect


It's been over 25 years since Susukino is a fierce battleground for ramen!A long-established taste that the second-generation store manager continues to protect

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Gojogen, which is still very popular, had a hard time at the beginning.

In Hokkaido, it has become quite cold lately in the morning and evening.The chilly season is just around the corner. … → Continue reading

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Ramen Gojogen

Ramen Gojogen(Ramen Gojogen) isHokkaidoSapporoChuo-kuSet up the main store inRamenshop.


1994 (Heisei6 years) in SapporoStart a businessSince then, we have been offering new menus every few years.[1]..The store says, "People in Sapporo are sensitive to trends, so I always try not to get bored."[1].

2000 In (12)convenience store OfthanksIn collaboration with localCup NoodleWe also sold[2].

2003 In (15)Hokkaido Shimbun Information Research InstituteAs "a ramen shop that is patronized in Sapporo city" in a questionnaire survey conducted byTaste clock tower(Voter turnout: 16.0%), Tetsuya (9.2%),SanpachiIt was ranked 7.3th after (4%) (4.9%, the same rate as Junren).[3].

Outside HokkaidoDepartment storeHeld inExhibitionIt is also popular outside Hokkaido, with 3 people lining up in just 200 minutes.[4][5].

2020 (Reiwa2 years)2019 New Coronavirus(COVID-19) In the spread of infectionKKR Sapporo Medical CenterTo thank the staff working at the restaurant, we donated 2 packs of 170 char siu rice balls.[6].


pig bones100% rich and refreshingSoupAnd homemaderoasted pork filletIs a feature.Char siu rice balls are also popular[7].


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